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  1. UPDATE: Seems to be working now. The upgrade license window popped open this morning and went about doing that as normal.
  2. I was looking for that red bar in your profile to send it as personal mail. Come to think of it, I don't even know what was in that file. Just goes to show a person needs to be careful. 😵
  3. CodeMeter is not working. I see the icon on the bottom of my screen, but it will not pull open the CM Control Center window to activate my stick and play. I have an unlimited license. I pulled the stick out, restarted the system, reinserted the stick, now it works. However, I still cannot interact with the CMCC window. I know better than to just shrug my shoulders and think everything is ok.
  4. This looks like a modernized M2/M3 Bradley the ROKs said they can do better...and did.
  5. I must be an oddball about this. Tried doing it several times without mods in single player mode. Just didn't work well with me. Never tried online though. In any case, I'm glad DLCs and mods are not a big thing with SB.
  6. For the better part of twenty years, SB has not let me down as is the case with so many other games. Perhaps the biggest praise I will give is that SB has not produced a barebones product that relies on the fans to make mods and buy DLCs to make the game enjoyable. Arma 3 is a classic, textbook example of this. Can't play that game as a standalone without grinding your teeth at it. Example: In Arma 2, lots of personal accessible options such as healing yourself were available. They left out a ton of goodies in Arma 3, you can't play that game well without having to Steam download a minimum of about twenty-five mods or so. Quite certain many of you feel the same way. Other games gives you the basics, but you have to buy DLCs to make it fun. So, thanks to all of you whom have made SB possible. Without it, I'd be stuck playing Tetris.
  7. I only play two games online, SB and Arma 3. Been on Arma for little over a year now. Joined and left four different groups due to drama that I think should not be in gaming. Typical stuff I encounter: 1, Founding members had a fallout. When the person who designed everything bounced, the others "stole" everything he did. 2, The members wanted to be creative, but the man in charge wasn't having it so they split. Half made their own crappy group, the others just stopped playing all together. 3, The group(s) are either way to relaxed and immature, or play as if they really are in the military ("yes Sir, no Sir, etc). There's other stuff that goes on (DO NOT get me started on the racism) that just ruins the fun most of the time. Wondering why so much nonsense has to be in gaming or maybe it's an Arma thing? It's a bit of a rant, but life's too short for this mess, particularly in gaming. Has anyone else gone through this? I recall Apocalypse mentioning how milsims are a headache, are we just unlucky or is this the norm?
  8. I nominate the M2/M3A3 as new members of the SB vehicle community. 😎
  9. Just wanted to post this. It's a bit long.
  10. I have several projects going on with marginal progression and equal amount of success (or lack thereof). One is a simple airfield defense mission in Banak, Norway. The defending Norwegians hold off a Russian air assault followed by an airborne dropped mechanized force. Another one is a reconnaissance-in-force of a full strength cavalry troop into enemy territory. The much larger, far more difficult project is a campaign in Ukraine. The first scenario involves the UA forces launching an all-out offensive to retake the provincial city of Donetsk from the separatists. Once that's completed, a retaliatory invasion of Russia occurs all over the eastern border. I have about 10 scenarios in this what-if campaign. The first two or three involves regiments in size, but I'm inclined to reduce this due to work overload on the system. The majority of my projects simply takes existing scenarios and edit them for my personal use.
  11. Excellent! This is what I have been looking for. You da man!
  12. Overambitious. I was thinking on a campaign to play on my own that would literally take days/weeks for myself to accomplish when I don't have time and money to go travel on my weekends off. Best solution is to eliminate at least one side, cut a battalion or two down, and save it for later follow up missions. I have the templates saved so I'm clear on that.
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