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  1. I did wonder about the on cpu GPU... but as far as i can tell its set up with the 1070ti as the default.. but will do some further investigation .. cheers
  2. I have just upgraded my pc and Steelbeasts seems to have some issues with screen resolution. When I try to change the screen resolution to 1920x1080 non windowed mode, I am getting a strange pop up message which states the following Generic application error Switching to the reference rasterizer, a software device that implements the entire Direct3D feature set, but runs very slowly PC specs I core5 7600k 16gb 3000mhz ram Nvidia 1070ti with latest (stable) drivers cheers Tempus
  3. one further small issue with this fantastic piece of software ... the control programming ... my god is it a pain is there any way to clear all joystick inputs to start with a blank page, without having to delete each one at a time cheers
  4. fantastic ... sorted .... ended up unplugging both stick and throttle uninstalling both game and saitek software and doing fresh install of both seemd to have worked many thanks for the help
  5. cheers for the quick response.. tried the centre joystick Alt-j command and the spinning stopped .... (yay) ... but now it seems there is no input at all from the stick ... it shows up on the control assignments and I have tried the refresh joystick
  6. I seem to be having some control issues, when spawning in the view just spins round... I had the same issue a while back and was cured very quickly (cheeers ssnake) I have tried the same fix .. just by setting the preferences on my stick to preferred device but this time that isn't working.. I am using a saitek X55 .. I did also have some Leo bodnar usb interface cards running but I have disconnected them (thought they were interfering) but the problem still persists cheers all ... and looking forward to the new terrain
  7. Using a saitek X55 at the moment seems to be good with regards to sensitivity and number of buttons is good for controls
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