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  1. I haven't been online for about three years, give or take. Great to be back. My dismounts put a wupp'n on the enemy at the SE bridge area. Six shots, six kills with the Javelins! Had the enemy moved any closer, they would have been eating AT-4 rounds! Had to use a CV90 in the counterattack, not one of my more familiar vehicles. But we did well. I can tell when Assassin7 is leading tanks. They were doing so much shooting, I bet they were melting their barrels! How did Nike-Ajax handle all those units is commendable. Usually, and OPFOR needs a few people to get the job done. But this is fine, as they bloodied us on defense fairly well. Now if only I can join in with Kanium for Arma3...heheh.
  2. Yep. In real life doctrine, a defending side that has time will scout out his Area of Operations to determine the best firing positions, minefield deployment, Observation Posts, Dismount fighting positions, and so on.
  3. Well gee wiz! I was hoping to hop into the terrain map to "scout" our starting Alpha positions by creating a test scenario with my IFV before the game starts. Call it, training. heheh.
  4. What map is this being played on? Am I allowed to study our area or is that cheating? I mean, we ARE in defense right?
  6. Is there anyone coming to Teamspeak this morning (0847 EST)? Bought new headset with mic, want to conduct a quick commo check before I get back into online play.
  7. Billions and billions and billions oh my! 😂
  8. Just a pride thing going on here. Brings back memories:
  9. Deploying quickly is a specialty of the Marines, I agree with that. But they can also dig in and stick around for a long time, requiring more organic resources. Cross-branch coordination continues to be a difficult concept in practice for our armed forces, and the Marines, just like everyone else, need their own. However, all we can do is wait and see.
  10. I think the Marines need to remain more flexible compared to setting them up as a pure amphibious unit. They are also a quick response force that is expected to be nearly anywhere at any time. Marines tend to stick around longer than expected when they are deployed, and need as much firepower and support at their disposal. Even since the end of the Vietnam War, we have watched the government make major changes to the military. FEW have been positive.
  11. This is so not good at all.
  12. What in the literal $%&#! So, General Berger (and government) thinks we will become stronger by trimming our forces down and adding modernized "organic" capabilities (robots). Without immediate armored and air assets, this means the Marines will have less. Augmenting three regiments by cutting out other battalions is not the answer. We need more of everything. Damn. Just, damn.
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