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  1. Is this a work in progress? The site feels stripped.
  2. Are we still looking at a possible summer release?
  3. Needless to say, I think a lot of us would like a Christmas preview of things to come. Can we have an enticing screen shot?
  4. Is the path forward incremental change, or a bold rewrite in a future update?
  5. I'd like to see lights and lighting. Interior lights/shadows, spotlights, IR spotlights, headlights, etc. And the M1A2sepV3, T-14 Armata, zombies, & Area 51 w/UFOs.
  6. Real world, or even for flight sims, I'm on board. For a PC-centric tank sim, IMO, a stick is artificial "cool" that adds the interface to the enemies you're fighting.
  7. I recommend the mouse and keyboard; far more precise, and allows seamless access to menus, the map etc. Fight the enemy, not the interface. Oh, and I want the Roswell UFO crewable in the next update.
  8. Mouse and keyboard, gents. It's the most effective. Fight the enemy, not the interface.
  9. Does an "eye-candy" solution degrade the sim? Having lighting which units don't respond tactically to seems no more broken than denying those units the use of their lights to begin with. In my opinion, go for it.
  10. Honestly, I'd be pretty happy with lights/lighting. IR spotlights, interior lights, white light, etc. Is this part of the new engine's functionality?
  11. So, ummm... T-14 Armata? (now ducking to avoid thrown objects)
  12. My fear is they won't, if they make the entirely reasonable assumption that the included scenarios reflect the power of the editor.
  13. The idea is to avoid showcasing SB with obsolete building sets, odd proxy vehicles, and other omissions due to scenarios being a generation or more old. Whatever features are added to 3.X, they ought to be accessible via official, provided content. I know there's a "do it yourself" chorus here, but expecting new people to learn the editor or sift through community-made content isn't reasonable. SB's scenarios should stand on their own.
  14. This is my periodic bump for this thread. I believe including (at least) a couple showcase scenarios is important for SB.
  15. Perhaps a commitment to at least one or two showcase scenarios?
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