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  1. Because its the Recon version with the optics and an MG3 for self defence there are 3 versions to be upgraded The AT , The Recon and the 20mm version Those optics looks like those on the mast of the Fennec recon vehicle so i presume that's why but other her might know better MD
  2. Hi there message from Nike As a lot of vehicles will be Double manning aka 2 people in the turret and we will get a lot of losses everybody need to have set up so they can listen and talk on their platoon channels So when people die and some will you grab a seat as a gunner in another tank first in your own PLT. So every vehicle has its own channel The PLT leaders and PSG (Platoon SG) need to be able to Broadcast on both Command and their own Platoon net. If you guys cant remember here is a guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/14oDdWYFaKK3JR4gnWb8wy5OfsUwPCZsNwfvOVq5QP-g/edit?usp=sharing The push to talk button needs to be different from the command push to talk button , the leaders need 2 besides the normal push to talk button If you use the normal SB setup the "Alt", "Shift", "V", "K", "L" can work besides the buttons on your joystick Best regards MD
  3. we might also have another old M1 gunner who is an old SB player on top called Skyshark98 i am trying to fix his TS so he can participate as well MD
  4. we are starting now sommertime is later aka tonight after the game MD
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