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  1. Always long with fin sounds like a possible indexing issue. Confirm that you are not firing Fin with HESH or HEAT data selected on the panel.
  2. There is a long standing issue where limited extent 'thin' surfaces hit nearly parallel act as 'infinitely' thick. Frequently seen with ATGM or large APFSDS hits on track or trackguard (or at the hull top in the way of the turret ring), where even BMPs will sometimes 'bounce' a shot. The maximum extent of armour from such an impact should be the LOS front-rear distance along the trajectory, rather than the naive thickness/cos(alpha), IMO.
  3. When I asked the question it was DDD (500+500+500), edited to CCC (100+100+100). As an aside it should also probably be (leading V with a bar over (5x1000)): _ VMCCCXX
  4. Not sure if it is left wing. Certainly a rush towards authoritarian control with a feminist bias. (This bias *is* left wing, but it is melded with centrist and right wing ideologies with a broad appeal to the unthinking masses). I dislike that every time I carry swords to fencing school I am 100% breaking the knife crime laws (3ft blades being significantly longer than the 3" limit, and the blades not being folding). That I have a "defence" for carrying for the purposes of education, re-enactment and that the swords are designed to be safe in both the cut and thrust isn't much comfort as it is no protection against an arrest (and the seizure of the swords, and search of my home) if some police officer takes it into their mind that they want to target me, or if some other citizen is 'fearful'. I dislike that I may not speak freely, risking arrest for "hate crime", 'even if no crime is committed'. That harassment laws are being trivialised to the point of a single complaint (not even by the 'target') is sufficient to prosecute, even if no offence was taken by the 'target'.
  5. Hmm. Debit card and credit card are largely interchangeable here (apart from some details of consumer protection (higher on credit cards), with debit cards also being considered equivalent to cash with no surcharges permitted). I've always made payments on the Esim store for upgrades using my debit card with no issues. Most are even provided for the banks by the same companies as those common for credit cards (here Visa and Mastercard, with debit cards also being considered equivalent to cash with no surcharges permitted). A few credit cards, such as American Express have much higher transaction fees and are not accepted by many retailers.
  6. ISTR that someone was using a 'glass' overlay to accomplish something along those lines. I think it was 2Kglass, but I don't have any direct experience myself in using it.
  7. KEW-A1 would be a 4+kg penetrator not 4kg with sabots. I might be mixing things up, but I have a recollection that it is very similar to the DM43 round.
  8. Perforation limit of long rods is not only sensitive to hardness, but also to angle of impact. From the Odermatt form: The typical values given seem to be reasonable* for high obliquity impacts (where the perforation LOS is maximum just before the onset of ricochet), but could be 17% lower near the normal impact condition into RHA targets. * That is that the penetration values quoted are met with the best estimates of the penetrator dimensions, while at lower angles the penetrations are much lower... A 1:1 penetration limit to penetrator length at the normal impact is consistent with a 1.2:1 perforation limit to penetrator length at 65 degrees, going through a plate with thickness of 51% the maximum penetrable.
  9. Landrover, fitted for but not with tanks.
  10. A scenario works even with only Blufor. Doesn't make for a very tense or combat oriented session but it is possible.
  11. Battlesight works for all ammunition... just that APFSDS has battlesight ranges of 1200-1500m, while HEAT is closer to ~800m and HESH/HE is often around 500m or so.
  12. While sometimes the SB AI is particularly prone to drive into water, this does still happen in real life as well - tanks are bogged, roll over, belly up and all manner of other immobilisations are possible. This is why there is training in self recovery, and a (barely?) sufficient supply of recovery assets. To prevent it occurring even when the plan is rushing large numbers of vehicles through difficult terrain at a high speed would be as wrong as the current occasional "deliberate suicide by water" as a vehicle attempts to use the river bank as a firing position. Hopefully the higher terrain resolution will also (eventually) permit better shaping of the river bottom/bank/approach which will frequently offer other better fighting positions than our current double v sections do, and less likelihood of drowning in all rivers, all the time, while preserving rivers and lakes as a barrier to movement (even for amphibious vehicles in many cases due to exit requirements).
  13. Life depends on ammunition. ISTR that Bumar indicated EFC values for M829A2/DM53 as 5.0 and M829A3 as 6.0, with DM12/M830 as EFC 1.0... Which with a 2:1 mix of APFSDS/HEAT suggests a life of around 380 war rounds.
  14. You can't fire 3km when the covered approaches to your position are averaging significantly less than 2km - down to less than 500m in many cases. The relatively few locations with really good lines of sight are also obvious and likely to appear prominently in artillery fire templates, plus may be easily flanked. ATGM can have longer ranges than tank guns - up to 5km for land based systems of the cold war and up to 8km for helicopter systems which can be a threat to tanks occupying positions with long range lines of fire. SB maps are simplified (and distant clutter is hidden) to that lines of fire are artificially longer than reality and covered approaches are scarcer, but in the real world it isn't a given that long range fires will be possible.
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