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  1. Are the co and xo in tanks or vehicles e.g Dingo? That depends entirely on the country , Type of unit and sometimes on the COs/XO mood and external circumstance's In most Tank units there will at least be a CO tank in a Tank COY, but its definitely not certain that the XO will have 1. In some country's they define the XOs role as either the guy who keeps the whole COY running aka CSS stuff and he have the ability to take over when/If the CO is getting orders, sleeping doing recon etc.. But if the CO/XO have a Tank then they will most likely also have a Utility vehicle like a GD, Hummer etc.... each for when a TANK is too big, too Noisy etc... Where is their location on the battlefield? They will normally be right behind the first Platoon or the second one but since they have a tank they can reinforce or have a look without being knockout. If the XO have one as well and the coy are split-up he can be the one leading the operation just behind the secondary part of the force etc... What is their role? The COs role is to lead all 3-4 Platoons + attached support There will normally be a FO team/Vehicle attached from the supporting Artillery/Mortar unit he will tell those where he wants fire and when. There will also be a Anti Air Manpads unit or something like that. There can be Engineers attached to help make/Clear obstacles There are a CSS unit attached and it will be CO/XO job to evaluate when its time for reload/Refuel/Maintenance and where There can be an SAN APC or some such attached There can be INF as well and he has to integrate that into the overall battle plan He has to keep up with intel from a lot of sources especially now a days with drones etc. He has to know the battleplan from his naboring units He will try to guess what the enemy will do What comes first MBT or IFV e.g when moving to engage etc Like Nils just stated that depends on a lot of factors , like terrain, attack/Defense, what we are trying to achieve, weather, supplies, morale, enemy actions MD
  2. Can't make we have a visit by Tour the France at work so have fun. MD
  3. Some assorted Pics and Vids from Kanium Crew visiting Today I was working so couldent make it but Dr. Hat and Garmon made these VID_20220626_111657.mp4 20220626_130902.mp4 20220626_130300.mp4 20220626_125738.mp4 20220626_125250.mp4 20220626_124931.mp4 20220626_124735.mp4 20220626_124445.mp4 20220626_122515.mp4 20220626_132321.mov 20220626_133037.mp4
  4. Hi DK Remember when you first showed it a long time ago i promised to not use it before you said it was ready. I consider that promise to be void with the release 👍 😋 MD
  5. I can only speak for KANIUM games but most of our scen designers uses Opfor , we sometimes take one with AI OPFOR but most times its Nike-Ajax that's our opfor and rarely Grenny/Ronin or me that controls opfor. Those with AI opfor are those that @ben, @chrisreb, @Apocalypse 31 or @Assassin 7 make and i believe that those are already publish the others like @Ssnake said makes no sense as those are just forces. They are furthermore to big for a single player as a single player cant control all that stuff. But you are more then welcome to join our Sunday games then you will automatically have a free copy. I would also recommend @Panzer Leader scenarios as he is very meticulous about the opfor AI and making sure that routes , playability and authenticity are working but alot of them are for more then 1 guy. If you like smaller/Multiplayer Scenarios then my recommendation is to Join Team-sabers Saturday games they are very enjoyable and i wish i could join more of them but half of them are on working days and most of the others are when vify want to have guests over. Then contact @Lumituisku and finally there are BG Anzac @Gibsonm on Thursday/Friday depending on where you are they also play with both Human opfor and AI (Panzerleader fx) with the same problems as before all of those groups are very user friendly for New guys They also as far as i know don't require you to be a member to play with them. The scen we attach on Kaniums games are purely there for people to test if they have the maps they are cleaned of all opfor stuff and are only there because we have so much trouble with map downloads not working etc... so people can try before game time and we can help out with them getting the right maps MD
  6. I would have been but i am called to work that weekend so i have to work all weekends in June and the first in Juli because of Tour the France. What a bummer i would really have liked to see the new Caesar and Piranha MD
  7. Hi i am in norway until sunday so i Will try to bethere 1 hour before game start MD before
  8. B23 for Conn B21 for me unless Irish shows up then i want B24/B25 Please MD
  9. AAR https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EaPPv-_bj0Ae6yzGpHdiO8ahXKASHG-t/view?usp=sharing
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