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  1. Ah well. Wanted to make sure there wasn't an easier way, such as how to save callsign templates, breach obstacles, using medics, batteries for the night vision, food for those long Thunder Runs and so on.
  2. I'm setting up minefields and concertina wire in a scenario. I know how to work with them, duplicate, change marking, and so on. Just wondering if there is a speedier way to make them up instead of having to conjure them up and move them one by one into place. Know how you can speed route a march order along roads? Is there a way to do the same thing for obstacles to save time?
  3. I created a new callsign for a modern (2015+) Russian MRR. Problem: can't save it. I don't see the CST file anywhere in the game files at all. When I create a brand new format, it's saved to a specific scenario, but still not saved in My Callsign Template folder. What's up with that?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    With what little information I could find, this is as close to a modern Russian regiment I could create into a usable template. Each BMP company (9 in all) has a platoon of tanks attached as would be normal SOP, split off from three tank companies, with a fourth tank company in reserve with the regimental HQ. Each of the three front line battalion has a headquarters composed of platoons with the following unit designations: #1, snipers #2, AGL #3, ATGM #4, recon #5, mortars (81mm longtube) #6, mortars (81mm longtube) #7, engineers #8, supply #9, f
  5. Tough mission. Enemies were everywhere in all directions on this one. Would have been easier at night with our superior night optics. Guess we had to give OPFOR a chance right?
  6. Getting my tax returns and the stimulus checks in. Looking into a gaming PC. From what I have seen on the Dell website (booo!), there are three different types of memory cards based on these values: 2933MHz, 3200Mhz, and 3400MHz. What is the major difference between them? Is going from 2933 to 3200 a major jump in performance? Actually, my question is what does MHz do for the memory? I know that the more GBs, the more "jobs" the memory can do (8GB, 16GB, etc).
  7. B14 please. My crew had to sent B24 back to the states for all the damage it received. But we sure dished it out to the enemy! AND NO CASUALTIES! Shall I go through the trouble of naming my crew and dismounts? Er...no.
  8. Don't know who all of you are. But I commend you unsung heroes for your efforts. From what I have learned here, map software is up in the tens of thousands of dollars and you folks are constantly bombarded by requests and such. What you do, I cannot (despite having a degree in geography). If you are a map maker in SB, make yourselves known! Or, maybe not...heheh.
  9. GPU prices is the killer. They costs almost as much as the damned computers! Do you think 32GB RAM is good for next five years?
  10. My PC has the antiquated GeForce 745 which is just not getting it done with 4.250. Gameplay is just a bit choppy, recording is impossible. Upgrade to a 1660 Super? It's the best I can fit into my PC without having to upgrade the power unit? Or solve a long term problem with a newer system? Something with along the lines of 32GB RAM, a 10th generation microprocessor, and at least a GeForce 2070? With the upcoming stimulus check, it's that, save it for Orlando next year, or just pout and deal with choppy play? Ok, the last one is NOT an option.
  11. Best upgrade I can do for my PC is a GeForce 1660ti without having to get a stronger power unit. Will that do?
  12. CPU is Intel Core i7-6700 @3.41GHz, 32 GB RAM, 64-bit, NVIDIA GeForce 745.
  13. OBS. I set the parameters to record and playback in HD. Watching the video, the audio is running continuously as normal. But playback is not going well.
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