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  1. The release notes will be for the 29th too?
  2. Can I ask when will we get a complete feature list for the new upgrade? Thanks.
  3. Hi! Is there a list of the included features for 4.1 upgrade? Both features and vehicles will be amazing. Thanks.
  4. Wondering If we could get a T-64 for those 1985 fights in Europe.
  5. The headlines will be fine, also I don't know If I have to get both updates, or can I get only one.
  6. Is there any place that tells what each update adds?
  7. Thanks! It says SB Pro PE 2.5 and SB Pro PE 2.6. I think that's what I have, right? Is now time to check what I can buy.
  8. How can I know which version do I own, and what updates I would need to buy in order to get up to latest standard? I have the original game with the dongle, and I think I got one payware update, but I'm not sure. Thanks.
  9. Regarding the Shot-Kaal, as is a isralei vehicle wondering If we will get some Med/Middle East trees like Olive trees (olea Europaea) or Cupresus sempervirens.
  10. Thanks guys thanks!! Love that M60 interior!!
  11. Can't wait to start seeing a new playable vehicles list!!
  12. The 6x6 vehicle at the end of the video is a Pandur I? At first I tought it was a BMR600. BTW Nicegunner on that M113, thanks for including in the video!
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