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  1. That's precisely what HOTAS was designed for. You could, of course, suggest that it's more efficient for a fighter pilot to have a simple joystick with just a gun button on top, and rows of switches in front of him for control of things like radar range adjustment, lock-on, missile selection etc, etc. - but I don't think many would agree.

    Real world, or even for flight sims, I'm on board. For a PC-centric tank sim, IMO, a stick is artificial "cool" that adds the interface to the enemies you're fighting.

  2. I recommend the mouse and keyboard; far more precise, and allows seamless access to menus, the map etc. Fight the enemy, not the interface.

    Oh, and I want the Roswell UFO crewable in the next update.

  3. The idea is to avoid showcasing SB with obsolete building sets, odd proxy vehicles, and other omissions due to scenarios being a generation or more old. Whatever features are added to 3.X, they ought to be accessible via official, provided content.

    I know there's a "do it yourself" chorus here, but expecting new people to learn the editor or sift through community-made content isn't reasonable. SB's scenarios should stand on their own.

  4. After additional play, I can say the performance still isn't optimal. Turning off v-sync seems to be a helpful work-around for an underlying performance issue, but not a true fix. Is it a known issue?


  5. Hi Ssnake,

    I disabled V-sync globally, and preliminarily, it seems to have solved the problem. The default setting is to honor the application setting, which SB doesn't seem to have. Is there a fix on the way?


  6. Hey, gents:

    After an absence (and many driver updates), my performance issues are still here, but different. My frame rates rather suspiciously seem to lock in at 20, 30 or 60fps, and the trigger for these rates seems to be changing views.

    I love SB. This is killing me. Please help.

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