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  1. We hope to add PLA armored vehicles to the steel beast as soon as possible, since Challenger 2 is not suitable for playing ZTZ99A There are also early vehicles available, such as Type79, ZTZ88A/88B/88C, 85IIAP, YW531, ZTL92/92A, which are good armored vehicles
  2. Steel beast also has players in China (including me). I hope to add Chinese tanks and armored vehicles in the game in the future.
  3. OK, the problem has been solved. Thank you for your help
  4. When I'm done installing Steel Beasts Map Download Manager,I want to run this program to download the map, and the result prompts this error. I tried to reinstall after uninstalling, restart the computer, open the program or this error occurred. anyone can help me? Thanks!
  5. well,i try to install the old RX5700XT driver ,but now I can't click "start" in SB4.023&4.157,it will be crush SBProPE64cm_exe.10216.dmp
  6. I just tried again, uninstalled all previous versions, installed only 4.023, opened a task in the task editor, entered the game Click to start or automatically jumped out.
  7. YES,i try to updating the RX5700XT driver and reinstall,but now i can't run the 4.157 and 4.023
  8. @Ssnake Will it be because I installed 4.023 and 4.157 at the same time, and they conflict with each other? Because I need 4.023 to convert custom maps and game maps。 If 4.157 and 4.023 cannot coexist,I will uninstall 4.157 first, install only 4.023, convert all custom maps, then uninstall 4.023 and install 4.157.Is this ok?
  9. this is all crushdump,thanks! SBProPE64cm_exe.6640.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.6152.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.3624.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.8612.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.2188.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.8688.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.9612.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.9784.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.11012.dmp SBProPE64cm_exe.11800.dmp
  10. well, i click the mission debugger ,but I don't seem to see any problem.
  11. I am try about 30+ different missions In MissionEditer,When I edit all units and save,click "test" the game will loading.So loading finished,I click the "start" to start the game,it will be loading and get back to desktop Now,the 4.157 only play the tankrange and campaign. My Computer:I7 7800X , MSI X299 GAMING ACK M7,32GB DDR4,AMD RX5700XT,WIN10 X64 1903 PS:4.157 Run in RX5700XT 1920*1080 only 5-13FPS,Is there anything wrong with my settings?
  12. +2 14:09pm in GZ I'm ready !😊
  13. my favourite three SB vehicles: Leopard AS1 M3A2 ODS AMX-13/90 I hope playble AMX-13/90&CenturionMk3(Type20pdr) in SB
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