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  1. Good to see a fellow Treadhead back in the fray!
  2. Welcome back, fellow Treadhead!
  3. With all this talk about graphics and monitors, wondering if SB Pro PE is talking about going VR.
  4. SUCCESS! Everything is good to go, didn't lose any files or scenarios. Thanks, everyone! May your sabot aim true and your missiles fly in swarms!
  5. Installed an SDD drive to replace the old HDD one that was going bad. SB Pro and other files/games did not transfer completely, they simply will not run even though I see the files in my PC. Do I use my disks to reinstall the whole thing? Will everything be good as before or is this a whole new restart? Last used 4.163 before the tune-up. Am I overthinking this?
  6. Damn. Something's come up this morning. Very sorry, but I must change my status to "Cannot Attend"
  7. Whoops. Er...um...heheh. Reran tests after changing the variable back. It works. 10 test runs, 6 to LZ-1, the others split two apiece to LZ-2 and LZ-3. Did not suffer any No-Go's. I should have remembered this. It variables work the same way as spawning a unit to different locations using the JUMP TO END IF... Create each route, use ONE variable, but different values. (crawls into a hole and hides)
  8. On a different suggestion, I would like to see the ability to add command teams. Let's say I want to modify a team of infantry from missile to platoon/company PL/CO or PSG because the scenario did not apply them for some reason. You can change an infantry team to everything else but a command unit. During my current scenario designing, I have noticed that a platoon of air assault dismounts on a Hind-E does not have a command element; each helo has a sniper and a missile team. I can change out, but cannot add in a command team. Or, am I also doing this wrong?
  9. I changed the new part to X1-X4 with a 25% chance per route. Same irregular behavior. Sometimes, the helo stayed put. Sometimes the helo flew to the first two LZs but never the latter two. The dismounts always jumped off in LZ 1, but not the other. I shall erase the Red side's LZs and routes to this point. I will start over from there. When I come back, or if someone has a solution beforehand, I will script out each and every process with the Red helos. UPDATE: I created a brand new mission using the tutorial map. Added a section of two Hind-E's for Red, added a scout team and placed them far away from the LZs. Here's what happened step by step. 1. Created four Landing Zones numbered 1-4. 2. Created Waypoint 1 inside LZ 1. 3. Created four engage routes, 2-5, for each Hind-E team: 011-1, 011-2, 012-1, and 012-2. 4. Each engage route was given the Embark if... this unit "IS" unit "011-1" and so on. 5. Set Troops > Dismount, and Flight Height > Ground Level for WP 1. 6. Created exit route for helos to Waypoint 6. 7. Set exit route for helos to WP 6 with Embark If... this unit IS unit 1 C0/01... AND... unit 1 Co/01 IS NOT Carrying Troops. Also set: After true, delay by 0:20. 8. Created engage route to WP 1. Tested this three times. Three Go's at this task. Repeated for LZ 2. Created Waypoint 7 inside LZ 2. 9. Created four engage routes 8-11 for the dismounts. 10. repeated steps 3-5. 11. Created exit route waypoint 12. Repeated step 7. 12. Changed the Embark If for helos. LZ 1 was 0 Random Variable X1 50; LZ 2 was 50 Random Variable X2 100. Tested seven times. Five Gos, two No-go's. No-go meaning the helos did not move at all. Four times they went to LZ 2, once to LZ 1. Created LZ 3. 13. Created dismount engage routes 13-16. 14. Repeated steps 3-5. 15. Created waypoint 17 for exit out of LZ 3. Repeated step 7. 16. Changed the Embark If for helos. Values were 0 to 35 X1 for LZ 1; 35 to 70 X2 for LZ 2; 70 to 100 X3 for LZ 3. Tested ten times. Six Gos, four No-go's. Of the six successes, once to LZ 1, five to LZ 2, NONE TO LZ 3. There's clearly something wrong here. Leaving a copy of my Air Assault Test scenario for evaluation. Air assault test.sce
  10. So, I am working on a scenario. Blue side is defending an airfield. Red side wants that airfield. To start the offensive, Red has a company of air assault to begin the first wave. Playtested the first Hind-E (HQ 011) to land at four randomly potential LZs. When I playtested the sequence at LZ1, no problems. The dismounts got out and the bird flew away. Second one, LZ 2, things were scratchy. Sometimes the helo would just hover and not fly to any LZ at all, other times the helo would reach LZ 2 but would not drop off the dismounts consistently. HQ 011 would not go to LZ 3 or LZ 4 at all. For the Embark If... windows, I made certain each LZ route had "0-x" Random Variable "new" < "x". Each waypoint in the LZs were set to Troops - Dismount with a 20 second delay when true before the helo leaves. The actions are inconsistent through the testings. Clearly doing something wrong, not sure what it is. Using Scania SE edited map, 17km x 13 km. Only added a company of blue forces and a company of red forces.
  11. In the CMANO scenario I played, the Russians dropped an air assault company very close to their target airfields (Batsfjord, Kirkenes, Vadso, Vardo, and Banak), each were guarded by a lone platoon of infantry. Kirkenes was guarded by a infantry company with a section of man-portable SAMS, while Banak (the main goal) was guarded by a full company of mechanized cavalry with attached SAMs, TOWs, and a battery of arty. The air assaults easily dealt with all of the garrisons, but Banak was a bloodbath. About an hour later, a wave of airborne infantry, followed by air drops of BMDs, landed about a mile from Banak; four total assaults. Each were crushed by the defenders, mostly by the artillery. The ideal I had in mind was to simulate the airborne drops in an LZ about a mile from the targets with the graphics of them floating down, then marching/engaging on to the objectives. Surely, being closer to the targets means a hot LZ, but this is beginning to be a common occurrence in war. Just ask the Rangers when they dropped into Panama under fire. Now granted, that was against the Panamanians, but for SB, this could be different. I can make the game more difficult by making the defenders less armed (M113s instead of M2s, etc). Again, if this is not possible, I'll just work with what I have and have the airborne "spawn" up. Unlike my last project, this next one will be A LOT smaller.
  12. I have tried searching for myself but found no success to this point. For scenario designing, wanted to know the composition of a Russian Federation air assault company. Didn't want to assume 4 helos in a platoon, 3 platoons in a company and so on.
  13. I was wondering about that. Wondering if this would work at the company and/or battalion level to capture airfields in the way Airborne Rangers do. If not, then it's all good. Less work to deal with on my next scenario project. Air assaults will do.
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