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  1. KANIUM Sunday 20th of December - LandJut attack on Bundesstrasse 432 by MD and Swordsmandk WorldClock 1800 UTC Notice we start 1 hour before usual so press on world clock so there are no misunderstandings IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. IMPORTANT NOTICE II: I suggest to all who play with us download and install Chris mappack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ps6Ol4Bbjj_H_eyeuOAi1GgxPVh0lTji/view?usp=sharing For the next three
  2. Year just show up at 1900 CET aka an hour before if you havent played with us before so we can set you up Best regards MD
  3. Hi and velcome to all the new guys We have a small problem as not everyone of the new guys have been setup so i will be on 1 hour before game start to help. MD
  4. Hi Rikki Everybody has favorite slots but they aren't fixed its first come first served unless there is a special reason. Also know that since almost all of our sessions have the same platoon setup ie 4 Tanks 1 is the platoon leader and 4 is the platoon sergeant and 2 and 3 is the 2 wing men. So normally if you chose A34 it would be the PSG. So please tell us if its a command position you want or just a wingman MD
  5. B21 or B24 Can you come on our TS3 server during the week and i will help you with rights , setup , Maps etc... both for the game and TS 3 I am euro zone so if you live someplace where you can come on in that time zone please PM me with a time suggestion and sunday 5 mins before we play is a no go 🤣 PS i am at work right now so right now dossent work either MD
  6. Almost anything can deflect a round just look at around 10:20 how pumpkins can deflect a 122 mm round
  7. He is completely new but a sim from other sims He is from the good old US of A so let him have a Abrams in a non command pos. MD
  8. I don't know if Nike told you but we only have 3 rules and one is if you sign up you show up or tell us that you cant make it so you can tell us at anytime that you cant make you don't even have to give a reason. So year get well we will see you when we see you. MD
  9. Cant make it got another nightshift starting from 1930 EU time have fun. MD
  10. If those 2 would be implemented (especially the detachable) it would be really nice if they could be put outside the program on a secondary screen , also a copy of the F5 map that could be put on a second or even a third monitor just like you have your map in front of you so you can take a look while driving or fighting without having to switch between F5, F6, F7 view just to look where your going or where the enemy is there shouldn't be any interaction with them just a status window where you can setup blocks of info so you can have Log, Status, Map etc available pronto in that way it would
  11. Year some of us that have played the big scenarios as opfor we almost never see who is shooting us we might notice that we suddenly are missing a lot of units some where and then investigate, like our big 6,5 hour x-mas/newyear a couble of years ago with over 1200 red units on one side and alot of green cant remember how many and about a 150 manned in different degrees. I was really hard to control when opfor ran into opposition as there where way to many text messages and the only visual clue was that units starting to die if your focus was somewhere else. Also you need to al
  12. B44 maybe (don't know yet) and if so then only for 1 and 3/4 hours i have that pesky thing called work that calls MD
  13. and another wish Leopard 2A7DK Piranha 5 INF/Mech Piranha 5 M120 mm Mortar Piranha 5 HQ vehicle Piranha FO/FAC vehicle i dont know what they are called Piranha 5 AMBU Piranha 5 ENG Caesar 8x8 DK Eagle 5 DK CV9035 IV M41DK1
  14. Definitely without 3d Interface as that really put a lot of unnecessary load on the server , if you cant afford to buy a server or old PC to let it run on then you are shit out of luck and tell me of 1 out of our virtual orgs that dossent own an extra PC/Server which they can run it on or rent a online server that can. This is really a non issue and in a real client server environment shouldn't be discussed at all, you cant have new functionality without making some kind of sacrifice and this shouldn't even be considered if you know anything about client server functionality.
  15. a multi treaded/Multicore Client/server so we can run bigger scenarios (and actually use more then 1 core) without trouble and an import function to EU 2 meter laser maps. And my greatest wish a M41 Dk1 MD
  16. Me thinks you are confusius cause you put him in A24 and he requested A33 which has M1 and the other have Leos MD
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