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  1. 17 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


    Wow I thought you'd at least be after a Centurion interior or a M41 model or something? ;)


    Nahh the M41 or M41DK1 would be me and i am not interested in a centurion interior so much, more the inclusion of the Laser and Thermic sights and FCS that where used on the danish  MK 5/2DK2

    But i wouldn't be that mercenary 😉


  2. 6 hours ago, BoomsBangsandCans said:

    I can go anywhere a body is needed.

    Hi there Boomsbangs and welcome


    I presume that this is the first time you play with us so i would like for you too meet up with me and @Hub 1 hour before game starts so i can make sure that both of you have setup TS3 and SB the right way.


    Kanium TS:



    Chriss mappack:



    If you cant make it on Sunday then please suggest a time between now and then.
    I am eurozone.


    In the meantime i am sure @Grenny / Ronin will find a good spot for you


    In the meantime you can connect with the community by connecting with our discord servers







    On Kanium you go to "opt-in-roles and assign yourself to steelbeasts channel and your there 

    Best regards



  3. 11 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Generally, fire control systems are underrepresented and somewaht underresearched by armor museums. They seem to focus on the automotive aspect, to restore their exhibits to running status. Which is worthy in its own right, but only, like, 20% of what sparks my interest in a tank.

    I fully understand of course why tanks get demilitarized before being handed off to private collectors and it's a dicey enough topic even with all that. But dammit, it's a real shame that we can't preserve them in full working condition - except as virtual models.

    You do know that some of the veteran groups actually have workable tanks that get to fire live ammo every year with their FCS working, so at least some places you can get what ever you need , but you have to tell us what you need for us to be able to get the "right" info.



  4. On 2/15/2021 at 7:04 PM, Hub said:

    Foxtrot 33, please.

    Hi Hub


    Have you played with us before , if not could you please meet about 1 hour before the game on sunday so we can make sure you are setup on TS and SB.


    Kanium TS:



    Chriss mappack:



    If you cant make it on sunday then please suggest a time between now and then.
    I am eurozone.

    Best regards


  5. 3 minutes ago, Hedgehog said:

    Are we ever going to get shiny new maps that really go all in with this new terrain engine?

    And are they likely to be released in this decade?

    Why are you asking that question you just got the answer for from 1 post above.
    Since we aint got a program for doing the import ourselves and since nobody does it for us then you got the answer right there so why ask that's just being annoying !

    Best regards

  6. All playable

    The reason for all the AA is so we can begin "sim"ing Multidomain stuff
    All the red stuff is for Opfor they don't need to have accurate interior as stopgap until you get around to do them right a 2d pic with workable buttoms would do  nicely 😉 and then sights 

    All the Historic NATO vehicles is for historic scenarios again (Froggy will prolly kill me)  2d pic with workable buttoms would do nicely 😉 and then sights  

    The artillery's is for Multidomain sim again especially the Nemo system as this is the first Really Mobile fire system that can handle to fire 6 rounds that hit the same time while moving purfect for Multidomain fighting

    And since we are talking Multidomain sim fix the arty as that is going to be one of the cornerstones of every Multidomain fights i know grenny and i have allready sent in some change suggestions

    M41 "Walker Bulldog" (Front view, right side)


    Gaijin pls, M41 DK-1, the "Super Bulldog". A modernized M41 Walker Bulldog  used by the Danish Army during the late Cold War. : Warthunder


    PNMK M/92 (M113 A2 DK)




    Challenger 1
    Challenger 1 - Wikipedia


    Chieftain Mk2, Mk5, Mk10, Mk11 either modifiable or one of each


    Chieftain Mk.II with the standard 1976 OTAN two-tone green pattern used in Great Britain and Germany. Identification number and a small union jack were painted on the front glacis and forward track cover


    MkV Belgium


    MK 10
    Mk.10 BATUS



    Mk.11 BATUS










    Wallpaper armor, camouflage, exercises, pond, BMP 3, The Russian Army  images for desktop, section оружие - download


    BMPT Terminator


    CV9030NO upgrade all versions
    CV9030 - Fighting-Vehicles.com


    CV90 Mk IV
    FREE Online Website Malware Scanner | Website Security Monitoring & Malware  Removal | Quttera

    Caesar 8x8

    Royal Danish Army CAESAR 8x8 Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) - MilitaryLeak

    Patria Nemo Mortar system
    Patria and the U.S. Army entered into agreement for a feasibility study of Patria  Nemo 120 mm mortar system - Polygon Military Magazine

    Centurion Mk5 DK2
    Centurion Mk V, 2 (Front view, right side)


    Stridsvagn 104 MBT

    Stridsvagn 104 MBT 1953


    Stridsvagn 105

    SNAFU!: Swedish Strv 105 A/T, the best Centurion. Next up for World of Tanks ?


    Stridsvagn 103

    Stridsvagn 103 - Wikipedia



    Swedish CV90 AA



    Kamikaze Drones
    Kamikaze Drones

    Swarm Drones

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Swarms; Need for the Indian Armed Forces |  Bharat Shakti


    Air to Air Drones (Both for Drones against drones but also against planes/Helos)
    Britain to get air combat drones to fly alongside fighters

    Micro Drones

    Turkish Security Forces Receive First Batch of Kamikaze Mini-Drones | Al  Defaiya


    High flying Drones


    Slow flying drones

    Most expensive drone 2020 TOP 5

    Loitering munitions (aka kamikaze drones)

    A look at loitering munitions (aka kamikaze drones)MLRS launched autonomous kamikaze drone swarms | SpaceBattles Forums


    Millennium air defence
    Rheinmetall Defence - Archive 2017 Air defence: Rheinmetall wins major  orders in Asia and Europe – total value around €50 million


    Oerlikon Skyranger mobile air defence system

    Rheinmetall Group on Twitter: "The Oerlikon Skyranger mobile air defence  system – #Rheinmetall's high-mobility, Boxer-based solution for  ground-based air defence #Eurosatory2018 https://t.co/Xr7H9Q4M2Q…  https://t.co/wZghMfgSUx"


    Pantsir-S1 air defense
    Russia to ship first Pantsir-S1 air defense systems to Serbia in late  February — source - Military & Defense - TASS

  7. 50 minutes ago, 12Alfa said:




    I suspect that this issue (and I may be incorrect here) that it's more about "hit score" that traverse speed on a known fire control system, with limited traverse speed.


    My 2cents has been spent, feel free to carry on.....:)

    Why i never ever count my score and where i play there are almost never a win or lose statement setup we know if we won or not so that statement is just plain sad and below the belt and very very disrespectful.
    But what should be the case here is that 2/3 of those voted feel that it is bugged and stuff that's there and isn't being used then it is bugged cause it sure as hell aint because we don't want to use it.

    4 hours ago, ben said:

    My idea is to add mouse control.. and keep the arrow key control working as it does for those users who prefer it, what do you think?

    This is respect of others oppion in fact i really like it 👍

    and it solves the issue by letting the people who play the game and Make the scenarios themselves decide

  8. Another way of moving the turret instead of with arrows would be the same as all other vehicles when you start it goes relatively fast but than with more use it slows down just like when the infantry moves they also use "wasdx" not repeated clicks with the arrow keyes when they move there could even be that bar from INF movement as well



  9. If you except the error of a completely new piece of software this has already simplified the process immensely its made so almost everybody with a screed of knowledge can use it the only little thing i would suggest is a strong emphasis on running the installer with admin rights as all users in windows are not running with admin rights pr default you have to specifically make them do or use the administrator account which is also pr definition wrong.
    Also make sure that windows defender and firewall are off beside the antivirus if the first install dossent work as it have shot me down 2 times today

    But this program have already saved me 2-3 hours of work today so yes they are straight forward at the very least compared to what we had so thumps up to Nils and the boys thank you very much.



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