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  1. Hi, Here are the current themes for all my maps and scenarios, because the new version 4.1 reacts more sensitive. Good luck in your battles and please my maps! Abraxas Abraxas-themes.rar
  2. Hi Rhyfel, Here is my solution: airstrike with 20x20 mtrs and it works!
  3. Here are the results: 1st: participants & types: CENTAG: GE PzBtl 293 Leo1A4 GE PzBtl 153 Leo1A1 US 1st Bn 32nd Armor M60A3 US 3rd Bn 64th Armor M1 CA Royal Canadian Dragoons Leo1A3 NORTHAG: BE 4th Lancers Leo1A3 UK Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Chieftain GE PzBtl 74 Leo1A1 NL 11. TnkBtl Leo1A1 US 2nd Bn 66th Armor M60A1 2nd: Results: CENTAG 183.507 Pts ( and the winner! ) NORTHAG: 182.010 Pts 3rd: Best platoons: CENTAG: I./293 and the winner of the trophy! NORTHAG: III./74 and totally 2nd best platoon (Leo1A1!!!)! I hope this will help you! Btw, in 1983 I was the CO and teamchief of the CAT-company PzBtl 74 ( 4./PzGrenBtl 71)😉 Best regards Abraxas
  4. Version 1


    The rar file "Wolfsburg_Dahlum" contains a new basic-map. The file must be inserted into ProgramData/eSim Games/maps/packages and unpacked there. Then the rar file can be deleted. The map section is located in the lower right area of the map. It's the area of the scenarios JERXHEIM and Dahlumer Roulett!
  5. In my times as battalion commander, deputy commander and company commander I remember that the medics were armed only with pistols (no G3) and wore the Red Cross sign on the helmets and Red Cross arm bands on the arms.
  6. No, it's the TO&E from the beginning of the 1990s!
  7. Sorry RedWardancer, you've made some mistakes! A mechinf-coy BTR or BMP has 12 BTR/BMP: 1 BTR/BMP for the CO 3 Platoons each 3 BTR/BMP 1 Platoon or better group with 2 BTR/BMP with AT-7 Please compare: https://forum.steelbeasts.org/forum/board/101-udssr/
  8. I or we have to live with your explanation even I don't understand why in former SB-versions - for example in 2010 - full darkness scenarios were possible with full speed level. Thanks!
  9. In all vehicles NVGs are allowed! It's a bug!
  10. Hi Ssnake, I just found out that the Leo2A5 and others only drive speed level 1 in darkness. As soon as it gets a little brighter, all can suddenly drive up to speed level 3 again. Only in driver's position you can use up to level 3. So it's unpossible, to create a scenario in full darkness! Could you check this and have it turned off if possible? Thanks Abraxas
  11. Hey Mark, I'm sorry if I offended you. I just wanted to draw attention to factual mistakes. It's not a criticism of your scenario, it was meant to help. If I am criticised for this in this way, I will no longer express myself in this forum in future.
  12. Hi Gibsonm, Three remarks: 1. Where is the 11th Marder, the "nicht gebundene Gruppe" ? in 1991 we had still the Bundeswehr Heeresstruktur 4 (army structur 4)! 2. In 1991 there were no T-90 only T-80! T-90 vs. Leo2A4: no chance for Leo2A4 due of armament, protection and ammunition! 3. The BN-Cdr has two Leo2A4!
  13. Sounds great! Thanks for your feedback. So it works! An AAR or even a video of your fight would be great.
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