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  1. Yes i am sure we sat 2 guys in the baskets of the co tank the FO for Mortars and the FO for Arty It was wet cold and miserable especially when ever the loader opened his hatch and handed out food to us or drinks and you could just see the heat distorting the air from the hatch We both had a 371 radio on our backs with redirection/retransmission via our 240GD and our binos if you fill that basket with cammo nets and other stuff you can sit there but as you know Oksbøl is always wet windy cold and miserable MD
  2. Mappack: Everybody will need this mappack: Will be updated later
  3. Manninglist: Alpha COY Command A66 (Leopard 2E): A65 (M1A2SEP): P1(CV90 FOV): A1 (Leopard 2E): A11: A12: A13: A14: A2 (Leopard 2E): A21: Irish Hussar(Kanium,UK) A22: A23: A24: Gunslinger668 (Kanium,CAN) A3 (M1A2SEP): A31: Assassin 7 (Kanium,US) A32: Cavgunner (Kanium,US) A33: A34: Badger (Kanium,CAN) A4 (M1A2SEP): A41: A42: A43: A44: C1(CV9040B)(KTs Template): C11: C12: C13: C14: C2 (M2 Bradley)(M240 + Javelins): C21: Grenny/Ronin (Kanium,DE) C22: C23: C24: C3 Piranha + Centaro): C31: Apocalypse 31 (Kanium,US) C32: C33: C34: R1 (M3 Bradley)(At4 Scout teams): R11: Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) R12: R13: R14: R15: R16: Wiglif (Kanium,US) Where needed: Cant make it:
  4. KANIUM Sunday 19th of July - The Attack on Objective Hannut Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1800 GMT (Same time as always in Europe - now adjusted for Summer Time: click the time below for your local time) World clock 1800 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr1jl33xxhacftx/SB Converted Maps v2.rar?dl=0 For the next three months at least we will be working with this mappack and the official one when making scenarios. AS always, then we are running the session with the latest version of Steelbeasts. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance The Attack on Objective Hannut by Assassin 1. SITUATION a. Enemy. 25th Russian Tank Regiment with Motorized Mechanized Support from the 5th Russian Motorized Core seized The Bridge Head and Objective Hannut in our area of operations. Elements of the this Tank Regiment are defending north of the enemy line in Company and platoon formations. They are composed of T-72B1, T-80, T-90 tanks and BMP-2s with Arty that must be destroyed ( 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV ), support from Regiment HQ. b. Friendly: Kanium Task Force consists of: A66-Leopard 2E A65-M1A2 SEP P1-FOV90 A1-4x Leopard 2E's A2-4x Leopard 2E's A3-4x M1A2 SEP's A4-4x M1A2 SEP's C1-4x CV90 / 40-B's KT's Template C2-4x M2A2 Bradley's with M240's and Javelins teams C3-2x Piranha-IIIC with RWS: Lemur M2HB, 2x Centauro with M900 loaded R1-6x M2A3's scout teams armed with AT-4 CS 2. MISSION Kanuim Forces are to attack North across the 84th eastings to clear enemy forces from the Area of operation in and around The Bridge Head and Objective Hannut while destroying all enemy Artillery assets( 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV ), in order to allow freedom of movement for follow-on operations with Kanium Task Force 3. EXECUTION a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation to clear enemy forces from our AO in order to continue offensive operations to the North. b. Key Tasks 1. Secure Bridge Head ( Intel report for Artillery position will happen ) 2. Secure Objective Hannut 3. Destroy all enemy Artillery c. End State. 1. Enemy is defeated/destroyed; unable to continue defensive operations 2. Bridge Head is seized, river crossing sites retained 3. Objective Hannut is seized, and enemy Artillery is destroyed 4. Minimal collateral damage or disruption to civilian way of life d. Fires 1. Off-map support 2.Rounds per Tube: HE-120 Smoke-120 ICM-120 2. Tubes- Tubes per battery-6 batteries-6 Total: HE:4320 Smoke:4320 ICM: 4320 3. Air Strike's: Missions: 15 Aircraft available: 5 4. Service & Support a. Recovery. Organic ARV (A5) b. Repair. Battalion UMCP will repair/revive all vehicles c. Medical. Organic medical support d. Supply. Organic (2x trucks) 5. Command & Signal a. Succession of Command: A6, A5, P1
  5. Is it ok to make you PSG as Rørbæk wont join us tonight as he has problems with his sound. MD
  6. But the danish Scramellturion used a laserrangefinder and a Thermal sight and if i am to believe those tankers i rode with in the turret basket as an FO then it was more accurate then the Leopard 1. as that havent been implemented why bother it looked like this 1985-1999 except for few low level local defence units and stationary mini Brigades (Kampgrupper) MD
  7. He dossent own one i talked to him on their discord MD
  8. well it handles a 49 inch curved well so try it out MD
  9. Your loss sir it is so much better as multiplayer and its so much easier to learn while playing with others. Best regards MD
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