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  1. The GeForce GTX 1070 requires a power of 500W, while my rig goes up to 460W. Seems like this would cause problems. I spoke with a Dell representative who informed me that my motherboard will not support a Power Unit upgrade. It's possible the rep was incorrect, but I'll take their word for it. When I play a small, platoon sized scenario, things work fine. But a regiment sized scenario clearly causes problems (ruuuun-skip-ruuuun-skip, etc). I have plenty of RAM (32) and a good processor (Intel Core it-6700 @3.41GHz), using up only 9% of my TB Harddrive. But I'm positive the graphics card is obsolete. Does this mean I need a new PC? Or will the 1070 still operate with what I have? Or....is there another way?
  2. Wondering about the graphics card, the GeForce 1050ti. Steel Beasts Pro PE is constantly upgrading everything (thankfully!) and one area that requires us Treadheads to keep up with is graphics. Would it make sense to grab the best GPU available so that one doesn't have to upgrade every three years or so with something less efficient? On this, I found out that having a great GPU is fine, but the power is a less-known problem (especially to tech idiots like myself). Will your power unit support anything greater than 450W for a better card? What I have in my PC is a GeForce 745 which is not up to par with the current SB version. Best I can do is upgrade to a GeForce 1066 Super which is not the best but better than what I have, but still limited to anything better because the power unit goes up to 460W only.
  3. When do we get this upgrade? Heheh.
  4. The SB community loses another Treadhead.
  5. Always good to see a veteran Treadhead return to SB. Glad to see you back.
  6. To think many of us have loyally played this game for so long is commendable. We Treadhead are indeed a special bunch!
  7. AHA! Good thing I have a bit of money to spare. $30.00 isn't so bad to complain about (I COULD, but for SB, it's worth it). Ok, it's up and running. Next: maps.
  8. I get a pop up that says: SBProPE64cm.exe: Start Effor License Failure - please ensure that the CodeMeter Control Center is running, and that you have a valid software or USB-dongle license of the following type available: 'SB Pro PE' Well, I see the CodeMeter symbol, the control center shows I have CM Stick 2-2...... and ESIM Games license. But nothing is running. Very certain I properly installed 4.161. Maybe not.
  9. So, I decided to test the minefield breach, just in case it was just a graphics thing. NOPE! Dead engineers.
  10. Scenario testing. I started off the mission, conducted several breaches along the enemy border. Same procedures per doctrine: mine plow, mine roller, lanes marked. Saved the game on Tuesday, and went on to do real life tasks (eat, sleep, etc). Reloaded the saved game scenario this morning to pick up where I left off. Ordered my battalions to push past the breaches, only to discover the mines that were cleared...RESPAWNED AS IF THEY WERE NEVER CLEARED! Not choosing to drive breached lanes to confirm this, I stopped took photos as proof, and logged in here to protest. Using Russian Federation equipment. Very certain Russians know how to clear minefields effectively. A bug? Or just do away with minefields altogether?
  11. CalAB asked, "Do you have spawn/ drain regions? Maybe a spawn if command is left over from development of a previous save." Looking at the map. Yep, there it is. Checked spawn. Thought I turned it off long time ago. Now I know what's going on. During the test, I clicked on that unit to watch what it was doing, but I didn't control it. Well, that priest is NOT going to be happy with me. Heheh.
  12. Testing out my grueling homebrew scenario. On the Red computer controlled side, I have lots of units from companies A-L. Something happened twice during testing that has be baffled. From the eastern edge of the map, a unit that I DID NOT add to the scenario appeared out of nowhere and began doing it's own thing. That unit is a TOW mounted Hummer, 7/15/P. It traveled west to east along highway 1307 for about one minute...then...IT TELEPORTED ALL THE WAY CLOSE TO THE EASTERN SIDE OF THE MAP!!!! Not long afterwhich, it would disappear and randomly reappear somewhere else on the map. I clearly did not create this option nor the unit in question. During planning phase, 7/15/P is nowhere to be found. Yet, during the AAR playback, THERE IT IS!!!! Creepy as hell. One of three things comes to mind. #1, there is some sort of "game balance" option I turned on and didn't know. #2, It's a glitch. #3, my computer is possessed. Has anyone noticed this before? Please look into this while I hire a priest to conduct an exorcism... Ukraine_vs_Russia,_NE_sector_(1)sce_20900_080719DESKTOP-J5321617.aar
  13. Thanks. Looks like this should be the final task at hand. It's entirely possible I'm taking on way too large a project. But should I get it done, it will be fun to play.
  14. So, I'm ALMOST ready to launch my months long scenario project. For the attacking side, I figured out how to set up the scoring region. YAY! Now the hard part. I set up a region called Assembly Area (I will change this to something else). I want to award points for each surviving unit that reaches this staging area. When I clicked on ALL UNITS, the field went gray. I'm using an entire motor rifle regiment so there's a lot of units. The total points for the attacking Blue will be either 1000 or 1500 points, haven't decided yet. So, how do I make the strength points work? Is there a "one step works for all"? Or am I going to have to do this the long, drawn out way?
  15. Has anyone actually seen this work? I have playtested a platoon on platoon shoot out between APC units just to see how it works. Even with Elite quality medic teams and integrated medics, I have yet to see any troops healed after about five test runs.
  16. Okaaaaaay, now THIS is going to be some serious project time. It's all good, anything (within reason) for SB! My life would be mediocre without this game! Is this (partially) true for everyone else? If I can make this work correctly, I will definitely share the file. Just too big a project to keep for myself.
  17. That was a flat-out lie. Now comes the real sophisticated problem. I want to condition entire units to embark on different variable objectives and routes en mass. Meaning: 1st Rifle Battalion attack OBJ 1 along THIS direction, or attack OBJ along THAT direction. This can easily be done unit by unit, but is there an easier solution to do it en masse? I have an enemy regiment to work with. IF there is no other option than doing this unit by unit (almost 100 units minus dismounts), I may have to officially give this goal up and make them predictable. Solutions?
  18. When you have finally designed your formation, right click on a unit and look for "Save to Template". Pick a category you want the template you wish to find it (Default, US, etc). Come up with your own file name, choose a title, then a description in the large box if desired. Finally, the tricky part is the top right box. Highlight the template you wish or create your own...and SAVE! I do not know what the and other bracketed letters mean. This took some effort on my part, but I finally figured it out.
  19. I did look at the example Gibsonm provided earlier. Rotar's visual example explained it clearly. Now that I've seen how it works, I figured it out a few minutes ago. Case closed.
  20. I must be clicking on the wrong tabs, because they are still not spawning where I want them. At the mission time option, it's giving me either < or > but not = The hell with it. Leaving scenario designing to the experts.
  21. Any referrals or recommendations on what TO&E to use? Say, 2015+?
  22. I shall look into this with a trial run scenario. Thanks for bringing this up. So, how do I get to make a unit START at different locations? Such as beginning the scenario, unit Sniper 1 could be anywhere inside the spawn or deployment zone? Or, start off at different waypoints?
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