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  1. Graphics memory isn't the problem, as per my OP it's a 6GB GTX 870M. It's a purpose built gaming laptop and I'm sure it's got plenty of raw grunt to run SB, it will run most modern games at (or extremely close to) full settings at perfectly smooth frame rates (DCS, Bioshock Infinite, ARMA 3 etc.), so why I'm getting random freezes in SB (hardly the most demanding of games) is a bit of a puzzle... I'll give the pre-rendered frames option a whirl.
  2. Hi, I've just bought a new laptop and installed SB. Other than having to uninstall the CM runtime and install a new one from the WIBU website, so far so good. So to test it out I load up the editor and plonk a platoon of CV90s onto the Finland map that used to cripple my old machine and whack up the graphics settings to max. All seems ok, I'm getting a good 40-50 fps, except when I rotate the camera, I'm still getting 50fps, but occasionally I get a pause of a second or two, then the game continues at 40-50fps. I close that and decide to give "Platoon recon" a go, not one of the most computer unfriendly scenarios. This time, frame rate is locked on 60 fps, but I'm still getting occasional lockups, just for a second or two, but it's noticeable and given the otherwise excellent frame rates I'm not sure what to do. It seems to happen whatever detail or draw distance I select. Edit: It also happens if I turn absolutely everything, detail distances and graphics settings, down to the minimum. Any ideas? Any and all assistance greatly appreciated. Specs are: Intel i7 4800mq NVidia GTX 870M 6GB 16GB RAM SSD HD Windows 8.1 Thanks, Jamie
  3. It always makes me smile when it is implied that a couple of detailed tank models (which I'm sure could/will come) will pull DCS level with SB in the ground combat arena..... I'd love to see DCS come on leaps and bounds in land warfare, as much because I've played every Eagle Dynamics sim since the original Flanker and I want to see them succeed, as for the benefit of healthy competition for king of the land warfare hill. But they've got a very (although not impossibly) long way to go. Cheers, Jamie
  4. Well I just tried it (two T80's, one blind and stationary, the other with default loadout). The shooting tank moved to almost exactly 5km, stopped, and then scored the following hits (in order): 5x BM-42 1x BK21 4x AT-11 It then moved forwards to about ~3k and sat there with AT-11 selected but zero ready and not shooting, so I gave up...
  5. It looks pretty good from 6km away when you're hurling a Vikhr at it.... They've just closed up the gap between the barrel and the mantlet in order to reduce the polygon count (no need to render the inside of the gap). Bit of a clunky way of doing it and I'd have just had the mantlet end at the gun rather than give the gun a steroid injection, but it makes no difference at usual aviation engagement ranges.
  6. Lots. Haven't counted them but upwards of 60, probably nearer to 100. And another ~300 or so available for free here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24
  7. That would be security line..... Dutch is great, you can usually get the gist even if you just look for English similarities, for everything else there's Google....
  8. I noticed this same issue last night, for me it was about 200m I think, not particularly far...
  9. Thanks, that seems consistent with the test I just did. It appears that the new random is created on arrival (and is not refreshed each evaluation), but the conditions are repeatedly evaluated as long as the unit is at the waypoint. In the attached scenario, each Hummer (except for the north most one) has a single route with a 10% chance of setting off at the start, but when the northern Hummer reaches the trigger, the rest of them set off. Random Test.zip
  10. But are conditions re-evaluated with new random numbers each time? I am assuming that conditions are evaluated periodically as, to take a semi-related example, if I say embark if unit X is in zone Y, and X isn't in Y at the start but it later enters Y, my assumption is that the condition would then become true and the unit would embark, albeit with a little delay corresponding to the re-evaluation interval...
  11. It's not so much a question of capability, I have no doubt that a console *could* take all the peripherals necessary to run SB, DCS etc (although I think a mouse is essential for both, head tracking technology isn't good enough to click switches reliably and sticks suck at it), but a problem that the devices in question (keyboards, mice, sticks etc) aren't generally accepted as living room items. How many people really hook non controller peripherals to their console? The economics and longevity of consoles are unarguable (my 6 year old XBox is going strong and still plays the latest games, albeit at lower fidelity than PC versions), but unless they grow in acceptance outside the living room, or we end up with true console-pc convergence, the use of hardware necessary for serious sims will be restricted to the single or the lucky few that can convince their other half that a keyboard and joystick mounted onto the sofa are acceptable pieces of living room furniture. Unless there is a significant change in the marketplace, it is likely to remain uneconomic to develop serious sims for consoles as your main client base will remain the PC owners. All very much imvho...
  12. +1 Each generation of consoles pretty much closes the gap with the high end PC of the day, but we've never seen a resurgence of sims on them, at least not in the sense of 'serious' sims, and I doubt this generation will be different. Most of these machines end up in living rooms, where a keyboard and mouse is a relative rarity. Flight sticks and wheels are more common but still the exception. Unless you dumb down to allow most people to play with basic controllers, the chance of a game being commercially viable is slim to none. Cheers, Jamie
  13. On a related note, how would you use the 'New' random variable? Presumably there for when genuinely random movement is needed? So if I have two paths, each with 0 < New ≤ 50, will it do both or neither, or does it check each in turn at a 50% chance? And if the latter, does it recheck if neither are chosen on the first go or will the unit sit there like a lemon for all eternity? Cheers, Jamie
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