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  1. Hi Mav, As you can see if the logic is: ?<= NEW < 100 that means that the right number will NEVER be reached, e.g. 99.99 ! I only use X1 instead of NEW. And it works.
  2. Version 1


    A reinf TankPlt (4x Leopard 2A5, 2x Marder) as combat reconnaissance against an attacking reinf MechInfBn (BMP, T-80). Orders and triggers in German & English; radio messages in German. It's a summer morning. So, don't hesitate and don't waste time!
  3. Version 1


    A reinf TankPlt (4x Leopard 2A5, 2x Marder) as demolition guard and in delay against a reinf MechInfBn (BMP, T-80). Orders and triggers in German & English; radio messages in German. Duration: 80 minutes It's a cold winter morning, but you will get very warm!
  4. Hi Gibsonm & Co, Yes and No! The newest one is now supplied in version 4.250 automatically!
  5. Sorry, but it works! You only have to move the vehicle a little bit. Here are 2 screenshots:
  6. Apart from the fact that the support rollers are still missing at the bridge-layer BIBER, a clear gap can now be seen in the transported bridge!
  7. Many thanks to the SB-team☺️
  8. Oh God! It's a realy sad news. Rest in peace, Dboy and my condolences to his family: be strong!
  9. "Feuer einstellen!" That means "Cease fire"
  10. Hi, You have to download and to install all parts of Maps Installer Part ! You can find these under "BUY NOW" / Download. Then it should work.
  11. Hi MD, I'm not Abraxas ( 911, DE ), I'm Abraxas ( none, DE )! Please correct it, thks😉
  12. Great! And than cut the road within the critical area and level the part incl. shoulder width and embankment angle. Afterwards connect the parts of the road again.
  13. Another trick is: - put a former (or bigger) building on the hump. Check the position in 3D. - lower/raise this building and use the additional border / smoothing you wish. - Check in 3D and if you agree, save it than delete the building otherwise undo. and so on ... You can contact me by PM!
  14. OK! Be sure that you can revise the map! I'll give you an example by step-by-step screenshots. I will flatten a road and a small hill:
  15. Hi Apocalypse 31, I think it's not too late! My suggestion would be as follows: 1. put a new short road ( it even could be a highway! ) over the old one and select it; 2. raise the new road with a very large shoulder width and low angle of approach; 3. look at the result without saving; 4. if you don't like it, undo and change the height(s) or/and the shoulder width/angle; 5. look at the result and if you agree save it otherwise repeat; 6. repeat this procedure with a next new short road! 7, when you're finish level all new road elements and if you
  16. Normally you can use the elder parts of your map, because I've hardly changed them. Try my new map and test it! The map is realy more realistic 😉
  17. Version 1


    The map covers the southern part of the "Lüneburger Heide" (Lueneburg Heath) with the cities of Soltau, Munster, Fallingbostel and Bergen as well as the Fassberg airbase and the Unterlüß test area; total size: approx. 2.000 sqkm. Copyright: This file may only be made available in other forums or on CD/DVD with my written consent!
  18. Version 1


    Stone railway bridge without upper side walls: 1x day view 1x Tis view especially suitable for multi-track railway bridges like on the Bergen-Soltau-Munster map
  19. Hello everybody! After almost 10 years of working on the map and adaptation to the changing SB-versions, the map with 2.000 square kilometers (40 km x 50 km) is ready😃 I will make this map available for eSim and exclusively here in this forum. Here are some screens and overviews:
  20. If no one interferes with me, I'd take a Leo or Marder (no PL or CO)!
  21. A DELTA-tank (Leo1A5) otherwise a MARDER (not PL or CO) or the ARV!
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