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  1. Ok we meet up at usual time 2000 cet i will host so we can get the recorded obstacles into our scenario file Cu in 3.5 hours MD
  2. 🤣 🙉 Nahh i will just stay away then i wont know anything at all that was why i volunteered for security and not the digging process so have fun. MD
  3. Nahh Colebrook its 6.5 hours as you where in the Kanium Chrismas special on the 29 dec 2017 even though KTs video only says 6 it was actually 6.5 hours
  4. Hi Ssnake I didn't make any videos and neither did Nike Ajax we just toke some screen shots so we could show people what we experienced I think there might be more then one issue here, aka we know there are "walls/Bumps" on the maps as it is easy enough to find them but after reading your description of the process then i am inclined to think there might also be something wrong with that process you describe as you can read from an answer i wrote this morning to abraxas This is a quote from one of my answers to Abraxas as "What had me baffled was that i sent my vehicles on routes a
  5. I can take 1 of the LEO PLTS (Security) if Nike take the OPFOR Then me a Irish can control the security force together both INF (Jaeger PLT and the 2 LEO 2A4 PLT) We can't have him be INF or Recon 2 times in a row he gets confused 🤣 MD
  6. We still have a FO and a XO position though if you would like to join or you can join as a Gunner MD
  7. Yep no fps issues only the vertical walls in the middle of the road which Jartzev is collecting stuff for investigation MD
  8. Hi Both me and Nike experienced that when we drove both BMP and Brdms around the landscape on a route that our vehicles suddenly diddent move then when we investigated we found our vehicles burried in sand up to turret then we back off and the first 1m you could see the landscape/Road rendering as a 1 or 2 m vertical wall in the middel of either a road or in the landscape then we backed further back and suddenly the vertical wall smoothed out and looked like something you could easily drive up. and i do said looked because the wall was still there. That also made for floating in the air
  9. You will do fine , you will have both Snoggy and Gibson there to help you both of them are good at this. As each patrol will be organized as 2 Luchs and 3 Tanks working together MD
  10. I also run 4k well with a 1080 ti at 3840/1080 what you have to control as have been a problem is you scale like when your on a webpage and you hold down control and use the scroll wheel to make it bigger or small i have no problem when it is set to 100 but it issent functioning as soon as I scale it MD
  11. You just say when you want to command a PLT, we know its not exactly the "right" radio protocols or procedures but we have so many different military's and civilians that we early one decided to just use "Ferryman's talk" on the radio so if you just get your point across that's fine but since the COs dont have a staff please mark stuff on the map for them we use the template Callsign ## what you have seen/engaged like 2101 3 Tanks in Woodline on a trp by using a trp we can very easily convert too a fire mission etc.... MD
  12. Hi Darkangel With respect for your work what you say are completely true and respect for that but its completely irrelevant to what @stormrider_sp said because we have no tools to get to that point where the work you describe starts, and your comment Mark is the same its completely irrelevant because if we don't have the tools or some way to get our maps made made then we don't get any new maps made at all which is the place we are at right now, and what's worse is that suddenly all mapping material for EU is free for us users, which in the old days was the trouble spot (Getting the Maps)
  13. There is 2 B24 @Nike-Ajax i think you need to fix recon it should prolly be R24 for Rørbæk MD
  14. I think stevo, colebrook and tankanator will all go to A4 As Chrisrep got A31 on request from Nike MD
  15. Nahh the M41 or M41DK1 would be me and i am not interested in a centurion interior so much, more the inclusion of the Laser and Thermic sights and FCS that where used on the danish MK 5/2DK2 But i wouldn't be that mercenary 😉 MD
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