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  1. Intense combat footage from a Ukrainian tank. at one point Russian towed artillery column drives into Ukrainian lines.
  2. I'm wondering whether this tank will continue to be called Abrams. With all the changes to the hull and a completely new turret it may very qualify for a new designation. Are we going to have another M4? 😊
  3. Tank battle recorded by Ukrainian drone operators.
  4. I played some of these missions and thoroughly enjoyed them. They are great for single player because you usually command 1 - 2 tanks. Although I must admit that I edited equipment to get back to the Cold War vibe. Default missions use M1A2 SEP but I changed them to M1A1. Thanks for bringing back some memories from the original Tank Platoon. I played it on Amiga 600 then. 😅
  5. Great work! Those explosions in the last video sound very realistic bearing in mind that we cannot feel the shockwave. I listened to it in headphones and it was very convincing. 👍😀
  6. Some details of M2A3 Bradley interior and ammo loading process. And another one from live fire exercise.
  7. It looks great. Post it as soon as you consider it ready. Really good job! 🙂
  8. I am finishing the update so I should be able to join this mission or missions.
  9. And I'm going away for the weekend. 😅 At least I will have something to look forward to when I return. 😃
  10. I finally have some free time so A33 or A34 please.
  11. If course. I'm not expecting the first week of July. Months go by like weeks for me now, so it won't be a long wait even if it's the end of the month.
  12. The flight pattern looks much more realistic now. Great changes and fixes.. I look forward to the post that says: "The update is available for download" 😁July is so close!
  13. Thanks. I've returned to SB after a longer absence so some skills still need to be sharpened a bit like estimating ranges using mils.
  14. No worries. It was a crowd compared to other sessions I played and furthermore I was in a fairly quiet sector most of the time.
  15. My bad. I have to put more effort into vehicle recognition.
  16. I was in a game with you two weeks ago so I've got everything set up.
  17. I feel obliged to play this one since Poland is involved. I'd like to take one of the SEPs, either A22 or A24, but if if we are short on crewed NAZLAW's I can also take on of the vehicles in B1.
  18. I'm not sure if I'll by back by the time the sessions starts. But if I'm at home I'll definitely let you know.
  19. I sorted out my problem with map packages so I should be able to join you this weekend. I can take one of the Piranha sections. e.g. B13.
  20. British tests of HESH rounds on Tiger II shortly after World War 2. It has quite good of how the round works and some very good footage of both external and internal effects.
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