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  1. I stand corrected. Stormrider_sp mentioned he prefers to play mission from others so that he doesn't know the outcome. This can be done with using LOTS of variable conditions and routes in the mission editor. When making scenarios for myself, I use this extensively. EXAMPLE: I can create a company sized OPFOR, giving each enemy platoon and detachments about four different starting positions, each with about four different routes to take. I may also add in different OPFOR mission types and size of enemy forces. That way, replay value goes up big time. Where I fail is #1, not
  2. Steel Beasts is a unique system in that it combines realism to simulation. No campaigns, no roleplay, no crazy imagination. It's the closest thing to being in the military without being in one. True in that it caters to a small fan base, but one has to remember this was a military training simulator that was later commercialized for public use. Yet, the game can easily be played by one person depending on the scenario. There is so much more to it than just gunnery. This is a very complex simulator that is equal to Command Modern Operations which requires research, training (practice), kn
  3. Always a sad time when the SB community loses a fellow Treadhead. We are a special bunch, but few in numbers.
  4. Has anyone found a video on how a loader transfers main gun rounds from one storage to "ready" storage? Let's use the M1A2 as the example. It has 11 rounds of APDFS and 7 rounds of HEAT in the ready bin. The other 17 AP and 10 HEAT are stored elsewhere. Just for the heck of it, someone tell me where the other rounds are at and how are they transferred? Unless there is a video...
  5. May 2021 be a far better improvement than last year for us all. Long live SB Pro PE!
  6. Happy for you in that you can remember those roads. All I can recall during ODS was about 85% of my time crammed into the back of my Bradley with five other smelly dismounts with three smelly crewmen. If someone took me to Iraq today and asked me to show them where I was at visually, I wouldn't have a clue.
  7. Peace to all. Wishing you better tidings.
  8. Should we suffer a world-ending event, I'm game for one last play on SB. Can't think of a better way to go! Actually, yes I can but won't discuss that here...heheh. TREADHEADS FOREVER!!! 🤘
  9. What I hate the most about almost every Soviet Union made vehicles is the utter lack of elbow space in them. During the 1991 Gulf War, my unit captured several BRDMs, BMPs, and T-62 tanks. I managed to hop into each of the listed vehicles after the fighting stopped. Damn. I had more bumps and bruises in those three vehicles than all the times I spent inside an M2A1 Bradley! I realize that combat vehicles were not made for luxury rides, but sardines never had it so bad when comparing Russian stuff. Thankfully, all I have to worry about now is gaming compared to real live battle. Plenty o
  10. Ah well, it was an idea. I probably shouldn't come up with idea at 0130 after work. I'm more than content with SB being such a small community. We Treadheads are a special bunch after what? Twenty years?
  11. Stop me if someone brought this up before despite my search to find otherwise. I'm hearing a number of people talk about gaming where people send contributions to people for streaming or recording on places such as Twitch. I'm sure this doesn't happen for everyone who has tried this. Has anyone in the SB community formed a group to where this was successful or failure? If not, could this be possible if a number of us really formed a tight group and played enough to make $$$ for a living? I'm not very knowledgeable about this so forgive me. However, I have seen about eight or nine channel
  12. My question is this: Is the United States prepared for this kind of warfare? Who's to say the Chinese or Russians (as an example) will not employ such tactics against the US armed forces who thought they were ready, but wasn't.
  13. Excellent. Now, wondering if someone is making an advanced scenario tutorial. I'm definitely not qualified to tutor this. 😁
  14. Not taking away from Toyguy's contribution after so much work he's done for the SB community. I ask if these scenario tutorials can be applied to the most recent changes in the game without a need for updates to the tutorials.
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