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  1. The guy in the foto is short but he is higher then the vehicle that's how high it is and if you look at the bottom its rather high ground clearing meaning there is not much Hight left to sit in MD
  2. For most of it year and the towing is done from F8 view the little vehicles down in the right-side if you click on the vehicle the first menu is tow then you click on the vehicle you need to to then there has to go a little while while it saids hitching on and then you can tow it away also the towing vehicle needs to be same size or bigger Also there have been some bugs with it so we always hand over the ownership to the guy towing so he owns both vehicles MD
  3. Medics repair / Revive crewmembers etc....inside the blue circle when they became injured Arvs can recover and tow disabled vehicles and lower the time it takes to repair Fuelers refuel if your vehicles are inside the blue circle on the map this one i cant ever remember to have used as most time there are plenty fuel for the whole mission and supplies resupply your ammo stocks if you shutdown your engine again inside the blue circle and use the top menu to resupply MD
  4. Just one suggestion instead of make a few hourlong movies make them on 1 subject only and make them short so that people can search for them and don't have to watch an hour of video just to see how 1 small item is done. Like how to make deployment zone, how to make killing zone, how etc..... 1 video pr subject so its searchable and quick to watch. MD
  5. and lets not forget that some in this community all ready have this as their fulltime day job. And to be successful you would need access and security clearance and have a Network with the generals that would require this MD
  6. Year we where able to do that as well but in almost every way one POC where controlling the whole BTY and if you read further in that manual you will see that for normal fire missions is with the whole BTN not BTY at once because arty is a Area weapon not a precision weapon and to get enough shells on target you need 18-24 tubes in a 250m by 250m area for it to have any effect, it was first when we got copperhead or newer rounds that we begun using individual weapons In fact the guns are so unprecise that the setup of the guns meant something for how the rounds where spread so we always setu
  7. Both actually with Mortars and arty its they can fire together but most of the time specific FOs fire with Specific Units and only those i don't know how many times we have had trouble with arty fire missions because SB arty cant be separated except with nr of tubes its the same problem when you have the AI set to fire they jsut use all of the tubes and fire nonstop you cant have some units fire with AI and some with human same problem set and fix at the same time MD
  8. Also maybe a Matrix on who can fire with witch weapons like if my PLT/Coy have medium (81mm Mortars) that only they can fire them and only the FOs can fire with arty etc... almost like the one you use with more then 2 sides where you have red and blue side and then maybe a green and yellow side as well And as i have been in the arty i can attest that arty never ever fire with anything less then all of their guns pr unit unless its a precision fire with either self/laser/GPS guided rounds so instead of number of tubes it should be a matrix with checkmarkes where you put a checkmark on those
  9. +2 The current system is a pain in the .... MD
  10. You Got R24 in phase 1 and B21 in Phase 2 MD That means that every Tank PLT have at least 2 Guys the only place where we are thinly manned is the Marders (6 places available) and the TOWs (4 places available) where we could use some more guys and if people still want tanks (4 places available) there are still plenty of places we have now reached 30 SB clients and 28 TS3 clients so we can managed 7 more people max MD
  11. Can't make it as i am going to work and then its of to christmas vacation until 4th JAN MD
  12. Hi @Wiglif I gave you a recon vehicle with scouts for phase 1 as there are only 1 needed in the arty and i split all of the FO vehicles for phase 2. MD
  13. Hi That's fine if you get time we will find space for you as this is a long one you are welcome for even part of it. Hope to see you. Best regards and a merry christmas and happy new year. MD
  14. Hi and Welcome Back You got In Phase 1 R72 (Recon GD with Scouts) Fre4k (?,CAN) Phase 2 3rd Tank PLT B31 Leo (PLT CO) Fre4k (?,CAN)
  15. There are as of Now In Phase 1 5 Gunner positions open in the Recon Tanks There are 8 Scout GD with 2 scout dismounts If you cant find a position that you like talk to me as we might have some INF positions that we can open up if needed We can also open up the Mortar M113 so you can shoot MMT for your platoon leader. In Phase 2 Lots of available positions In A Coy 2 Tanks are free + the XO In B Coy 7 Tanks are free + the XO In TOW PLT 4 M113 TOW are free In D coy 7 Marders with INF IN E and F is only opened if all other Pos are filled
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