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  1. I'm sorry, this feature was intended for internal use and severely limited in function. It is completely disabled.
  2. mrivers

    Crash to desktop

    Thank you for providing the scenario and dump files. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts, I have not be able to reproduce and the dump file did not provide enough context to determine the cause of the problem. Please let us know If you encounter the crash again.
  3. mrivers

    Crash to desktop

    Thank you. Looking into it.
  4. mrivers

    Crash to desktop

    If possible, could you upload the scenario and dmp file? (%userprofile%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps) Thank you.
  5. A description of how things work at this time. The terrain dustiness is a result of combining the tile's dustiness value (from the map editor) and the ground saturation. saturationDustFactor = (1 - saturation / 4%) or 1, which ever is lower. finalDustiness = saturationDustFactor * tileMapDustiness. at 0% saturation, finalDustiness = 100% of the tile's dustiness. at 1% saturation, finalDustiness = 75% of the tile's dustiness. at 2% saturation, finalDustiness = 50% of the tile's dustiness. at 3% saturation, finalDustiness = 25% of the tile's dustiness. and at 4% saturation, finalDustiness is 0%. The finalDustiness must be greater than or equal to 25% in order for it to be kicked up be vehicles. Once the finalDustiness is found, it is then modulated against the vehicle speed to determine the scale and transparency of the dust. I'll discuss this with the other developers to see if we can create a better solution.
  6. Please start SB fullscreen again. When it becomes non-responsive, right click the task in Task Manager and then "Create dump file.". This should create a dump of the state of SB and hopefully will point us to the problem. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for the scenario Rotareneg. It illustrated the problem perfectly and is now fixed.
  8. For those with issues, please list any overlays, graphics injectors, etc being used. (for example, MSI-Afterburner, Reshade)
  9. Thank you. It turned out I had a rather ancient version of the Map Transfer tool :O Installed new version and found it.
  10. I'll need a link for the map used by the AAR.
  11. Thank you. We're able to replicate the problem and we're looking into it.
  12. I am unable to reproduce this locally. It would be great if an in-progress-save of a scenario that triggered this problem could be provided along with viewing location.
  13. Please try setting the font/app scaling to 100% and relaunch SB. Open Window's Display Settings (rt click desktop) Set the "Change the size of text, apps and other items" to 100%
  14. I think you can rule out memory. If you consider a CPU, it should have higher single thread performance (more cores won't help the frame rate, though they will help during map loading). A 1070, in theory, should be quicker. It has (afaict) more memory bandwidth which will be useful for high res displays. However, I couldn't tell you how much quicker, it may only be a few fps.
  15. The tree textures are loaded before the scenario starts. The cache I mentioned above that is updated during the course of the scenario is used to optimize determining which trees to render, and their physical location. Nothing is loaded from disk, but it could be a bit cpu intensive to generate this cache. (imagine panning a few thousand trees into view and data needs to be generated for those trees)
  16. I don't know if a 1070 will improve your situation, because it may be a CPU/memory bandwidth problem and not a GPU problem (or something unrelated even). I do use an 8GB 1070FE card and it performs quite well with SB. Regarding sounds, the sound files are not loaded on-the-fly. If you suspect sound related issues, perhaps check for driver updates. Also, the mention of throttling is interesting. It would be good to verify your CPU/GPU temps are good. I've suffered from throttling problems after I bumped the CPU cooler and broke the bond with the heat sink.
  17. I looked at the debug log, but don't see any reason for stutters. However, your last description of the problem could indicate the tree cache being populated as the culprit. While panning, trees that come into view are added to a cache. It could be that there are so many trees that it takes longer to update the cache and that results in a delayed frame. Could you upload a scenario that causes these stutters?
  18. For the debug log, please start the exe with the command line parameter -loglevel trace. This can be done by selecting Start Menu->eSim Games->Toubleshooting, and then launching SB with the (debug) shortcut. Please enter the scenario, and go to the Leo TIM view (or any view that experiences trouble) and exit. Please attach DebugLog.txt (not one of the numbered ones, as they are from previous sessions). Regarding the Pagefile line. The values are indicate the total page file that is available to SB, and how much of it is consumed by the the system, other applications and SB (so, everything).
  19. I examined the debug data provided, unfortunately I cannot provide a concrete solution. SB uses Window's "default audio device". I have seen this problem on occasion due to the audio device being missing or being changed once SB is running(unplugged USB headset for example). As mentioned, HDMI connections could also pose a problem as the available audio devices can change if the cable is un/plugged or if the monitor is turned on/off/stby. Please ensure your default audio device is set correctly before starting SB. If you're using HDMI to feed video and audio to your monitor, make sure the monitor is on before booting the system.
  20. Interesting, I had been running Avast up until about a month ago myself, perhaps had I kept it a little longer I too would have experienced that problem.
  21. Thank you for the feedback, it'll be something to keep in mind if others report similar problems.
  22. Please let us know if any of the solutions have worked or not. It could aid us in assisting others. Thank you.
  23. The dump files indicate you have RivaTuner/MSI Afterburner installed. Disable, uninstall or update RivaTuner to v7.0.0.0b19.
  24. While it can't be ruled out due to significant changes in 4.019, I believe this is unlikely to be related to the video card. Is the scenario available for download? Which position and vehicle were you in? Was anyone else sharing the vehicle?
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