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  1. So do we we have a lot of leads which we need to send out their licens and contact info etc.... and then hopefully get a few new players. Nike and MD
  2. 1900 hours news on national tv https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/tv-avisen-med-sporten/tv-avisen-23/tv-avisen-med-sporten-2019-04-20#!/ MD
  3. Because he represents the Danish defense and speaks on their behalf as well as for kanium. Me and Nike only provide background and runs the stand because non of us are very photogenic. 😛 MD
  4. Hi guys We are on tv2 news http://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2019-04-20-ny-vaernepligt-cybersoldater-skal-forsvare-danmark-mod-hacker-angreb MD update: all national danish tv news crew have been here today recording and some have allready been on the air. Update 2: Some of the interest have been because of the danish defense minister have told the public that conscripts can now serve the conscription time as cyber warriors aka hinder hackers doing harm.
  5. Naaaa he was just trying out how it felt as the police had a stand 5 m from us 😁 MD
  6. You wanted pics (sorry about the blur but i had to be fast and not to obvious): Look how big the hall is and how small the girl is: Year the one with the red hair And in other news Dr. hat was arrested and taken away: Or he has a dream of getting handcuffs on by the nice police lady and getting manhandled by her. Best regards From Copenhagen games Nike-Ajax / MD and the rest of the crew
  7. You can clearly see that the winter in Denmark wassent very harsh 😖
  8. Why its like comparing a Mercedes with a pair of roller blades 😎 MD
  9. Hi Rotareneg @Rotareneg Thanks for the heads up i have republished all my pics on imgur so they should work now please tell me if you cant see them MD 👌
  10. Nope trying to get some sleep sitting up Kknispel from Wednesday unpacking pc's Narach beeing the smallest got to fix things under the table
  11. Cosplay babes on the roam Its really hard doing instruction when they walk by
  12. Dr hat aka Noctem aka Father Noctem grooming the future generation of Gamers
  13. Yep it looks very very nice 👌
  14. Hi Everyone Starting up the day at Copenhagen Games, setting up the hardware, and with @Major duck tweaking the hardware and verifying the setup. The shop is open: It will be a good day 😁 Thanks to E-Sim @Ssnake Copenhagen Games and E-sport Denmark for sharing the game. From Major Duck and Nike -Ajax live at the old Locomotive repair shop in Copenhagen
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