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  1. +2 Try out all of the MP events as even though we use the same sim our sim style is slightly different , so try them out until you find one or 2 that suits you Velcome or velcome back MD
  2. aar https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R2JZ67Kr4waZFrxmKHPzELtuUXAsMJ3U MD
  3. Leopard 2A7DK Piranha 5 CAESAR 8x8 M41DK1 🤐 All playable off course MD
  4. Year i know but its not the same and its a lot of work and not very flexible MD
  5. A zeuss functionality (Like in arma) where a guy with the role can move whole units by dragging them , can spawn new units ingame not in the scen designer , we mostly play with 1 or 2 opfor and its a pain to get units across river or through towns etc... and sometimes we run out of enemies or something goes wrong and you cant do anything about it. Its especially hard on the very long scen like 6 hours etc in advance too know everything that's going to happen and once you have started there is no stopping. MD
  6. So do we we have a lot of leads which we need to send out their licens and contact info etc.... and then hopefully get a few new players. Nike and MD
  7. 1900 hours news on national tv https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/tv-avisen-med-sporten/tv-avisen-23/tv-avisen-med-sporten-2019-04-20#!/ MD
  8. Because he represents the Danish defense and speaks on their behalf as well as for kanium. Me and Nike only provide background and runs the stand because non of us are very photogenic. 😛 MD
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