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  1. Unimstall sb and delete all sb/esim folders except your documents folder and map folder Start regedit and delete search and delete all esim/Steelbeasts entries Download the installer and run the installer again and see if that fixed it That has worked for a few people on other patches But there is some risks to it as you mess around with the registry MD
  2. There are plenty of threads about windows scaling in here Basically if you lose your mouse pointer and have a big screen set it at 100% or in Sperber's case 125% and it will show up. MD
  3. Or override the gunner and shoot it yourself from the TCs station MD
  4. So 1 and 4 are Luchs and 2 are Fuchs in both Hotel PLTS Looking at you @Lumituisku and Team Sabre and @Hedgehog and @JAG-11A MD
  5. That's fine you would off course both need to download the mappack
  6. Hi and welcome If you haven't played with us before then here are a few things you need to do before sunday TS 3 address: ts3.din-server.dk:10000 I will teach you the Radio simulation we use , i am on the TS3 server sunday 1 hour before the game starts Mappack https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s2iHFb5AYOjFgDFQL0cuBGq7C_pDHV_I?usp=sharing Look in SB options/Filepath thats where they are suppose to go when unpacked NB its a hidden folder so you need to have show hidden folders/file on MD
  7. Hi SCD If you haven't played with kanium before i will be on Kanium TS3 1 hour before game start to help explain and setup TS3 and check that your SB install with our mappack etc... is working MD
  8. Then move the data to the program folder or another folder of your making and make an entry in the reg database i have never in all my time as a CRM and ERP server installer used that as an excuse (I worked for Microsoft) since this is a client install which run on your local client so you need a quick way of distributing it since you removed it from the client installation that coordinate the other clients but since this is not a real Client server installation where data resides only on the server its a client program where people need to install it frequently and since its been done overly complicated since it issent the server that distribute it. Then please make it easy for us as a lot of your users lack the skills to do it , and if your "professional " system admins need it then keep that in the Pro version because there the useres prolly aren't installing the maps themselves like we have to do in the Pro pe. Or go back to the old way of distributing things cause we aren't getting new "big maps" anyway which was the reason for changing it. And Snake i am not being an ass here it really is a big problem anytime we have a scen/Map that issent in our big map pack then we have multiple people that cant get it to work. MD
  9. Also it might be a good idea for ESIM to finally make a link to it from the main menu and also not make it a hidden file that would help a lot of players that aren't savvy with PCs Improvement also for those of us that use a lot of time getting people up to speed MD
  10. Yes but are you sure as i have just seen this released and i am pretty sure that Esim would need to develop it as well https://militaryleak.com/2023/01/29/eurotrophy-unveils-electro-optical-eo-sensors-for-trophy-active-protection-system/
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