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  1. In that case move me down to A24 and give A21 to Irish I down with that
  2. Hi and velcome We need to have a small setup session before the game where we set you up with comms aka TS-3 and we use it in a different way then arma etc.... Also install Mappacks and check that you can connect. As i am working this week i have 2 time slots where i can help you https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20220428T06&ah=1&am=30 or https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20220428T1530&ah=1&am=30 Same time all week if you cant in these time periods then contact @Nike-Ajax and he will be able to help you MD
  3. A23 for Conn A21 for me as Irish issent comming A21 Gunner is the Wasp Please MD
  4. I have sent you a PM her so we can get you setup before the game cause we have had some bad experience's with people that we couldn't get fixed so they could play with us just before game time. I am Euro zone and from the name i have a sneaking feeling that your from the US of A. So if you could use world clock Event Time Announcer – Show local times worldwide for your event to suggest a time where we can meet up. Link to world clock Event Time Announcer : https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html Best regards MD
  5. A21 Irish A22 Hedgehog A23 Conn A24 MD They need to confirm Please MD
  6. and as i think it was Mark that pointed out that a lot of those short videos give no context etc... I really like the Austrian army's school or academy's videos which i am sure is duplicated in a lot of other places but not made public, because it gives background and cobles many of the sensational shart videos together in context. Also we have to remember that the time the Russians chose to attack was prolly the stupidest time of the year for attacking we have prolly all seen the quagmire that both the soviets' and German forces got into on the eastern front during WW2 twice a year where the fighting got booged down to a virtual standstill because all vehicles sink into the ground because of mud its better today because of roads but those are only channelizing the fight and makes it easier for the defenders as the russians are more or less stuck on the roads. MD
  7. Also this looks like something from a regulation not something that esim has made but something out of the Danish map learning books if i would have a guess and those where just pictograms that tried to Conway or emphasize something from the text and where not always successful MD
  8. To me it looks like the right side is only part of the left side as you can clearly see some of the steps in the creek bed and that maybe the middle is the source of the water so it flows out of the wally and since your looking at it from one side you cant see the back of the wally or side wallys But on the other hand we have seen maps that was edited where the creeks/Rivers flow/depth didn't seem right sometimes because they where manually edited. Like Esim says squint harder 😉 MD
  9. HI Mark Well it is a Wishlist what is the point of a wishing list if people can't make wishes, and last i checked you are one off the big PRO customers so you already gets a lot of your wishes come true, and since it is a Wishlist it dossent need to make sense to you, it only needs to make sense for the guy that make wishes and most people aren't where you are if it makes sense they can wish what ever they want, i am fairly sure that there is a filter and an attitude from Esim that filters the wishes in the direction they want to take the product, and since you already pay for some of this you already have a big say in what we get so why do you keep trying to sensor this thread, you are allow to comment on if you think it makes sense but why insist that other people needs to agree with your point of view. It is very arrogant to believe that the only opinion that makes sense is yours. You are free to give an argument why you think it should be so and so but this last comment is just undignified and a tiny bit like whining. So maybe try to see where people are coming from because that quote up there isn't helpful in any kind of way, it will just get people to dispise you, and its not very constructive. I have always learned that a Wishlist is a form of brainstorming where to get everything on the board you don't comment on others wishes , that is something you do in a process after the brainstorm otherwise there will be ideas/wishes that wont be there because people are afraid of being ridiculed or belittled. (I am also aware that not all agree with me here). I am fairly sure/ Hopeing that Esim does something similar with the wishes like grouping ideas into areas, and further into makes sense or not , easy , medium or hard to implement etc...... does it fit with market trends, what is happening in the world etc... is it for the next version or the one after that, making risk assessment just like any other software factory does that is worth its salt. I am hopeing that you will be more open and recognize that it is not everybody that are at the same level as you and haven't read all 309 pages of this thread and others, and maybe don't agree with everything that makes sense to you but can be a valid and sensible wish anyway even if it isn't to you. Ps. i wont comment on the last part except to say that , that one just make me sad on your behalf, (I actually consider it a personal attack on all the rest of us, you just don't write something like that in a public forum) Just my 2 bits MD https://alcorfund.com/insight/idea-generation-2/ https://www.cleverism.com/18-best-idea-generation-techniques/
  10. E11 for Irish E14 for me Conn your velcome to gun for me or Irish
  11. I have done his setup session Nike so no need for that on TS MD
  12. I hope to get 1.a playable light tank in the form of the M41 / M41DK1 not with full interior but with gun sights and manable MGs 2. Use of multiple overlays and the ability to turn them on/off at will (MCOO, SITTEMP, OPS Graphics, etc). - Confirmed for version 5! Completely agree @Mirzayev 3. Overlays saving to .aar files for display when reviewing. Completely agree @Mirzayev 4. CH-47s (or some western equivalent) having a supply radius similar to the Mi-8 Supply. Completely agree @Mirzayev 5. Option to use mouse support for manual traverse (42 of 63 voting members favored this.) Completely agree @Mirzayev 6. "Fire AT Here" or some option similar to the "Fire HE Grenade Here" as already modeled to force an AT launch by infantry. Completely agree @Mirzayev 7. A playable Centurion Mk 5/2 DK-1 with 105mm gun, Laser range finder, TIS, (It used the same Ballistic computer, TIS, and Laser as the Leopard 1A5 as far as i know so most of what you need for it is already there) 8. A playable Leclerc tank i don't need the interior but sights would be good. 9. A playable Chieftain tank i don't need the interior but sights would be good. 10. A Military protractor for Mils and a compass that works in map (F5) and HUD from INF and TC (F7) They can be simple like you right click on the map somewhere and chose protractor or Mils/Distance and you get a small readout somewhere on the screen. and the Compass can give you a rough estimate like 50 mils +- with randomization and yes you can use a compass from a Tank or a ship i have done both and they are full of Metal in the first one you just need to know how much you need to compensate in different directions in a ship that's done with metal and magnets and placing them around the compass so it gives the right angel. 11. Import function for EU Laser maps , as there still aren't any new big Maps 12. Reinstatement of the map going with the scenario if the above is still being refused as we have no reason to separate them at all as there are no big maps that require that function at all (And yes we have been over this multiple times i am not trying to be provokative here just stating facts and hoping for improvements to either get the maps needed for the split or going back to the much easier way of doing stuff for those of us that run MP games every week, and i know its planned to prolly also port other stuff as well but that hassent happened yet either to my knowledge or you guys have not been advertising it well enough) 13. We really need a more modern Opfor Tank (T-72) that's playable with sights. We have to give @Nike-Ajax and others that play Opfor some more modern equipment. 14. Give the artillery / Indirect fire a workover its needed. 15. Ability to port camo/Uniforms etc... with scenario file so everybody look at the same sight. 16. Ability to "Paint" Numbers and Unit Crests with the scenario file so everybody look at the same sight. and you can see on the outside that its the co in front of you etc... 17. More buildings with a lot more variety colors masonry etc... or the ability to import them and send them with the map to others . I think i have done enough damage for today MD
  13. Though i agree with @Apocalypse 31 on the INF i seem to remember that Bulldozers did a splendid job clearing trenches during the first gulf war but that is also a feature we can not make happen right now MD
  14. But we also had good tows so not consistent in the same session. Also Network and Same client We also did a Network and 2 different people as tower and towie if that's even correct English Both worked I hope that confused things 🙉 😆 MD
  15. for ? "I" du har fået kartoffel accent ligesom min bror der er flyttet til Norge han snakker hverken Dansk eller Norsk men et mærkelig sammensurium af begge både i skrift og tale 😁
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