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  1. I21 or I24 MD
  2. There you go MD The Chariot ver 2B_5412_020319DESKTOP-32S52005.aar
  3. From Discord: Assassin: I will not be able to attend today’s mission. Real life things came up CU MD
  4. Let rørbæk have 24 and make swords my gunner MD
  5. A21 or A24 or help with opfor
  6. I cant make it sunday have fun MD
  7. Some artillery fire questions

    Its used mostly for HC shells(Hexit or slow smoke takes about a min before its effective when it lands on the ground but burns longer and makes more smoke) irl but those aren't implemented in SB whereas irl NATO normal use in cold war is a rectangular target area of 250m x 250m, the only examples of Linear fire i can remember with HE was against landings on beaches and fast moving columns but the last was more or less considered waste of ammo, WP(White phosphorus, was quick smoke or burn)was almost instantaneous smoke) was always used in 250mx250m if BTN/BDE fire or 300m x 300m in div/Corps but as someone said its not an arty sim. The 250 x 250 is because its mostly the smallest area that can be effectively hit with arty from a distance unless you use guided ammo and arty is an area weapon where you never fire with less than a Battery (6-8 guns) and normally its with a whole BTN aka 18-24 tubes/Guns the BDE fire direction center would normally not approved fires unless its for a whole BTN because less is ineffective aka to few rounds hitting inside the 250m x 250m today because of 1 gun can make multiple hit at the same time with different charges and elevations 3 or fewer tubes is used and the box has been narrowed but arty is still an area weapon unless you use guided shells The guns are actually so that the 250 by 250 comes by with how the guns are setup aka in a box that are 250m wide and 125m deep the rest is just the ballistic inaccuracy from (diff in shell weight, Temp, wear and tear of the tube, recoil, weather diff in the weather at different attitudes , air pressure, shell velocity, charge temp , wind etc....) So what gibson said is our use of smoke shells which does not work exactly like WP or HC but like a mix without the burn effect and to improve its arc so it works more like a HC shell linear fire but he is right on the attitude system in SB (The smoke is also instant which HC issent you would also normally not deploy it according to the target placement but so that the wind would keep it covered in the long burning smoke canisters) i hope i have made my contribution to the confusion MD
  8. We have one goal that is for most of us to have fun and to make it interesting enough that you show up again. and you will make mistakes everyone does learn from them and assasin. and remember that family is more important then this sim. MD
  9. give him swords tank and let swords gun for me That way i might actually hit something MD
  10. Here We go again ...

    Can't make it i am at a work function aka Kick off of 2019 So have fun MD