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  1. I'm a new player and would like to get involved in some multi player sessions. I've worked through some of the tutorials and played some of the recommended missions Camp Hornfelt. Only familiar with a few of the vehicles. Is it to early to consider participating? Cheers
  2. @ht-57 if you don't mind I've also downloaded the first 4 scenarios you updated. Thanks for sharing.
  3. In answer to one of the questions in the initial post SB is a hobby not a game for me. I've had timed licenses on and off over the past 2-3 years. I'm very interested in the sim aspect - real world tactics, procedures. In addition to SB I also spend a lot of time in DCS and CMNAO both of which are study sims. There is a lot of information available in the Wiki and the forums, you do have to dig for it. I'm willing to put the time in to study because this in it self is part of the fun 😁 The video series recently posted by Mirzayev on Camp Hornfelt along with his other Quick Tip videos are very good IMO. More content like this would be beneficial. Unfortunately today most people would rather watch/listen than read so IMO the video format is the way to go. In my previous runs with SB I was almost exclusively solo so I've decided this time around to make an effort to get involved online as a way to learn. As someone has already pointed out other devs are struggling with similar issues. IMO in those cases its the community of experienced users that has filled in the gaps not covered by the dev. So my "solution" would be more short video quick tips and commented play throughs of instructional type scenarios which could come from both the devs and the community.
  4. I've playing a lot of flight sims lately and have now started with SB. The default setup for the joystick is for the gun barrel to be raised when the joystick is pushed forward and lowered when the stick is pulled back. At least that's how things work for me after just installing SB. I would prefer the opposite ie Back on Joystick - Barrel Goes Up This matches the pullback go up in an aircraft. Is there a way to invert this in the control settings? I've gone through them and although there is a Configure Axes screen I don't see any way to make the change I'm after. Thanks
  5. Hi I'm attempting to place an order. After the Order Summary appears and I click on Continue Ordrer a page (Payflow Link) opens with the "Error: Invalid Required Domain"? Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Ok guys thanks - message received and understood!
  7. I've had a time limited license on and off 2-3 years ago. Coming back I'm considering getting the CodeMeter stick. I've looked at the New Version Bundle and have a couple of questions: 1 - The manual that's included does it cover all of the vehicles/units or is it the game engine manual only? 2 - What is the purpose of the Map Stick? Why not simply download this content? Cheers!
  8. I think this is a really good idea. Timing is difficult for me to say in advance. Will it be possible for you to record your sessions and post to YouTube?
  9. Tried again taking the left most road and it works very well! Thanks for the work that went into this, its nice to see some missions like this.
  10. I'm not able to depart the staging area without getting a 'Mission Over' message? I've tried departing via 2 different roads and always get the same message. I'm running 4.04 any ideas please and thanks.
  11. I won't be there tonight either, bummer, next week should be better for me.
  12. Won't be able to make tonight's training - bummer. Alfa if you run one Sunday evening I'll aim to be there.
  13. I won't be able to make this Sunday work but if you plan another training mission I'll so my best to make it.
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