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  1. How can we make sure we're on the list for a copy of the newsletter?
  2. bright nipples in the sky > Dolly Parton skydiving nude :shock:
  3. Mad Cow > Angry mother-in-law
  4. The Driver's Disease > Golf Driver
  5. Version 1.0


    This is a large scenario with two available versions. One comes with a plan for the Blue force and one without a Blue force plan. The Blue plan allows the player(s) to participate at whatever level they wish (a single tank, a platoon, a company team, or the entire battalion team) with the ability to either "ride along" using the prepared plan or to modify it as desired. The version without a Blue plan allows the player(s) to start with a "blank slate" and see how they (and their plan) fare against the Red assault. Changes from v1.0 1. Added timer to launch Red assault in case something happens to a key Red control unit. 2. Modified scoring conditions and formula to eliminate possibility of having no score if the Red force never makes it to the objective.
  6. The Judge > Pinto (BTW: I dont remember the Judge, but I sure as hell konw of the Road Runner... LOL. Also, Great idea by the way. Its funny how much Patton comes up and that post where someone went from whiskey to sheep early on... please, explain that one to your readers! LOL) "The Judge" was a variation of the Pontiac GTO. Here's a link I found with a few pics: http://www.musclecarcalendar.com/mikesgtohome.htm BTW, here's a repeat of the last entry by redgtsamurai: Pinto > death trap
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