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  1. As I read it, then, we don't have any tracked resup vehicles in the sim? M113 APC(A) and M88 ARV for cas and vehicle recovery, but nothing for Class III and V Supply?
  2. Sod. Just seen the post on using MilSketch for NATO graphics. I assume that's the way to go. Sorry to bother you.
  3. All, Apologies if this information is already available and I can't find it, but I can't find the tactical graphics for a Screen task. I've made it up with a couple of custom lines, but is there aything more official in the system? Regards,
  4. AMA: Artillery Manoeuvre Area. Set aside for SP artillery to duck and weave counter-battery fire. Similarly, ARAs are Artillery Reserved areas in which towed artillery pretend they can duck and weave, but actually just provide a warning to other c/s that this is a target area.
  5. Mark, The AS NATMAP 1:100k series uses tinting and shading to indicate heights and relief. It took some getting used to, but the relief really jumps out of the page. I have a CD set of 1:100k maps covering the whole country, and they all use this technique. Regards,
  6. Nothing so exciting as a weapon system: but can we amend the coding for a Boundary so it can have multiple line segments? It seems we can only draw a complex boundary as a series of separate lines, and it makes the task unduly time-consuming. Alternatively, can we add text to an existing Line to clearly denote it as a Boundary? Cheers,
  7. I did try to use tank scrapes set sideways, but the tanks could climb through relatively easily, and the lack of a bund on the friendly side greatly reduced their exposure. The sides are sloped for stability, not as an obstacle. I'm hoping that the coding for a tank ditch would be similar to that for a scrape, with steeper sides and a pile of "excavated earth" on one side. Cheers,
  8. Please Sir, may I put in another request for anti-tank ditches so I can use SRAAW against the exposed bellies? Maybe (if the coding is similar to a vehicle emplacement) I can do it with them, but sideways?
  9. Probably off-thread, but But why do we "push through" the reserve into the same area that had the aslt element chopped up? Shouldn't we avoid reinforcing failure and use the reserve (aka depth) on an alternative axis? All you have to do is script something to ID the source of trouble and flank that ...
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