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  1. Hey, how you doing, long time no see.As I recall, after multiple pissing festivals and all manner of fun and carnage, we settled on a draft before the game ( immediately preceding) and we released the scenario for that week the night before.That's how we did it when I was stewarding TGIF the first couple of years after Nikatori left, and he ran it the same way.If we didn't draft, oftimes they were lopsided battles, and after a million complaints we had to, was the only approach everyone would accept.We added the "release the scenario the night before" thing, because any earlier than that, that
  2. Hi Bandit. Hope everything is good with you Renegade, haven't seen you in awhile.You get 2 D running lemme know.
  3. Soon as I get the new update disk ordered.Hi Shot.
  4. That's sick!! Now if we could only get an LVTP-7........
  5. Hey Leo, do me a favor and go ..........
  6. http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/2007/05/2635198
  7. By William S. Lind On War #214 April 16, 2007 A Tactics Primer By William S. Lind It occasionally happens that a reader's e-mail is translated into dots and dashes and sent to me over Mr. Morse's wonderful electric telegraph. The sounder on my desk, opposite the inkwell and under the flypaper scroll, recently tapped out the following, from Jim McDonnell of Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Could you please explain what's meant by the remark about U.S. forces being unable to fight battles of encirclement? Is it that there are too few of them in Afghanistan or are you saying that our forces are consti
  8. How'z about t-72s Vs Humvees and light allied vehicles. Blue mission evacuation preceding or coincident with enemy offensive. Convoy enters one map edge, exits the other. points gained for units surviving, kills, And trucks carrying evacuees. opfor has all the tanks, but non crewable. Map updates off. Opfor has decent arty. Allied force minimal arty but Heli recon, maybe some light combat support. UAV route. Background can be set by scen designer. lotta country out there with t-72s or T- 80 If real force structures were used, a little research, proper unit designations, House rules on comms
  9. How much of it was focused on destroying your enemies will to fight,even in the abstract, I wonder?
  10. I was speaking to someone last night, they mentioned it was obvious I had read "The Sling and the Stone". I hadn't, so I looked up a review, and it basically says what I have been saying for quite some time. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4176645
  11. On War #209 March 14, 2007 Conversations By William S. Lind A curious fact about the American military and American private industry in the early 21st century is their insistence on holding formal meetings. The practice is curious because these same institutions spend a great deal of time and effort studying "good management," which should recognize what most participants in such meetings see, namely that they are a waste of time. Good decisions are far more often a product of informal conversations than of any formal meeting, briefing or process. History offers a useful illustration. In 1814,
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