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  1. Hello, any update on the UHD situation? Also, the 2nd account approach is interesting. I suspect, SB perhaps suffers from the same thing that Falcon BMS does although Pro PE doesn't have a graphics engine quite that old, but does seem to have UI elements that suffer from some of the same conditions. I am currently attempting a re-install to get to 4.2 and will report experiences. I do miss SB Pro PE and I haven't actually played/touched it in getting on to a decade now.
  2. I see SBPROPE is at 4.2 now, any developments on UHD resolutions and scaling? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the status update. I will watch the development of this as it unfolds.
  4. Hello, So my only SB activity these days is to drop in on occasion and inquire about UI Scaling support for higher resolution and pixel density displays. Before I make an upgrade purchase, has this matter been attended to? I've looked through here - https://www.steelbeasts.com/updates/SBProPE_4_156_Release_Notes.pdf -and I'm afraid the answer is no? Thank you.
  5. It seems my annual pilgrimage back into the realm of SB leads me to the same general question regarding current handling of the 3840 x 2160 screen resolution. I found the previous suggestions helpful, but it still didn't seam like SB Pro PE was oriented to these higher resolutions in any intrinsic way and I lost interest. Looking at my original post, It is apparent that I've had this monitor for close to 2 1/2 years now. Did higher-res monitors not become impactful enough to accommodate? I am considering grabbing the latest version and/or update, but wonder what developments are like on this front. Thank you.
  6. Is that what you do to handle the scaling? Do you have to hold down CTRL and scroll wheel when you enter the game? I am reinstalling right now so I haven't had the occasion to try your advice yet (thanks for it though).
  7. Hello Major Duck, Can you elaborate about this: "he trick is to not scale to make it 1 to 1"
  8. The wires extending from the launchers on these Brads. I know a TOW is a wire-guided missile. What I am asking about is the thicker/white portion that remains dangling out of the launchers after the firing in this video: Danke
  9. Okay, thanks. I was afraid that would be the answer. The change to and from scaling is cumbersome. Is there a road map that suggests that UHD scaling will enter into the product development queue?
  10. Thank you. I'll await developments.
  11. I return a year later, contemplating whether I should return to the SB Pro PE dance and ask this question: what is the status of 4K (UHD) support? The last I heard was "I would not recommend it, plain and simple," is this still the case? Thank you.
  12. I fire up SB Gold once in a blue moon to recess into pixel heaven and to bask in the glow of the sprites. Halcyon days those were.
  13. I got it, but is that because the client side is using UPnP now?
  14. Did the thread get a retirement watch or pen? I am so out of touch with the game now. How does it resolve these issues? Is it UPnP?
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