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  1. I would really like for it to be able to dismount any crew from a Tank or vehicle , so they could do recon on foot and so that i could switch people around, i have never been in a unit where we diddent switch people around as needed and we could almost always find people that where cross trained or where plain extras or as happens a lot you lose a driver in 1 vehicle and loader in another fx and you are more or less down 2 vehicles whereas if you could switch people around you would only be down 1 . Also be able to redistribute ammo from vehicles to vehicles so instead of having fx 1 with no rounds and another full i could have 2 with ½ ammo each. I now its prolly not the first time but since its a wishlist i still wish it 😉 MD
  2. Hi JAG-11A we really appreciate that you give us notice , no need to apologize real life always trump our game. CU when you have time and feel like it. 👍 MD
  3. Whoever said that arty shells is relatively standard, except for the fact that each shell has weight markers on them Or weight zone markings and each and every shell is being logged so that there can be kept a strict log/knowledge about where and tare because almost every shot is different then the last one with temperature, shell weight(even in the same Batch of arty shells there can be differences), barrel ware, how many gromets there are , charge nr and type , Temperature, weather, windspeed and wind direction at each height, charge temperatur, placement of guns etc... There is a lot more science to shooting with arty then there is with a Tank no offense, because of the much longer distances thereby every little difference will influence the shell that much longer and make it much more imprecise right up til we got self guided shells that is still why arty and mortars are still an area weapons except with guided ammo types and that is with all the science. And it will become worse with the longer range projectiles that are being developed for the multi domain strategy except when its a guided shell which those longer range more less necessitate. and to some of your previous topics i found this quote on a site http://fighting-vehicles.com/leopard-2a6-tank/: A 2008 report by ATK, the main American manufacturer of 120mm smoothbore ammunition for the Abrams Tank family, confirmed the succesful trials of firing a number of their different 120mm smoothbore rounds from a Dutch Leopard 2A6 and Danish Leopard 2A5. i dont have that report cause its prolly classified but the heading at least says its stanag 4385 compatible which is 120mm x 570 Ammunition for Smooth Bore Tank Guns - ED 1; Amendment 1: 5/31/94
  4. Nope i am of to work hopefully the last Sunday until April/May next year and i work this Sunday so 42B for me please So i will only be there the first 1,5 hour Hopefull that there wont be so much sync prolems like this Sunday MD
  5. Actually its at the start i might not be there so 1 of them definitely have to take notes and be ready to lead. MD
  6. 42B or 12B depending on need 32B for Conn if he has gotten his internet fixed he needs to confirm MD
  7. Your awesome Cav and your good at it 👍 Even though you might not enjoy it quit as much as when your PSG just like me !!!! MD
  8. Off course you do , its because its already a kind of sort off Mech Inf vehicle with recon grunts in it prolly at least it handles and feels like what you are used to, the rest of us is used to more simple things with a bit better punch and more resistance to enemy fire and lets face it we don't have the best track record with Recon survivability amongst other things because the Ai always spots us when its the opfor AI when he is my gunner he don't see the big thing with a gun sticking out 20 m in front of us that keeps trying to shoot us and its the same with the AI driver even though i as a TC aim my tank front towards it he never spots it and let the gunner know but that's just me being slightly sarcastic its still the best sim of combined arms i have ever played but that dossent mean its perfect and cant be improved. One thing i really miss is the randomness of not being seen so we could make better recon scenarios but that's prolly in the other thread which i have stopped using because there is always some body there that knows better that have completely forgotten that a lot of the stuff that we ask for can actually be turned on and off if the mighty Esim decides to program it that way and then those nay Sayers can just not use them in their scenarios. MD
  9. I can recommend Samsungs 49 inch (120cm vide) its 3840 x 1080 curved with a refresh rate of 144 its the best 1600 $ i have ever given out last i checked it cost around a 1000 $ The other screen is a 27 inch monitor and the one above is a 24 inch all driven by a 1080 card i cant even feel if i record at the same time performance vice Not even when i host the kanium sunday games others might but thats more of a network problem not a screen refresh. MD
  10. Since you guys have Grenny, Duke, and Anzac and now you Herr Schmidt then your will be the second Mech INF PLT if i have read the briefing the right way, and Anzac since he is Swedish can prolly both understand and even speak German if your Lucky so you guys can keep it in German and only Grenny have to translate on the fly. MD
  11. Hi Nike Can you make me PLT Leader and make Swordie PLT SG please MD and Swordsmandk
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