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  1. If a unit (vehicle or personnel) capable of clearing obstacles (e.g. mines) encounters an obstacle on its route (tactic "Engage"), it should start clearing the obstacle independently: change its route tactic to "clear/overcome".
  2. Thanks Ssnake & Co! That was fast! Thanks to the team: great job! But: the track damage affects still exist!
  3. This confirms my experience with the current Ulan 4.357! Already reported this to Ssnake.
  4. Sorry, but a response like "we'll investigate" I would have expected that, but no answer is also an answer🤔😉
  5. Hello is someone there? More than three days ago Higgs and I reported more bugs in 4.357: So far no reaction or even answer. Is there any chance of getting a competent answer here?
  6. Situations: I hosted some multiplayer events. Best network connections! Repeated bugs from me (Host) and others (Guests): Marder1A3: I/we only wanted to fire coax/main gun once, but coax/main gun fired continuously! Only when the fire button was pressed again, the fire stopped. Leopard2A5: I/we (TC) ordered "Hold fire", but the gunner (AI) opened fire anyway! Edit: It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes!
  7. I can also confirm this from my experience as a shooting instructor Leo1 and Leo2 and as a former commander of a Leo2 battalion. In the screenshots of Mirzayev you can see the trees much more clearly than the target: the quality has gotten worse! In addition, the range scale is reduced in the GAS of Leo2A4 to Leo2A6 in contrast to the Leo1A5 and Leo2A6MA.
  8. Probably the one who constructed the stowage file😄
  9. Version 1


    M1064A3_2022 of the Bundeswehr in 3-color-camouflage in woodland and winter versions (revised skin of SB ProPE).
  10. Here are the UIDs of the new maps from the release notes:
  11. Here is the German call sign and formation system of a tank platoon (Sorry, it's in German!)
  12. Ssnake is right and it works with joystick buttons #3 (last) and #4 (first) for Leopard2A5/6!
  13. The demand and discussion about the delivery of Leo1 tanks and ICV Marders is purely politically motivated and not fair. Since 2003/4 there aren't any Leo1 in the Bundeswehr. They were sold or scrapped. Thus, the 105mm ammunition became unnecessary and abolished or sold. The Leo1s currently still in Germany belong to other nations or the industry. The ICV Marder has been in service since 1971. It's an old ICV with a weak 20mm cannon with no range finder. Although it can fire MILAN and has thermal imaging, it is inferior to Russian BMPs and MPTs in terms of range, penetration and armor protection. The delivery would be purely symbolic with no real benefit.
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