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  1. 7 minutes ago, Splash said:

    Interesting. I guess upon install it links to the default Program Data location. (My own "packages" folder is in the same place with "height" "terrain" and "themes" that you picture.)

    But I believe you could change the target of the Start Menu link under its Windows properties to direct it to wherever you have placed your map packages.


    Of course, none of that makes it easier to explain to anyone who doesn't know where they put their map packages in the first place.

    Yep that's why i always when i repair or make a new install via Teamviewer always leave a link to the package folder on their desktop
    They have even saved that path in registry
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\eSim Games\Configuration\4.1 there is a data entry there with the Mappackaged path so its a pretty easy fix



  2. could we have a link to the map package in the start menu or have the map package be not hidden


    As i tend to use a lot of time advising new guys how and where it is and how to copy new maps into it.

    It would really be a great help for everybody new and old


  3. 12 hours ago, Gibsonm said:



    No I meant you can't do this in SB yet, since UAS without a person playing them cannot spot / target things. Therefore you can't have a single player mission with a person facing a SB AI controlled UAS force.


    This is potentially where Nils's post comes in that in a future version of SB perhaps UAS / Micro UAS maybe controllable by the SB AI / Scripted, or employ some other solution, to reflect this emerging threat.

    It is all ready in the wishlist




  4. 3 hours ago, JAG-11A said:

    I asked this is a Maps thread too, but thought I'd try here.


    I downloaded a map pack for multiplayer (Chris pack for Sunday).  I used 7-zip to unzip it.    I now  have 1 file.  It is a .7zip file and it is in the maps/packages/Chris folder.  II suspect that is not correct.  What should the Chris map pack look like when unzipped?



    This is how it looks like left side



  5. and he was quicker then me 👍

    and when you move closer or further away from those rocks they sometimes floated and sometimes they where on the ground just like what happened on the walls like the SB engine redrew what we looked at depending on range to the object and that that redrawing was not the same and not entirely accurate



  6. Nope but i have the exact place where something similar happened and @Abraxas have the coordinates as he found the place from my description.



    The places is multiple places within the purple area as that is the closest i can give you as i was controlling a lot of forces as we where only 2 guys doing opfor





    Hope this helps



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