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  1. Hard to say, maybe about the lack of AC. If i remember correctly they had some kind of water cooled vests instead.
  2. Hmm, i have preview builds disabled, can't seem to find my ring, even though it should be on that page... EDIT: I did just install a bunch of updates today though, because SB didn't do anything when i tried to launch it, figured i was missing some of the required updates. Problem started after that.
  3. Strange, our own newspapers have mentioned a cost of 138 million euros for the entire deal (http://riigikaitse.postimees.ee/3034533/jalavae-lahingumasin-cv9035nl-mkiii). The vehicles aren't going to a "reconnaisance" battalion either, while Scouts battalion might have a misleading name, it is still an infantry battalion.
  4. Welcome to the club! :cool3:
  5. Yeah Danish Leo 2, picture taken about a year ago, before they shipped home from Camp Bastion.
  6. Is that Parola tank museum? Visited it last summer and Kouvola as well.
  7. Sure would love to see that Chieftain as playable!
  8. kuri

    AFV of the week

    How do you get the quiz to work?
  9. Looks almost like an Armata tank on a Leo chassis.
  10. I would like nothing more, tanks are planned for the future as far as i know.
  11. http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/estonia-acquires-cv90-ifvs-from-netherlands-in-biggest-acquisition-ever-029019/ 132 according to this article of which 44 will be withdrawn from service. Feeling sorry for Dutch military...
  12. Received the card today, nice surprise. I wish everyone at eSim all the best for 2015!
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