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  1. A full engineer squad is seven troopers; one 4-man team and one 3-man team. What I had done in the past was lined them up and cleared a path wide enough to drive anything with ease. Once they have a clearance, I mark the breach on the map, then let my units roll through. I do this ONLY if I don't have a MCLCC and/or plows. Engineers can also create obstacles. Don't feel there will never be a need for that, never know...
  2. Nothing can unhinge this leader, nerves of steel.
  3. I'm all for recording my scenarios. Interesting to hear what I sound like in the heat of combat (screaming, cussing, etc). Posting in YouTube or Twitter gives more exposure for the game, gains more Treadheads involved. My only problem is that my GPU is so obsolete, I can't record in HD at all. Sad. I tend to talk a lot more when I record my own single player games, makes me feel like a commander (never made higher than E-4 in the Army). Also tend to explain more for the viewers. In some cases, I roleplay my positions out. Yep, I'm on that level of weird.
  4. Topic is scoring. Needs to be covered in detail. ToyGuy's 2011 episode of this is missing in YouTube. I don't see it here in SB either.
  5. I drove the M2 Bradleys. The turret was enclosed inside aluminum walls in the middle of the hull, while I had open space directly behind me which was the "hell hole." There was zero contact of any kind with the turret. In seeing tanks, the driver is directly in front of the turret with only a backrest between himself and the turret which was what? Less than 12 inches away? My question is what prevented anything by the turret from snagging onto the driver? Back of the head, arms, uniforms, CVC lines, whatever. It just scares the hell out of me how close a rotating turret with thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch was so close to the driver's back.
  6. We Treadheads are a special bunch. 😎
  7. The M901s were E company, while companies A thru D were the M2s. If my ancient memory serves, the scout platoon in a HHC had the TOWS mounted on Hummers along with M2 mounts at the time, but the cavalry had M3s, M1A1s, and Hummers. Not sure when the M901s were phased out in the line companies, but ANGs had them for a lot longer.
  8. I can tell you about the 24th Mechanized Division's TO&E from 1988 through the Gulf War when I served. The 3/69, 1/64, and 4/64 Armor battalions were M1A1s; the 2/7, 3/7, and 3/15 Infantry battalions were M2A1s. The rest were stuff like the M901's, Apaches, Paladins, Dragon ATGMs, AT-4 were new, and so on.
  9. AHA! It's done. I've also turned off the CM in the start up menu. Should do the trick. I'll post results tomorrow.
  10. I believe this can be manually changed in the Mission Editor. Open a scenario if allowed (passwords and such), then open Options at the top left. next, you click on Unit Call Signs and choose either the existing template (PE generic) and change the call signs; or click New and create your own template to save. The other way to Import a list of existing call sign templates. Fairly certain a template for the 80s-90s command structure does exists.
  11. Very certain the window is by CM Control Center. Shows serial number, version, and so on. I'm not sure if windows is set to auto-run.
  12. UPDATE: the license upgrade window pops up every time I power up the PC. Not good, right?
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