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  1. Version 1


    A TankCoy (13x Leo2A5) as BnRes is waiting for order to counterattack against T-80s, BMPs and HINDs. Support elements: 1 Medic, 1 ARV, 1 ammo truck; The order is in German and English, messages and triggers in German. Duration: 100 min The map "Wolfsburg-Dahlum" is required!
  2. Hi Gibsonm, As a CO you made a good job, especially in a German language scenario with German graphical commands. We scored a great victory with only 3 own losses! Thanks to you and the international participants. I think we should repeat this.
  3. Gibsonm, if you want to be a CO, we will make no streaming / recording! We are flexible!!
  4. In our impromptu sessions, we will repeat already performed scenarios. Of course, this depends on the number of participants! Wishes can be expressed in this regard. If someone also wants to lead the scenario as CO, he is free to do so. So see you on our virtual battlefield! Best regards Abraxas
  5. ... and here is the video: Thanks Gladiator, our yesterday CO! Good job!
  6. We had 13 participants, so all Leo1A5 could be crewed: fantastic! We had a good cooparation, so the victory was ours. Thanks to all!
  7. Assembling is in 20 min 07.00 pm (20.00 CET); start ca. 30 min later!
  8. If we have 10 participants or more, we could choose the 1989-version on Friday!
  9. A bloody realistic but nevertheless successful battle with an old tank: was a good session! Thanks
  10. And here are the results of the yesterday event 😘🤕: Despite some casualties, it was a successful battle. Thank you for participating! Abraxas
  11. Important: We always conduct an impromptu session every Friday depending on the number of participants. Should this fail, we will inform you in time. Only when we plan a special scenario on Friday we will announce it in advance.
  12. 13 participants, great and a good fight with a major victory! Thanks, it was a great pleasure for me. Here is the video: So I wish you a happy and successful 2023!
  13. Valentin (Higgs), Dir ebenfalls einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr! Bis zum nächsten Mal auf unserem virtuellen Gefechtsacker! Mit kameradschaftlichem Gruß Bernt (Abraxas)
  14. On Friday at 07 pm GMT it will be an impromptu session depending on the number of participants. Gathering at 07 pm GMT, start at 07:30 pm GMT. This final session 2022 will be recorded! In any case you need the maps "Wolfsburg_Dahlum" and "Wasserkuppe". You can find these maps in downloads of these forums! Abraxas
  15. ... and here the video: Thanks to all participants!
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