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  1. I got SB Pro a while ago when it had different music over the credits slideshow at the end. The current music is OK, but I really liked the version before that (assuming there were several along the various versions). I found all the entries about how to replace the music, but I don't know the name of the song so I can look for it and replace the current song. Any idea? I appreciate any help anyone can provide. John
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply. My lack of creating scenarios shows. Thanks again. John
  3. Let me apologize in advance in case I missed this addressed somewhere else in the forum... Why in some scenarios are the trees immoveable and trap tanks while in others the trees are more..frangible and able to be knocked over? Is it a matter of how the scenario was made or a matter of the version it was made in? Is there a way to "convert" scenarios in order to get the more trees moveable trees and save my attacking forces from being separated even before they make enemy contact? TIA John
  4. Yes, thank you. I have started editing some of the scenarios that aren't password protected. Of course, changing from a CV90-40 to a CV90-30 changes the balance of things to a certain extent. For instance, with a good shot from the oblique or rear, the CV90-40 has a good chance of destroying or damaging a T72. A CV90-30 in the same situation had better look a hill to hide behind or some good cover.
  5. It seems to me, rightly or wrongly, that most of the single player scenarios for CV90s are for the versions other than the CV90-30. Does anyone have any favorite scenarios that use the CV90-30? Thanks, John
  6. I realize that this is a long shot... I downloaded the CV90 Toothpicks scenario created in Nov 2006 by Hackworth. The scenario is supposed to have two versions, one with the CV90-40 and one, the CV90-30. The problem is that both turn out to have CV90-40s. I tried to change the unit type in Mission Editor, but the scenario is password protected. I also tried to send Hackworth an email, since it appears to be a very long time since here logged on here, but got no indication that he received it. I'm hoping that, since the scenario was uploaded back in 2006, someone else wanted to try to pla
  7. Try something like this for starters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NATO_country_codes I really wanted this to be the answer. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to be matching up. There are several discrepancies between the NATO list and Steel Beasts that makes me think that theirs is from a different source or is proprietary. For instance, there is no CZ for Czechoslovakia or current Czech Rep., or HU for Hungary or LO for Slovakia. Granted, the last three are far newer than the core timeframe of the late 1980s. But there are others for which there are digraphs that just don't s
  8. Where is the list of country abbreviations for the mod texture folders? Some seem somewhat obvious, like us, ru, de, dk and fi...but I'm left guessing about others like e.g., sy and kr2000 (surely this isn't the Kryptons, but I have no idea who they are). Thanks for the help and let me apologize proactively if it is posted somewhere I failed to find.
  9. Ouch! I wish I knew about the BootCamp option... I would've still needed to buy a version of Windows, but it would've been considerably cheaper! On the up side, it allows me to take SB with me whenever I travel. I could have sworn I saw somewhere, whether the eSim site or this one, in the listed system requirements, it said it didn't support a Mac environment (which I took to be BootCamp), but I can no longer find it. Thanks for all the information though, I really appreciate it.
  10. I'm new to the game and have not yet received my dongle. I'm also a heathen Mac guy and am waiting for a new Windows7 laptop to arrive. I'm reading as much as I can in order to try to grasp the basics so, hopefully, I can get started pretty quickly once everything arrives. As such, I can't access any of the vehicle manuals and other information in the game and have to rely upon YouTube videos and this forum. I found a couple of manuals (mostly in French) for various Leos, for the T series (in Russian) and the CV series. I couldn't find any others. I'm specifically looking for a Bradley
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