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  1. Sorry to hear that. Loved your recordings of the germany campaign. As you aren't a SME to your other stuff (Navy things, Planes...) there is no real reason for me to stay tuned if you give up tank warfare. But thanks for the good time!
  2. Without getting in too much Detail the german customers could take into account to open a bank account at the DKB which currently offers a free account with a free Visa Card, at least for e-commerce. When getting Money in non EU states you will be charged with 1,75% after the first year (if you get a Monthly income of 700€ on this account it stays free). This was at least my way to secure my purchase of Steelbeasts 4.1
  3. Thanks Grenny. I'm really looking foward to it!
  4. Did you had some kind of divine Inspiration at midnight or some drinks too much? As Grenny I'm not sure what to think about your post. I can't tell what the females you spoke of think but the ones I have seen in the military are physically more capable than the average forum guy of 30 or 40+ years. That said, I hope my daughter can join any branch she likes when she has grown up and become a badass soldier like her daddy before 😂
  5. FSKRipper


    Still not the full version but at least the demo for Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is out: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/133389-cmsf2-demos-released/
  6. If you would think twice you would remember the famous Nevada terrain which should be released short after the A-10C standalone...
  7. No, because this video is half a year old...
  8. Rheinmetall is an international Company of german origin. When speaking about "Germans tested xyz" you should look at the "Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Office_of_Bundeswehr_Equipment,_Information_Technology_and_In-Service_Support) which never tested the Lahat. This was my point and not meant offensive but you should also check your Statements as you demand it from other guys...
  9. Don't compare the Germans with Rheinmetall... Even the english Wiki entry is simply wrong since the German Leo2 is no user of Lahat Missiles nor is it (to my knowledge) planned to introduce or even take this missile into Account for the Upgrades to the A7 standard. Even for the new showcase of the Leo3 is notthing like that stated according to reliable and official sources.
  10. Thanks for the first class support guys. Thats the reason why I love this community .. I will make some tests to track the reason why this was happening. In the meantime I would consider my problems as solved. Update: Did several test runs without other USB pheriphals and in different combinations. Seems that the gamepad (or it's generic drivers) remains the reason for the hanging program startup. No big issue from my side, I will continue to take a look with Win10 development going on. Maybe it will work one day
  11. Thanks guys for your quick help. Even if I did the complete reinstall procedure it was not necessary after all. The reason for my problem seems to be a connected XBox Elite Gamepad. Even if I have numerous devices connected, which never caused a problem (Warthog Hotas, Saitek combat rudder pedals, Track IR) the gamepad seems to be the killer. Without everything works fine, plugged in and SB hangs in the loading screen forever. I think I have some homework to do in understanding the deeper Codemeter logics. But maybe you could also take something home, replicate my problem and warn some lazy guys who try to use a/this gamepad
  12. Thanks, will try a complete redownload, reinstallation and Report back.
  13. Hey guys, I encountered a problem after upgrading to Win10. I tried to find the recommended Version 5.21b for the Codemeter Software without success. Current Version is 6.10. When trying to start Steelbeast the game hangs on a White loading Screen. After checking my licenses I encountered an entry showing that it is not activated (see attached pic). Any ideas? Greetings Felix
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