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  1. Hi When Roerbaek goes to F5 view aka Map and then right click then he jumps back to F8 view i have tried to reinstall his SB but it made no diff anybody got any idea why it behaves like that he cant give vehicles over to others make routes etc... Please help i have no idea why ? MD
  2. Jep and they can do a lot of damage i made a test scen with 4 30 and 4 90 and they annihilated 3 x T14 in no time at all Now i know why i don't play IFV besides the INF 😣 if you say that is normal did you empty completely or just to the low rounds warning ? and i still think 5 mins are way to long for only 20 rounds at a time MD
  3. Be ready for a long wait when you run out of rounds cause the wait is even longer then the CV9035DK before the fix 🙄 Like sim breaking long MD
  4. Nike is at work and cant get on SB and he wanted me to answer so unless Assasin wants it your it Grenny and the plan and stuff is fine 😎 MD
  5. Nope but you need the latest patch 4.159 installed MD
  6. Come on to our TS ½ hour early and i will give you rights and introduce you to our TS etc... MD
  7. Thats just plain nice of you Ssnake Works like acharm MD
  8. Yep and hallo from KT he says [07:56]Kingtiger45: say hi from me, I got vacation and 4.1 itch a😂 MD
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