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  1. Ssnake is right and it works with joystick buttons #3 (last) and #4 (first) for Leopard2A5/6!
  2. The demand and discussion about the delivery of Leo1 tanks and ICV Marders is purely politically motivated and not fair. Since 2003/4 there aren't any Leo1 in the Bundeswehr. They were sold or scrapped. Thus, the 105mm ammunition became unnecessary and abolished or sold. The Leo1s currently still in Germany belong to other nations or the industry. The ICV Marder has been in service since 1971. It's an old ICV with a weak 20mm cannon with no range finder. Although it can fire MILAN and has thermal imaging, it is inferior to Russian BMPs and MPTs in terms of range, penetration and armor protection. The delivery would be purely symbolic with no real benefit.
  3. I didn't know that this Russian weapon system existed in Syria. Are you sure?!
  4. Hi daskal, hi 12Alfa! It's not a BMP and it's not a MTLB! It's a 9P157-2 (AT-15 Springer), an armored antitank guided missile vehicle on the march! It's on a BMP-3 chassis.
  5. Abraxas

    Ukranian T72B

    Hi daskal, Thanks and it's ok, although Ukraine only has T-64BV and T-80BV (not yet available in SB!)
  6. Hi Ssnake! Here are the download link and the map UID. Under the bottom "Download this file" is the rar file with the map too!
  7. I understand the intention of this forum, but hasn't it lost its innocence long ago? Videos of the wars in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan are shown. Were there trolls? So why not from the current war in the Ukraine? I see "fear of trolls" as fear of taking appropriate countermeasures, e.g. blocking users. So more courage!
  8. Okay! It's available since July 2021. If you have now any problems with this: I will no longer provide any scenario or map! Sorry, but I realy don't understand YOUR problem!
  9. Hi mpow66m! What's your problem again?! The map is a rar-file you can find it on the download-side! Download this rar-file, unpack it and put it in packages!
  10. Hi Ssnake, I've SB 4.268 and the same effect: assert files accumulating in my personal directory. I delete them regularly:
  11. Hi, everyone! I don't understand the confusion. The current map "Wolfsburg_Dahlum" is from Sep 08, 2019! Sean asked me: "Hi, Are you ok with me adding this to the sb.com map server? Someone wants the use the map in a scenario." Of course I agreed! Something seems to have gone wrong now, but not from me!
  12. Hi Gibsonm and Ssnake, First of all: happy new year! Now to the problem: In Germany and thus on the used map "Bergen-Soltau-Munster" is legal traffic on the right side! On this map I usually did not use the briges #448 (210 tonnes) for highways, but two bridges #447 (105 tonnes) each. Therefore you should always take the right-hand one in the direction of travel when using the bridges. This also applies when delaying! Otherwise, the vehicles fall off! best regards Abraxas
  13. I have had the same defect since the new update 4.268, but I can live with it πŸ˜‰
  14. Hi Nike-Ajax and SwordsmanDK! Interesting scenario! But the composition of Leopard2A4 for the BG-Cdr and the Leopard1A5 for the coy is realy strange! In Germany all MBT-types within a BN/BG are of the same typ, for example all Leo2A4 or all Leo1A5! That's a question of logistic and maintenance! Nevertheless good luck and keep healthy
  15. I usually have the same problem with the 911 forums. Occasionally, however, I get a connection. Gladiator (911) tried to point out to the Admin: no reaction. For several weeks, even months, I have not seen any activities in this community! For this reason, too, some former 911 members have formed a small SB community: SBProPE-GefGem. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
  16. I understand your and eSim Games' position. And of course the support of today's troops needs absolutely priority! It was only a wish 😌
  17. Hi, When will the turret of the Leo1A5 finally be adjusted from the commander's point of view? At the moment the turret of the Leo1A4 is still in use!
  18. Hi, SB scenario/terrain editor works as follows: The area is mirrored outside the selected area but without buildings, roads or other objects such as signs or high-voltage lines. The reflection does not create a ditch or wall! Picture #1 shows this system and pic #2 a screenshot. In the case at hand I took a look at the area (pic #3 and #4): - no ditch - but a faulty high-voltage line Maybe you swapped this high-voltage line for something else or the faulty high-voltage line is the cause.
  19. Abraxas


    Version 1


    A reinf TankPlt (4x Leopard 2A5, 2x Marder 1A3) in combat recce and delay against an attacking reinf BMP-Bn (BMP-2, T-80). Orders, triggers and all radio messages are in German and English! Map: Bergen-Soltau-Munster; Theme: autumn; DTG: 040700Znov05 Duration: 100 minutes
  20. Abraxas

    AHAB Convoy

    As I wrote: the map is attached. It's "Camp AHAB.rar"! It's below "Duration: max. 90 minutes": Do you need more help🧐
  21. Version 1


    A reinf TankPlt (4x Leopard 2A5, 2x Marder 1A3) ahead takes combat positions in the course of SL and secures Bn preparations for defense against an attacking reinf BMP-Bn (BMP-2, T-90). Orders, triggers and all radio messages are in German and English! Duration: 80 minutes
  22. Version 1


    Bring fuel trucks from a German camp to an airfield through taliban controlled area! Put together the scope of the escort team at your own discretion. The scenario is on a fictional area of Afghanistan, which is provided on the attached map (Camp AHAB). Order, all information, triggers and radio messages are in German and English. Also playable for single players! Duration: max. 90 minutes Map: Camp AHAB.rar
  23. Version 3


    This small scenario is based on the NATO shooting competition "Canadian Army Trophy" according to the current possibilities of SB. You can choose one tank platoon, available Leopard 2A5, M1A2(SEP) or Challenger 2 each 10 APDS/KE and 120 7,62mm MG. Crewable only with TC and gunners, also for singleplayer suitable! Targets: 24 unarmed for main gun and 40 for coax-MG. All orders, info and radio messages in German and English! Duration: up to 30 min.
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