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  1. Thanks no problem. So far I just enjoy all the new improvements and features. So I will wait patiently
  2. It might be me. I have a gunners control handle and I can operate the turret without having the palm switch pressed, how do I enable that? I have verified that in controls panel, that control handle is selected. I have only tried the leopards so far. I have realism on high as well. It worked on the 4.0 version. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you. That did fix it! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks. I tried that already. But with same result.
  5. When I try to start up SB 4.1 shortly after the intro screen. SB cannot find or accept my mappath? and if I try to change path. en exception occurred during change of map location I have attached a screenshot of both SB and registry setting. How do I fix this?
  6. Hi Duke, Nice picture Thanks for the feedback. I will see if I can pass it through. And I agree completely, It would be cool to hear some crew communications during the live fire.
  7. Here's a video from our leo during the live fire demo. Åben Hede 2016 Leopard 1 A5DK-1 Live Fire
  8. Here's some more from the event. http://youtu.be/nt7M40p3-xs
  9. Awesome Pictures. Thanks for sharing. See you next year
  10. From above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpgUGTSCOY8
  11. Hi Duke. We're currently working hard to get the leos in shape. See you there
  12. No not that often. I would suspect that is caused due to lack of maintenance.
  13. Here's a little more taken from different angles, and from the leopard to the right of ours aJ4bn4QBooU
  14. I say take your time. and release when its all new and shiny
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