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  1. it may be tempting the first time a user gets exposure to the advanced FCS for the t-72b3 and believe that the whole vehicle is upgraded at the level of an M1A2 SEP or better based on that initial impression; the ability to gun fire an ATGM may also further lend to the deception. then you start to realize you are still strapped in a t-72 being overpowered by the better western ammunition against you, which are coming at you in higher volume because they reload and fire faster in between your autoloading carousel ammo selection and reload cycles; i would say the slower t-72 response times and generally the way the vehicle works makes it feel as though it is moving in slow motion comparatively
  2. i'm not saying to remove it or not include it. i am saying that i would not use it for those purposes, in particular for the tank range. i would never argue for less content, or removing player choice. what i am saying it will up to players for themselves to decide if they like it. i don't believe i would be alone in not using the t-72b3 in those kinds of setups. but do it if it pleases you
  3. not at all- as ssnake said, if the point of the tank range is to achieve a perfect score in order to influence the competency of the player's forces, in a way it would a 'cheat' to use this vehicle. if practice blasting away without consequences is all you wanted, you can do that in the tutorial for the t-72b3, or set up a simple scenario to do that
  4. after trying it out, the t-72b3 is the most bizarre vehicle in the stable. the automatic lead makes gunnery a lot less of a challenge- the only factor that keeps this vehicle interesting for instant action is that it is vulnerable as t-72s tend to go. otherwise i wouldn't really be so interested in such a powerful FCS for instant action, because gunnery is taken care of without you. the challenge comes by way of still being a vehicle you don't want to trade exposed shots if you can help it, since the ERA coverage on the turret is a bit haphazard. worse still for the tank range, it would appear to be 'unbalanced', you cannot really miss; since the targets aren't shooting back it's just a formality to earn a perfectt score. if the challenger 2, M1 or leopard family of vehicles had this kind of FCS, i probably would spend a lot less time with them; too 'easy,' 😁
  5. the heat blur was on my wishlist waiting for version sb pro pe 2.0 to roll out ever since i first saw anyeffect like that in the precursor to DCS, which used to be called lock on, if i'm not mistaken. the cooked vehicle textures are also one of my oldest requests since 2.0. including the infantry trenches and added recoil effects, many of my oldest wish list items are effectively settled. however, in the hype videos, we see what look like concrete fortifications (another of my older checkboxes). i cannot find this in the mission or map editor as an obstacle or structure. are these included in the personal edition or a military customer option only?
  6. i cannot install until next week. what is the new effect?
  7. my initial plans for this industrial plant was a large scale complex, but at this point it is killing framerates and my computer fan is getting noisy.
  8. i'd rather hope this isn't possible in the current state. there is already a disadvantage to the missile launcher which is related to the fact that unbuttoned vehicle commanders can never be shot. anytime a missile is launched at a vehicle, that vehicle is always instantly alerted it is being fired upon. it may not necessarily know the direction or the source, but it knows there is a missile inbound coming from somewhere at the exact instant the missile operator pulls the trigger, sending the vehicle into search mode looking for the launcher (you'll notice this yourself if you are the gunner and suddenly you hear the TC buttoning up for no obvious reason- this is often the AI of your TC sensing a missile launch). there have been many times a vehicle such as a tank which has killed me when i had the drop on it and fired a missile first- even at the tank's rear aspect from 2 or 3 km away, which was enough time for the vehicle to detect the launch, spin 180 degrees and get a shot off and kill me. this is related to the fact that the moment you try and shoot an exposed TC with machine guns, coax, .50 cal, drop artillery, or whatever, the moment you pull the trigger or the moment the artillery rounds are is withing range, the AI TC automatically knows it and goes straight down the hatch and cannot be killed. so, it doesn't matter how distant or how exposed or under concealment or cover the ATGM launcher is, the moment the trigger is pulled, you are telegraphing yourself to the AI- the ability to consistently shoot down the missile on top of being detected just would compound the risk exposure for the ATGM operators
  9. i saw the new helicopter destruction effects in the hype thread- let's see that also with all the vehicles please
  10. tanks- arguably the best part of the map- the urbanized region is not working correctly at the moment. however i think there are still enough interesting areas on the map which could be used until the issue is fixed or identified when esim has the bandwidth. this highway bridge area has just been added as a consolation
  11. that is where it seemed to go wrong as i recall- a few splined roads added at that location of the map started the issue; deleting the roads doesn't seem to correct the problem. well maybe in the future we will see
  12. there is nothing obvious to me at least in the logs, but i have attached them here if esim is interested in taking a look. thanks- Logs.zip
  13. i am constructing a custom map based on the flat terrain hgt map (completely flat- no embankments or hills or rises other than a few created ramps), which has stopped loading in the mission editor, although it still loads in the map editor for editing. there is a section of the map which seems to be the culprit highlighted in the first image below; any other region outside of this area will load fine in the mission editor, but selecting this area as part of the map in the mission editor will cause steel beasts to freeze up at the point where the map is loading. while loading the map in the mission editor, a dialogue box gives the indication "creating map textures" and that is where the freeze occurs in the mission editor after all the other indicators have loaded. again, this portion of the map will still load in the map editor, although may chug a bit because of the density of structures, however, the strange bit here as a trouble shooting measure i deleted all buildings on the map, which has no effect, the map still fails to load in the mission editor if the highlighted portion of the map is included when loading in the mission editor (attached are screenshots of the affected area in the map editor, which will not load in the mission editor). if esim is interested, i can submit the map package for troubleshooting. my machine: Windows 10, 64 bit Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 32 GB RAM;
  14. the draw in distance looks very small, as if the whole world was buried in dense fog, i had loads of fun with the original battlefield 2 and small visual range, but that was acceptable because vehicles didn't have magnification levels which really exposed that, nor was the weapons range a factor. but if they are attempting more realistic sensors, fire control computers, weapons ranges, i think increasing the view distance should be a priority
  15. ironically, world of tanks doesn't look fun to me either- for all i know, world of tanks could have the most scientific approach to its model and the developers have access to sensitive data from the source- the game design still looks 'wrong' at least for me to have fun with it. very small view window and fog-in envelope, which i would be willing to accept for a multi-player shooter but there is also no infantry- that's a severe deficit. the tanks are a conceit really, these aren't tanks so much as they are race cars with some kind of armament, sure the models look like tanks, but that's the end of it- and the gameplay is more like a destruction derby mixing and matching vehicles from different eras like a world of junkyard swap meet sale, with the player aids- the magic radars, the sensory overload of information cues all over the screen, and this has been typical of many FPS designs over the last 20 years or so, you might be driving a ww2 tank but with all these sensors and visual aid graphics all over the screen makes even a tank from 100 years ago seem to have futuristic sensors amd capabilities- this is also why i stayed away from the mechwarrior FPS shooters, because of the magic radars and aids which make little sense with technology that is basically point and shoot and supposed to be primitive and put together from available scrap. what's the point of machine guns and autocannons mounted on vehicles without soft targets to kill; what is the point of older generation of applique reactive armors without a compliment of infantry AT weapons. a tank is a compromise in its very design of mobility firepower and protection, but much of the reasoning to design the tanks or the roles a tank could assume have been eliminated in WOT to be just a short ranged death match. someone says, 'well it's a type of casual game for players to jump in and out' -- which i would understand except it was done better in older games like battlefield 2 and the first red orchestra- which was really outstanding, and i wish that game was still around being played today. there is something almost sinister about these free to play games, or rather, pay to win games which somehow sucks players in as a kind of addiction which causes them to overlook very flawed gameplay. evidently consumers rejected tater tots when companies had excess scraps from potatoes and were trying to offload them- then someone figured out that by increasing the price, it made this kind of food much more attractive and people began buying, a phenomenon demonstrated elsewhere, with cheap clothing suddenly becoming designer brands by increasing the price and the perceived value, with blind taste tests of wine where subjects judged the same wine as better when they were told it was a more expensive brand- is there something to this with WOT and pay to win gameplay- well, at the very least it does seem to get players psychologically invested because they have something to win or lose tied to real world consequences- their money, because from all that i see, the gameplay is actually a step backward from what multiplayer games were doing long ago. it's the pay to win factor which is driving a loyal consumer
  16. a mesoptamia - themed map close to finishing; i began experiencing technical problems when more splined roads and embankments were added; the program chugs, i tend to experience hangups every time the map is saved. i can still work with the map in the mission editor, but i cannot load it into a scenario- the map loading status bar fills up half way and freezes. i might try and reinstall or attempt to reduce the level of detail or something that might salvage the map- or failing that submit it to esim for troubleshooting
  17. i should clarify: i did not think of so much the gunner view, but say for example when the player is using the infantry first person view, or say, and exposed TC out of the hatch when a HE projectile lands nearby- some sort of suppressive or visual effect which is temporarily disorienting or distracting. of course this could also be a toggle in the preference settings for the user's discretion.
  18. i wanted to include a request following the camera editor before the thread was parsed and broken off to a new topic: a camera shaking or bouncing effect related to nearby blasts or explosings of sufficient power, and some kind of recoil related effects when using crew served weapons or light machine guns. related to the camera editor it would be a nice visual effect as well for video makers.
  19. carpenter makes it ambiguous- this is of course deliberate. they're both infected one is infected, or neither is infected. if they were both infected it makes little sense that they would dance around the subject and act suspiciously with one another. why the sizing one another up? the things have won by this point. "no one left to kill it" there is no tension in that outcome. i also think macready handing childs the bottle is a conscious reference to the chess program beating macready earlier in the story- macready hands a drink so to speak to the machine which beat him at chess- that is to say, childs and macready are opponents. throughout the entire film, childs is the most paranoid and mistrusting of everyone else and in particular he does not like macready. the relatively calm disposition by this point is out of character for childs (this is my speculation, carpenter may or not be alluding to anything here). i think the story probably is more logical if neither is infected or one is infected. in either case you have a mexican standoff at the end of the film, as they try to sort one another out. you do not really have that if they are both infected, essentially that is the end of the drama in that case
  20. here is an example of a well done video, i would guess a lot of time spent and retakes. patience and and eye for dramatic camera placement, uses a lot of zoom- it doesn't even appear to use the camera tool (i still don't really understand how to access the camera, i've not had much time in this area)
  21. to be fair, your third video in that group wouldn't really be possible in steel beasts- the complex lighting and the infantry shown in dramatic poses and the overall mood showing their resignation cannot really be done in steel beasts because the infantry models cannot be posed in that way with that much articulation and detail. the first two videos which are more vehicle centric are possible, and i've seen content creators do it
  22. copy/paste would certainly be a lifesaving tool. at times i have seen a malfunction occur in the map editor where trying to grab or manipulate and reposition a group of map objects inadvertently will start duplicating the map objects- but this appears to be a glitch and not a feature or something which can be reproduced at will (there are other bugs i have seen, for instance, trees or ground clutter placed in the map editor do not correlate with their proper objects in the mission- that is, the user might place tree # 12 or bush # 9, in the map editor, whereas a different tree or bush type is generated in the actual mission- seems to occur more often with particularly large, detailed maps)
  23. waiting for the upgrade to see what if anything can be added or should be modified before uploading
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