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  1. I remember that the Air Force folks in Saigon were always worried about a tourist attack.
  2. The whole issue of whether the troops have the best or latest equipment is a contrived issue to me. As I recall, nobody, and that includes the phony media gave a big harry squat about what equipment we had or didn't have in Vietnam. And we had some real POS we had to live or die with.
  3. Ditto what HT said. In case people haven't noticed, anti-war movies aren't doing well nowadays at all. One thing is clear, historians will be revising this war for decades to come. There is a new movie coming out last week in December called "Charlie's War." It's about our local congressman, Charles Wilson, and his actions during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. His involvement makes him a legend in these parts. He . . . is proclaimed to be the one single person responsible for the ultimate fall of the Soviet Union. However, his meddling in Afghanistan ultimately lead to the rise of the Taliban and 9/11/01. Folks overlook that. Get the book. See the movie TK
  4. I really like these ARRC videos. You guys are orgnized and seem to work really well together. I like the strict radio decipline too. That's great.
  5. There you go. Heh! Edited for clarity. I was under the alkafluence of inkalcohol when I spouted off.
  6. Do you remember the old M32 infrared GPS? Add a sight reticle to this and you’d have it. Oh for the good old days! ::wink:
  7. TopKick

    CZ Studios Skins

    Congo, that one is your best effort for the CV9040 to date. Uploade it now!
  8. gory glory what a hell of a way to die > he ain't gonna jump no more!
  9. Humility = a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride; "not everyone regards humility as a virtue" well then its very moist in here. > Whats humidity?
  10. Version 1.0


    User friendly map themes by TopKick.
  11. Jester_UK and BlackDeath, After searching through the Mod Forum, I found the answer. It's the SKY_d1.bmp that's the default. That's the one that has to be backed up before replacing it in the default sky folder. Thanks for the help.
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