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  1. Thanks. Looks like this should be the final task at hand. It's entirely possible I'm taking on way too large a project. But should I get it done, it will be fun to play.
  2. So, I'm ALMOST ready to launch my months long scenario project. For the attacking side, I figured out how to set up the scoring region. YAY! Now the hard part. I set up a region called Assembly Area (I will change this to something else). I want to award points for each surviving unit that reaches this staging area. When I clicked on ALL UNITS, the field went gray. I'm using an entire motor rifle regiment so there's a lot of units. The total points for the attacking Blue will be either 1000 or 1500 points, haven't decided yet. So, how do I make the strength points work? Is there a "one step works for all"? Or am I going to have to do this the long, drawn out way?
  3. Has anyone actually seen this work? I have playtested a platoon on platoon shoot out between APC units just to see how it works. Even with Elite quality medic teams and integrated medics, I have yet to see any troops healed after about five test runs.
  4. Okaaaaaay, now THIS is going to be some serious project time. It's all good, anything (within reason) for SB! My life would be mediocre without this game! Is this (partially) true for everyone else? If I can make this work correctly, I will definitely share the file. Just too big a project to keep for myself.
  5. That was a flat-out lie. Now comes the real sophisticated problem. I want to condition entire units to embark on different variable objectives and routes en mass. Meaning: 1st Rifle Battalion attack OBJ 1 along THIS direction, or attack OBJ along THAT direction. This can easily be done unit by unit, but is there an easier solution to do it en masse? I have an enemy regiment to work with. IF there is no other option than doing this unit by unit (almost 100 units minus dismounts), I may have to officially give this goal up and make them predictable. Solutions?
  6. When you have finally designed your formation, right click on a unit and look for "Save to Template". Pick a category you want the template you wish to find it (Default, US, etc). Come up with your own file name, choose a title, then a description in the large box if desired. Finally, the tricky part is the top right box. Highlight the template you wish or create your own...and SAVE! I do not know what the and other bracketed letters mean. This took some effort on my part, but I finally figured it out.
  7. I did look at the example Gibsonm provided earlier. Rotar's visual example explained it clearly. Now that I've seen how it works, I figured it out a few minutes ago. Case closed.
  8. I must be clicking on the wrong tabs, because they are still not spawning where I want them. At the mission time option, it's giving me either < or > but not = The hell with it. Leaving scenario designing to the experts.
  9. Any referrals or recommendations on what TO&E to use? Say, 2015+?
  10. I shall look into this with a trial run scenario. Thanks for bringing this up. So, how do I get to make a unit START at different locations? Such as beginning the scenario, unit Sniper 1 could be anywhere inside the spawn or deployment zone? Or, start off at different waypoints?
  11. Thanks, team. I searched online for a more recent TO&E and organization of Russian army units. This chart was the best visual that I saw. We all know that Russians love their snipers and vodka, but a full platoon per battalion? But only ONE unit of recon?!? Gonna change that. As Gibsonm said earlier: realism. If I could, I would reward you with free pizza. Now about upgrading ambulances...JUST KIDDING!!!!! 😁
  12. Is this chart of a modern Russian Motor Rifle Battalion inaccurate? I couldn't believe the amount of snipers in a battalion either. Also, where is the "Jump to end if..." option?
  13. Ok fellow Treadheads, working on the first mission in my Ukrainian War campaign. Having a problem here (of many) as it's been a good five years since my last scenario design. I have a platoon of Russian sniper teams that I want to begin the mission at random locations inside the green "Russian Spawn Zone" region. I attempted to use the "spawn if..." option, didn't work. The units would not show up on the map at all. Tried the deployment zone option, epic fail. Very certain that this can be done, just not sure how. Therefore, knowing full well to let go my (low) ego and ask for assistance. Randomness and variables is the goal. Few things worse than a predictable enemy in gaming. Well, long as we win, right?
  14. This reinforces the fact that infantry makes up 80+% of casualties in modern warfare. I'll go with that. 11BRAVO LEADS THE WAY!!!
  15. As many of us know, there are basically two types of medics in SB: Ambulance vehicles such as the M113A3 Medic, and medic teams found in infantry platoons comprised of the platoon sergeant with a medic. Ambulance vehicles heal wounded crew members with incredible success, while medic teams MIGHT heal infantry with a base success chance of 40% if set quality is conscript. Medic vehicles does not help infantry, and medic teams does not assist crews. In reality, this is bogus, but that's the game. Has there been any talk about changing this? To where vehicles can and will assist infantry and so on? Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but topic search did not produce any results other than in OOB posts.
  16. Scale is 1:250,000. Is this still too large a map area? Map is downloaded from this site: https://mapstor.com/map-sets/country-maps/ukraine.html Best site I could find for topographic maps thus far from what I could find. Surely, there are better places that I am unaware of.
  17. How about this one? Kharkov is top NW corner
  18. So, they have engineer teams like everyone else. They have the MT-LB vehicles, sure. What about everything else? I don't see a recovery vehicle, nor a MCLIC directly available. For scenario designing, do we use NATO stuff such as the Wisent and the US MCLIC? Or did the Russians not have a care about this stuff and figured meaty engineer teams come a dime-a-million? A WiKi search only came up with Colebrook's famous breaching video.
  19. I think what you have shown is an earlier TO&E from the 1980s. I shall look into this more. I have had a LOT of troubles saving both the callsigns and the templates. It would look like I was successful, only to see the original template a day later. It's actually frustrating. In the beginning, a window would pop up, asking for which company, and a single unit (usually the BN or RGT CO vehicle) would appear. I seemed to have fixed that problem, just can't remember how. It's a real headache. Therefore, I shall withdraw from this maddening project and leave it for techies far more skilled than I. I miss the days of paper print...
  20. Ah, says the blind man. Simplicity is the name of the game. I need to have a root beer float and just play the game.
  21. The 1980 template was the base format that I used. Ran into a number of problems during the conversion. 1, No company level CO vehicles. The unit creation menu would not let me just make them up with the earlier setup unless they were Battalion vehicles. 2, The absence of MG platoons in the modern template. This was easy to fix by deleting them. But it led to a gap in the call signs. So I moved platoons around to compensate. But this still led to the lack of Co vehicles. As you can see, I still lack CO tanks. 3, readjusting all of this to fit the call sign formats. Now THIS was a headache, perhaps because I am not a computer guru. This current modern format was the best I could come up with. Again, I am certain there is someone who can do a better job in far less amount of time. What I could not discover is whether or not platoons or companies are labeled within the battalions or the regiments in modern Russian units. I'll get back to work on this. I created this just for ease of scenario building. Hoping I really didn't waste any time on this. But input is greatly appreciated. I'm just human...
  22. Being the guy that I am, I decided to design a modern RU Motorized Rifle Regiment based on the 752nd MRR, 3rd Motor Rifle Division, 20th Army. The goal was to set up a unit for modern large scale battles in the 2010-present era. A number of problems came up. The first and foremost was squeezing all the unit designations within the 16 company limit. I may have succeeded, but this led to another problem: CO units at the company level. As you can see, company CO tracks are labeled as HQ 01-09 to represent the company they are in command of. But what happened was that I used an entire company call sign in order to even have the darn things to begin with. The first pic represents the entire regiment, the others breaks it down to mech infantry battalions, tank battalion, and regimental support. What I do not know, is if I can design separate battalion templates, then combine them all into a scenario and be able to merge them all as a cohesive regiment. Therefore, I am working on a modern Rifle Battalion. This should be a much easier task for me. The ultimate goal is for me to design campaigns for my own or for the SB nation...if I can remember how to do that. Been a year or five... Please, feel free to comment and/or correct me on my works. Surely, I made a misstep somewhere and/or someone knows a better way.
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