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  1. I completely agree. Please provide them with their own channel, good people.
  2. Crimeleon would like to join U.S. Armor
  3. Hey guys, New to SBPro PE 3.0. I downloaded a couple of SBPro PE campaign scenarios, one was TeamYankee2 and one was Korea (forgot the latest version). Both campaigns are nice, but I have found one problem with them. Every road that crosses a river has no bridges and it look like the road just collapsed into the river. Maybe the maps just need to be reworked, I just don't know. Maybe that's a glitch when using a previous game version map and converting to a 3.0 version. One thing I did see was that the enemy were able to cross the river while maneuvering in the Korea one (scenarion4) at least. While playing a team Yankee 2 scenario that required several platoons to attack a position across the rive with the routes already set, I found that the whole company of tanks just drove right into the drink, lmao. Does anyone know how to fix the roadways or bridges so the scenarios are usable? If those can be fixed it will give the campaigns continuity. Other than that the scenarios are quite challenging and fun. I'm still learning. Many thanks to the campaign authors. Any comments are welcome Best regards and keep on Tanking :gun:
  4. Thanks Guys for the info. I just need to map my joystick (key P) to be able to take control. I might not have been able to control the TC station but, I did get a lot of gunnery practice. :gun: Way Cool stuff. Just need to do more reading. Thanks again:bigsmile: Best Regards
  5. Hey Guys, New at Steel Beasts, Just bought and installed SBPro PE 3.0 and spent 10 + hours going through the tutorials and even played one of the team Yankee scenarios. Great SIM very addictive didn't go to bed till 3:00 a.m. local time. :gun: I found what might be a bug or some thing or I might be doing something wrong and wondered if someone has experienced the same thing and could help me. when I entered the TC station and look through the TC periscope, it just swing from right to left continuously. I find I cannot control the movement (scan right or left etc.) it acts as if the TC station is under AI control. I simply cannot take control of that station to designate targets for the gunner. I use a joystick and have even tried just using the mouse and still no joy. Has anyone experienced this behavior? Do I need to re-install the SIM again? Any Comment is appreciated Best Regards and keep on Tanking
  6. Thanks to all for your reply . All I need know is the arrival of the program and dongle. and then :gun:
  7. I saw several Mods for skins, some of which I would like to use. I have also seen tank skins for desert, instrumentation, winter etc. I have a few questions before I use them, they are: 1. Are the skins compatible with SBPro PE 3.0 ? 2. Does the program automatically change the skin for example from summer to a winter in the scenarios that need it ? 2. Will the Mods interfere with on-line play or do most online playing require an unmodified version of SBPro PE 3.0 to be present? The reason I ask, is that sometimes online play requires everyone with the same Mods or program to keep the session from acting up. I'm completely new at Steel Beasts and this forum. I haven't used the program as I'm waiting for it to arrive. I would like to play on-line but need to get proficient first. Anyway any comments are welcome, and BTW Happy new year. Best Regards
  8. Have any of you seen these two videos of the new Russian T-90MS. Wondering if it will be incorporated into SBPRO PE 3.0. in the future. One of the videos is in Russian, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Anyway Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KjqLqSXCkE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nleg0UoGqIk
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