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  1. Just wanted to post this. It's a bit long.
  2. I have several projects going on with marginal progression and equal amount of success (or lack thereof). One is a simple airfield defense mission in Banak, Norway. The defending Norwegians hold off a Russian air assault followed by an airborne dropped mechanized force. Another one is a reconnaissance-in-force of a full strength cavalry troop into enemy territory. The much larger, far more difficult project is a campaign in Ukraine. The first scenario involves the UA forces launching an all-out offensive to retake the provincial city of Donetsk from th
  3. Excellent! This is what I have been looking for. You da man!
  4. Overambitious. I was thinking on a campaign to play on my own that would literally take days/weeks for myself to accomplish when I don't have time and money to go travel on my weekends off. Best solution is to eliminate at least one side, cut a battalion or two down, and save it for later follow up missions. I have the templates saved so I'm clear on that.
  5. It really was that simple wasn't it? * Crawls into a hole in shame..."
  6. I have a massive single player scenario on the drawing boards. Chances are this is way too much to handle. Two allies: blue and gold vs red and green. Each of the four sides have a regiment in force give or take. Blue and Gold is playable, Red and Green CPU controlled. The easy part is playing Blue. What I can't figure out is how to set up the ability to play both Blue and Gold. Am I missing something so simple that all I have to do is click an option? Or is this not possible at all?
  7. Does the US Army still maintain dedicated antitank companies as they did when I served back in 1988-94 at the brigade level? In a US mechanized battalion waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then, E company was all M901s. I cannot remember if they had something similar at the brigade level.
  8. A few of you brought up some valid points on crazy people operating milsims. The question is this: what would YOU do to make it work better? I've played in a few, but never controlled one before.
  9. Without thermals, it was quite a difficult mission. With the narrow AO, it was easy to get mixed up with other units.
  10. Let's say someone who loves this game as much as we all do, won a massive lottery prize. That person offered you and others in the SB community roughly $50,000 USD to play SB pro as a unit with ranking structure, training days, campaigns operations, single day operations, and so on. 4-8 hours per day, 3-5 days per week for one full year. You could be an admin, a trainer, a trooper, whatever. But this person is in charge and runs it almost like a milsim (military simulation) unit as is found in say, Arma 3. Just curious to see who'd do this. I'm in!
  11. I'm going to do something different from my SOP: using a tank! When was the last time that happened eh? A14 please.
  12. I would have thought the DM63A1 is newer and better than the DM53, which would provide better results, no? Perhaps the R&D section was bribed for a lousy product?
  13. AHA!!!! I have SB scenario work to be done. 🤘
  14. So once the spawned units reach a location, they disappear. Is there a way to make them stay at such locations besides death? Or do I have to do this the hard, long, drawn out process by giving each unit the "Embark if" and and "Jump to end if" routine? This isn't so bad at platoon and company level engagements. But at battalion/regiment...😒
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