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  1. I was excited to read (in another thread) that there's a multi-scenario op included, possibly two. Can we get a little more info on them?
  2. To be technical, the SEP isn't a new vehicle, and the T-90 is, regardless of its crewability. If I erred, it was championing the SEP.
  3. Back on topic: the SEP will probably take multiplayer by storm, as a counterpart to modern Leos. That being said, if a fully modeled T-90A is e-Sim's unannounced surprise feature, that might take the cake.
  4. I don't think we can reasonably expect new people to sift through user-created content to uncover 3.0's potential.
  5. We haven't heard much about 3.0's included scenarios. With more trial-oriented licenses becoming available, these scenarios will (in my opinion) become more important. Previous upgrades have left scenarios largely unchanged, with odd place-holder vehicles and buildings. New features weren't implemented, and at least one scenario was broken. I can already hear the chorus telling me (again) to fix it myself, which is fine for me. It's not fine for new people, who'll judge SB on the basis of its official content. When they do, I hope they see the richness of 3.0. Any word on included scenarios?
  6. Can OPFOR be scripted to attack civilians? Keeping civilians alive seems like a natural peacekeeping mission.
  7. Can we get the SEP's armor diagram loaded to the wiki? It'd be great to see the numbers, and compare. Thanks!
  8. Second-monitor map support would be great.
  9. E-Sim, it seems, could match operational markings/organization to the existing nationality selection. Pro clients would obviously be accurately represented, and a default Red/Blue scheme could be used for the rest. It's not a high priority for me. If it's easy, however, I'd love to see it. Perhaps even in-game skin selection, and vehicle names...
  10. How about posting the 3.0 SEP article in the wiki?
  11. Variable depth: simulating focus. Ssnake, any chance we can get a SEP wiki entry for Consolation Prize #5? Looks great.
  12. Is there interior lighting/shadows? I'd like to see the blue-green glow of the interior at night.
  13. The T-72M4 has thermals. I think it's a Czech modernization. I'd rather there be a T-90A, and am keeping my fingers crossed for 3.0.
  14. Gibson, that's quite a rumor! Can you elaborate? A2, or SA?
  15. Does this mean delaying feature announcements, too?
  16. How do Pro PE updates track with Pro development? Is the Pro community already running the new engine, or are we in the same boat?
  17. Hodo, the current SB M1A1 is behind the National Guard and, in many ways, it's behind the Iraqi army.
  18. Ssnake said he may needed up to three more weeks, from the eighth, in this thread.
  19. Dear Ssnake, It's been that couple weeks. How're we looking? Thanks!
  20. I'm deeply concerned about things frozen in the flat Earth millenium, too.
  21. Wishful thinking: An Australian M1 will be modeled, which would allow for an American M1A1SA.
  22. Noted, and appropriately edited. Looking forward to March 29th.
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