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  1. And here I thought they were just trying to get a jump on their trip to heaven
  2. rob17

    Can't download MODs

    I think he's trying to say he is currently downloading ZERO items from here but is getting the message that he can't download anything because the site thinks he's already got 5 on the go.
  3. Thanks for the update Ssnake. And thanks to you and all the team for the wonderful humour in the release notes. Aside from all the great new stuff added, the laughing out loud multiple times while reading them makes me look forward to them whenever new ones come out!
  4. Seriously, Ssnake said in his post that the other option is satellite (which from my limited experience would decidedly NOT be a better option). Not only that, he clearly explained what was going on with the delay in getting things up (an issue with his internet) and even after that you posted a reply that seemed to imply that there was probably a problem with the build that was holding things up (rather than just an internet problem) and speculating that it was going to be delayed until Dec again. Wow. Just wow. People need to get a grip. Ssnake is IMHO pretty freaking forthcoming and regular not only with giving updates, but explaining what's happening. He has no obligation to do any of that, and personally I'd rather have the details and explanation than just no word until it eventually shows up.
  5. Seriously you have not shown examples of how it can be done AS A WHOLE. At best you're taking the good points you like from various programs and saying "See it can be done" and totally ignoring the points SSnake makes that none of them do everything you're asking for all at once. It's great to say you can have all these units running around in DCS or BMS but as SSnake and others have pointed out they don't get stopped by (or pay attention) trees etc. You can't get the AI to avoid trees with zero impact on CPU. SSnake may or may not disagree with your basic concept, but there is a huge difference between we'd like and what is REASONABLY possible. I don't have high level programming knowledge but even I know that if you start to just throw one of the graphics engines you suggest into SB it will not come at zero cost to performance (even setting aside the difficulties of meshing the two). You don't seem to want to acknowledge this hit or that your examples don't show what you want them too. From my perspective that's likely why this thread is heading to a close, not to stifle discussion of your point of view/wants.
  6. I think the key word is "NEED". As Gibsonm described above you don't NEED to do both if you're just using 64 bit, but there is no reason NOT to just dump them both into the game folder. Just as easy to dump them both and carry on.
  7. rob17

    Joystick problem

    Thanks, but that didn't help. HOWEVER I did SOLVE IT: (no idea why this works), if I redo the mapping in CH Manager and make sure to let it use the add CMS option in the wizard it works fine. Just recreating doesn't seem to help. The key seems to be having the CMS section added via the wizard. Completely weird and I can't explain it, but it seems reproducible and it works so I'm happy.
  8. rob17

    Joystick problem

    Running Win10 and fresh install of SB Pro PE on a new computer. I have played SB on an older computer with a timed license previously (3.11 I think). Anyway, for some reason my CH Fighterstick joystick won't move my view no matter which position I'm playing. I know that previously (other computer and 3.11) it worked and currently all the the button mappings on it work, it's just the x-y axis that won't work. I have it mapped with CH Control Manager and when I play with various settings I did at one point get it to move the gun when in/outside the turret, but not current view. The joystick works normally in other games (even when using the mapping for SB including reversing x-y axis). Not sure if this is a Windows 10 issue or a 3.27 version or what. Any suggestions.
  9. There's a setting for that :clin: (at least it might stop that): under notifications set the Windows tip notification to off.
  10. Since my tablet that I upgraded to Win 10 on the weekend has no access to the internet a lot of the time when I'm using it and I've had no issues I think this was a one off type issue mentioned in the link. Overall I'm quite happy with W10. I didn't mind W8.1, but after moving to W10 I couldn't go back. My only significant issue is the apparent bug on my tablet that means it ignores the timeout setting for requiring a password when waking it and always requires it (or never requires it if you let it sleep on its own :c:).
  11. I suspect that's the same issue I ran into in the Leo tutorial the other night when I was doing a refresher too.
  12. I just want to give big kudos to whomever comes up with such classic lines as "Bunkers are somewhat shiny despite having been given a stern warning and having been issued no polish." in the release notes!! :drink::luxhello: It really makes reading them a lot more fun (even when they are filled with lots of great changes and updates).
  13. I think what the OP was actually asking was a generic "Are these older mods necessary or have newer unmodded standard versions changed enough that they are no longer useful (due to fixed problems or changed behaviours)?" vs "Will these older mods work with current version?". I'm not deep enough into SB to answer the first question and it no doubt varies depending on person anyway as to whether these mods were beneficial/useful or not.
  14. Wow! Thanks for the post Ssnake. I'd like to think in the real world I have pretty good spatial orientation, but I have to admit that keeping track of where I was looking/moving in SB is a challenge (yes I'm dizzy and confused :clin: :thumbup:). I'm slowly starting to get better at it, but this makes me feel better.
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