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  1. You are absolutely correct! This bug is also with tanks! And it happens since 4.259!
  2. Abraxas


    Hi tbs, You have to bring your tank(s) within the light blue circle around the supply truck(s) and stay there. Then the rearm starts after a short time.
  3. Version 1


    A reinforced PzBtn (41x Leo2A4 + 11x Marder1A3) in defense against attacking Russian forces (GSTD - Group of Soviet Troops in Germany (GDR)) at the end of September 1989. Orders and all radio messages are in German and English! Duration: 120 minutes The scenario is not protected by passwords! The map "Wolfsburg_Dahlum" is required.
  4. Hi, Now I've found the rocky place: It's in the northern end of the NTA BERGEN nearby Range 20. The rocks aren't on the road, only nearby. So normally no problem, but the SB simulation creats it always different. ... and not all rocks are realy on the ground! The other problems are within the simulation too. On one side you have been very exact by laying the waypoints and on the other side it's a problem of internet stability due of this very large scenario! But in my opinion everybody can live with it.
  5. Sorry MD, but it works unchanged! It's a matter of path, waypoints, speed and formation. In addition, you must never put a waypoint under the bridge, as this is interpreted as meaning that the waypoint is on the bridge. In all my scenarios it still works even on the maps "Bergen-Soltau-Munster" or "Wasserkuppe"! Here some screens:
  6. Hi Ben, good decision! But you can try another way: Open the the map packages 4.1+ window and there the download for "Wasserkuppe" Below you will find "see changelog v". Click on this and you will get the following: What's New in Version 1 Released January 18, 2020 No changelog available for this version. With version 1: Download Restore Delete Hide from members Then click on Download and you will get the map as rar-file. Copy the rar in your packages/map datafile and open the rar-file
  7. Hi Ben, When I tried to download the map by "Download the file" I get a readme-file: "To download this map, enter 8f409e6e-eadd-48d8-a3cd-5a6055fd2de9 as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI. If this map is used in a scenario, it will prompt the user to download as long as they have SB Pro Map Tools installed." Copy this ID, open the SB Map Transfer Manager and enter the ID. You will get the map! Normally you will find the downloaded file as a rar-file in "Downloads" (win10) or in 😄 ProgramData > eSimGames > Steel Beasts > maps > packages!
  8. Sorry, Ben, I can't help you! I'm not responsible for this map tool and its ID-codes. As long as you have the map and the scenario works, it's okay, isn't it!?
  9. Version 1


    A reinf TankCoy (Leo2A5-Marder) in preliminary attack to protect Btn's left flank. The order is in German and English, less messages and triggers in German. Duration: 80 min The map "WASSERKUPPE" is required! Many thanks to "IrishHussar" for the translation!
  10. A couple of comments on the post 1. So far there was no M981 (FISTV) and M1064 with MERDC camouflage on SB. 2. The tracks of these vehicles are currently wrong at SB. 3. As far as I know, a related bug was not reported. As a scenario with US forces (1981) is being designed and therefore the MERDC camouflage is required, I created these mods out of other mods with the means available.
  11. Version 1


    A TankCoy (Leo2A5) in attack and delay at night! Orders in German & English; less radio messages in German. Duration: 90 minutes
  12. Version 1


    M981 and M1064 for woodland and autumn in MERDC (us 1980)
  13. It's here in https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/category/137-map-packages-41/:
  14. Sorry Hedgehog, you're wrong: The map "Wasserkuppe" is a basicmap on the basis of "Haune valley" and can be downloaded here in this forums! It's not part of 4.250! Not all of the original map is updated, but the updated parts are very realistic!
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