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  1. Hi Gibsonm,

     As a CO you made a good job, especially in a German language scenario with German graphical commands. We scored a great victory with only 3 own losses!

    Thanks to you and the international participants. I think we should repeat this.

  2. In our impromptu sessions, we will repeat already performed scenarios.

    Of course, this depends on the number of participants!

    Wishes can be expressed in this regard.

    If someone also wants to lead the scenario as CO, he is free to do so.


    So see you on our virtual battlefield!


    Best regards


  3. Important:

    We always conduct an impromptu session every Friday depending on the number of participants.

    Should this fail, we will inform you in time.

    Only when we plan a special scenario on Friday we will announce it in advance.


  4. We conduct a battle on Friday, December 9th, lasting at least 90 minutes.

    3 Leo2A5 platoons are used, plus CO and supply (ARV, Medic, ammo).

    The map "Bergen-Soltau-Munster" is in the current SB-version.


    Assembling at 19:00 (GMT), start 19:30 (GMT)

    TeamSpeak3 address:, name: SBProPE-GefGem, password: Abraxas


    If anyone wants to be the CO, don't hasitate! I will send him the scenario in advance for planning.





     We'll see us on the virtual battlefield!


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