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  1. I recommend you focus on processor and Motherboard first. You need a decent MB to shift data fast, and not just buy fast RAM on a cheap MB. I use I5 and a Z-87 type MB, and with at least 1300MHz RAM speed, you'll get far. I also recommend at least 3Gb Video RAM for large scale scenarious, I have 6Gb (Titan) but you don't need that for only SB I guess.
  2. Buzpilot

    Middle east walls

    Hi, sorry for late answer, I'm not that good in english, so I asumed it meant something else.:c: But I'm surprised you or sombody at all would think it's just ok to imagine things, when it's relative easy to solve. It's not like this is a game for 6 year old kids.
  3. Buzpilot

    Middle east walls

    They are ok, but those walls should been at least 2m high, so it will be like seeing through walls More realistic walls, and It would maybe be worth the time to build up some smaller villages. Yeah, sorry about that, I could have used photobucket too, but tried with the 700 pixel limit here, I'll remember to use better next time
  4. Buzpilot

    Middle east walls

    Is it possible to make objects or is it skin only? I notice the Map editor have nice walls for army bases, or european walls, but not any walls for desert areas. They are very common because they block the sand on windy days, and sandstorms ofc. The european walls seems out of place, and too low.
  5. I really don't think this is the way every other multiplay game do things. It will ofc need eSim to host a network page every client could lookup to see if sombody are available. Not too costly to do, if you calculate the cost versus the anticipate income for more popularity. Most of the workload would just be to calculate the ping, vs host and the clients looking at page once, and make it a manual refresh, to keep workload down. Or it might work with only a list of active ip's (hosts), that client itself can check up pings for, and make a local list or menu of them.
  6. I live in Scandinavia, so my online options seems very limited, with the countdown starting at 4-5am sunday mornings. I would like to put a Multiplay menu up as a wish Not like the current one, but a list with hosts and ping, and maybe even a time to start too. It would make much easier to find someone playing a mission during ordinary weekdays, and not only missions planned weeks ahead. And probably make this sim much more popular.
  7. Thank you, I was really worried I was stuck with only that 'small' option.
  8. I can only see the 6.39kmx6.39 area, is there any way to adjust it to 22kmx22km.? I don't seem to find any commands in editor to enlarge the play area.
  9. I just started playing this sim , and I wonder why the playground (Visible map area F5), is only about 6.39x6.39 when the original map is much wider. Is it possible to adjust the size of area in editor, or in a config file maybe? The average gamer computer today (less than a year old) would easy run 25x25 I think.
  10. Turns out it was probably my extra firewall inside Avast! virusprogram, Internet Protection, the connection to gave me a clue, so it wasn't just a browser or dongle problem. Sorry for my somewhat agressive attitude in first post, but this was a hard nut to solve.
  11. I don't understand why this has to be so unbelivable impossible, it clearly says I have ' 1 CmContainer connected' but SB refuse to find it. And; Your installed CodeMeter Runtime does not support direct activation using Websockets. Please update your CodeMeter Runtime and make sure that Websockets are turned on. Alternatively, you can choose Activation using Java/ActiveX or Offline Activation. Error Code = 0x18088007 Why do I get this, with Codemeter 5.10a And even more trying to activate Offline, your guide tell it's so f'ing easy, just follow the wizzard. BUT wizzard asks for FirmCode, and there is no place this name is mentioned elsewhere, so what do I do? Is it same as serial on Firmware or version number? Impossible to know, unless I know the same as the guy writing the workaround. Very disapointing so far, and I payed 115$ for this very annoying experience.
  12. I see now, it was only the license thats sent by email :c: I have been thinking about this sim before, but just lately I discovered the graphic wasn't too bad, and watched several videos, this was only one of them.
  13. I ordered a SB PRO SE license this weekend, and got a link to activate a USB Donge, but no link to download SB, isn't there a option to use SB trial, or was that guy on YouTube using a special version? And about that USB Donge, will i get one in mail, or do I have to buy one from a 3'rd party? Was very little info about this, exept for how to install the License.
  14. Buzpilot

    Shop security

    I see it now, it was redirected to spam. I'll try the https: link thank you.
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