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  1. Thanks Tacbat! I will look into it! Also-and this is some food for thought-I was thinking about something more "retro". For instance, has anybody ever worked with electronic enclosures? I am actually very fond of Retex. http://www.retex.es/en/Enclosures/Desktop-enclosures/Abox.axd
  2. Well...it's quite easier than it appears!!! Actually...I have already done it for a controller such as this! Should you require any assistance, please feel free to pm me!
  3. Truth be told, I have come across quite a few consoles, but most of them tend to have sort of a "cockpit" feeling...not that good for my taste if you know what I mean!! :bigsmile: Hence my question regarding custom made cosnsoles with integrated usb controllers and simple off-the-shelf pushbuttons, switches etc.
  4. Hello everybody! While planning and coming up with a couple of new things...has anybody ever tried to manufacture a custom control console? Bear in mind that I don't refer to control unit replicas, but to custom made consoles that would minimize response time while running various scenarios, instead of using a keyboard. I have some ideas - also tried a couple! - for buttons such as formations, arty call etc. Any thoughts?
  5. Hello all! I am a totally new player with SB Pro PE. Although I've used the Pro version for quite some time now, I have no experience whatsoever as far as connecting with another PC is concerned, over the internet, in multiplayer mode and I don't seem to be able to figure it out! :c: Is there any step-by-step guide? It would be really helpful if it referred to Windows 7/8.1 based configurations. Thank you!!
  6. It might come down to that eventually!
  7. I see what you did. Well, this is the case with G27 as well - more or less! Except for the fact that I would like to avoid a ...looooong brake leading to reverse! Any possible ways to associate the acceleration pedal with the gears lever? For instance, move the stick forward prior to depressing the pedal, for forward or move it backwards prior to depressing the pedal for moving back... :confused:
  8. It is this exact thing that I try to figure out: "Traditionally" you would press the W repeatedly in order to accelerate sequentially, the X to slow down or the S to stop moving entirely. But when talking pedals things get a bit tricky. I mean you can associate the acceleration pedal with W, but then, as long as the driver keeps his foot on it, the tank will reach maximum speed, without him having to depress his foot further down. On the other hand, one can associate the "pedal up" position with S, but this brings the vehicle to a very abrupt halt, instead of slowly reducing speed. And what ab
  9. Hello all! I've seen that quite a few people are using the Logitech G27 steering wheel for tank driving. I'm fairly new to this and the Logitech calibration application is a bit confusing. Has anybody calibrated a G27 for Steelbeasts? I mean, how would you get a "smooth" acceleration and and an equally smooth brake? When using the keyboard both acceleration and slowing down is done in "steps" with the buttons. But what about G27's pedals? Any ideas?
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