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  1. STAHLHEIDE - STEEL HEATH A reinf Tank coy (Leo2A5 + Marder1A3) as advance guard to take positions at the security line (SL) until the following PzGrenBn established the defense. We need 9 participants at minimum! Everyone is welcome! Duration: 90 mins Assembling at 20:00 CET and start at 20:30 CET! TS3: If anybody wants to lead, don't hesitate: you're welcome! We need: CO (Leo2A5): A platoon Leo2A5: A : A1: A2: A3: B platoon Leo2A5: B : B1: B2: B3: C platoon Marder1A3: C : C1: C2: Supply: 1 M113-Medic, 1 ARV Wisent, 1 MAN 8x8 Supply, 1 Unimog Supply.
  2. Next Friday a "Cold War Scenario": RED AUTUMN! A Leo2A4 coy in delay awaiting attack of GSTD forces crossing the border: 1 Leo2A4 CO 3 Leo2A4 Plt each 4 MBT Support: Medic, ARV, supply! If anyone wants to lead don't hesitate! TS3: SBProPE-GefGem Abraxas
  3. "Grantiger Löwe 2012 Teil 2 Gegenangriff" ("Grumpy Lion 2012 Part 2 Counterattack") Fight of November 24th: Video by Gladiator(911)
  4. Creat a folder (Wasserkuppe 2) in the folder packages or in the folder Wasserkuppe under deltas. Then put the downloaded and unpacked files in this folders!
  5. Great fight with only 1 loss! Thanks to all participants and Gladiator for leading. Here is the video made by Gladiator:
  6. We will wait till 20:30 CET! Afterward we will rejoint you! ID
  7. Hi! In Central Europe we have now switched back to normal or winter time! This means that we now have GMT + 1, just 1 hour later than GMT. So we'll start at 19:00 GMT (20:00 LOC)!
  8. Hi KANIUM, In central europe we have now switched to normal or winter time! That means GMT+1! So you're starting at 19.00 GMT!
  9. ... and finally from south-east: 10. Ketten-Spahl: 11. Gotthards: 12. Lahrbach: 13. Tann:
  10. ... and here from south-west: 5. Marbach: 6. Dammersbach: 7. Silges-Rimmels: 8. Morles-Hofaschenbach: 9. Mittelaschenbach:
  11. Here are some screens from the northern part. BTW I recommand to use "Paved roads DE and others"! 1. Odensachsen: 2. Wehrhausen: 3. Oberbreitzbach: 4. Glaam:
  12. 78 downloads

    I based this map on the period around 1990. I used the UTM maps of the Bundeswehr and the NVA (GDR), which differ somewhat in the level of detail, as well as Google Earth. Many areas have been added and some have been revised. Installation path: ProgramData > eSim Games > Steel Beasts > maps > packages
  13. Hi together! For now I have finished revising the map "Wasserkuppe". I based this on the period around 1990. I used the UTM maps of the Bundeswehr and the NVA (GDR), which differ somewhat in the level of detail, as well as Google Earth. Many areas have been added and some have been revised. This basis map will be available for download under "Wasserkuppe 2". Installation path: ProgramData > eSim Games > Steel Beasts > maps > packages UTM sources (left Bundeswehr; right NVA): Overviews: I hope you like it!
  14. Since my post was deleted by Jartsev despite changing the attachments, here is my post again for completeness: Here are the TOE of NVA (East Germany) and of Bundeswehr (FRG) in the 80ties: 1. NVA: the BTR/BMP coys have only 10 BTR/BMP (1x CO, 3x3 each platoon) 2. Bundeswehr: we had the army structur 4 with 13 MBT each coy (1x CO, 3x4 MBT each platoon) and 11 Marder each InfCoy ( 1x CO, 3x3 each platoon, 1 indIFV). The supply package is the same in each case.
  15. Abraxas

    Bug in AAR!

    Everything went well during yesterday's scenario. We used the SBProPEServer64CM. A strange phenomenon then appeared in the AAR: an IFV (Marder1A3) shot down in the course of combat was shown from the start without weapon system for all participants! Here're pictures, AAR and video )! RATZEPUTZ-IV_vstkPzKp_Angriff_7856_090123ABRAXAS2019.rar
  16. I'm very sad to read this bad news! We all have to go at some point. We don't know: when, where or how, but it's always too early! I will always remember him fondly: rest in peace comrade! My condolences to his family: may they cope with this early loss! In mourning Abraxas (Bernt)
  17. It would be nice if an ARV had an area of effect (like a medic) in which some repairs would occur: some by default like repairing damaged tracks, some at will. Since there is always qualified maintenance personnel there, e.g. changing engines or repairing damaged turrets etc..
  18. The camo folder is for soldiers' dress!
  19. Hi Ben, A good scenario but it's not realistic! Here the faults: - till 1989 there were no Leo1A5 in the Bundeswehr, only Leo1A1 till Leo1A4. - from 1980 till 1990/93 we had the HStr4 (army struktur 4) with 4 tanks each platoon. - East Germany never had T62! The NVA had T55s and some T72. The GSTD (RUS) had T64 and at least T80.
  20. I have a scenario where mines are scripted to be laid, triggered and can also be requested. We (5x DE, 1x CH, 1x US and 1 AU participant) played it yesterday! Everything works in a test and as a single player. As a host with a total of 8 participants, everything also works. But yesterday with the large server (> 8 participants) there are problems: Scripted cluster mine barriers were not laid or triggered. Only the currently requested cluster mine barriers were fired.
  21. I've just tested it to be a host in a network session of the same scenario till open the map (Bergen-Soltau-Munster). Results (Win10): Server SBProPE64cm (8 participants): 1 min 35 sec Server SBProPEServer64cm (25 participants): 3 min 32 sec It's not a really problem for me, as I've time and I'm still young at almost 72 years of age and can wait😉
  22. Version 1


    These roads have the same asphalt structure and color like in Germany and other states. Usable in woodland and autumn; put it in your texture folder!
  23. Hi N-A! This scenario was revised for the current version 4.379! I send it to you by PM! This scenario has only 3 Marder in the C1 platoon! Good luck
  24. Next scenario: RIEPHOLM TkCoy (14 Leo2A5 and supply)! Combat recce and delay Meeting at 8 PM (CEST) If anyone wants to lead, don't hesitate! cu
  25. Thanks, Nils and Mike!
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