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  1. Yes thanks for the game Duke i can only say i am sorry and if you and i meet this sommer at open heide in Oksbøl i owe you a beer. :oops: I think you should read our AAR on our forum (I will still owe you a beer though) Best regards Major Duck
  2. we just found out that Tjays time thingy dossent work so here are a new one http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=UKA++TANK+COMPANY+IN+ATTACK&iso=20160110T19&p1=%3A&ah=3
  3. Hi there Is there anybody out there who knows how to command a CV9035 section (2 cv9035 + inf) because Kingtiger feels he need a partner , the task Grenny have given him for Sunday are a bit to much for a single guy with 4 CV9035 and are available on Sunday Katie would very much appreciate it. We also have more Tanks available 4 to be exact.
  4. Grenny your plan will be ready on the server on sunday
  5. Everybody is welcome We miss someone to handle support (artillery/Mortars) There are 4 more Tank slots open And KT could use some more INF Squad Commanders If there comes more then that, the Danes will just multi crew in second platoon so we have plenty room for more guys. So if you come 3-4 guys you could get a hole platoon Cu on sunday Ps please prepare your TS settings if you havent played with us before Follow this guide: https://goo.gl/hvNVRA If you don't know how we will be on the TS Server ½ hour before the session to help
  6. This is the normal UKA TS server for future sessions teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
  7. We hope for 1,5 danish platoon if all show up but if the germans can man a hole platoon 2 of ours will either move up to tj or be gunners and multi crew i will put you with Tjay for the time being
  8. TANK COMPANY IN ATTACK How to do the channel commander setup https://goo.gl/hvNVRA For training basic tank coy drills in open terrain, that is surrounded by woods. Enemy included, with good equipment, but actions are somewhat target-like to force the blue coy to concentrate fires, communicate in order to minimize casualties... etc. Enemy, starting locations and plans are random, but troop composition remains the same. Blue has a Leopard 2A5DK company with attached CV90-35 DK platoon and artillery support. Difficulty: easy Author: Zipuli Updated: Swordsmandk (Blue side) ENEMY: An enemy mechan
  9. Then she will think that he is cheating :clin:
  10. KT i don't understand can i have it bent in pink neon lighting please :tongue:
  11. KT does that mean i can play loud music and shoot with pink paint :gun:
  12. Jep and as with all other Apple products you pay 2-3 times what others cost just to have a rotten apple logo ;-) (Just proves what marketing does) But to stave of your next argument they do work nicely most of the time and are up there with the best of them but not much freedom and compatibility. and still 75% of all software on macs are made by Microsoft (Still marketing he he)
  13. Hi Guys You do know that on the subject on backup, that you can use windows backup but that way you can use the backup files as a new installation or even move to a new pc as every version of windows have been hardware independent since vista(it only need to be same type of cpu and bigger HD) So move the backup files onto a usb disk that is not connected to your pc. and when installing just use the option install from backup with your remote drive connected. On the subject of pics i use the free service of google drive i just use more then one account which i then share to my main account that
  14. Happy New Year CU Godt Nytår alle sammen ses :luxhello:
  15. I think they are more interested in other things my Daughter and Daughter in Law are anyway they think im crazy and they would be right But happy New year and keep dreaming :bigsmile: CU on the other side
  16. Hey Last night we got another guy we know to play and on top of that he is an old Danish Leo1 tanker and have played Stealbeast before and we are working on a another Recon guy i think he drove M41s but i am not sure but he at least worked with them in Recon.
  17. I will be there if i get permission by my admiral :smilelove-1:
  18. I think KT is on his way to Ireland with a friend to get drunk and celebrate New year over there so you prolly wont here from him before after the 4th of Jan and Swordsmandk are at work but if you write in rouqe one he will prolly see it if urgent othervise he will be on tonight
  19. That would also make Kingtigers wish about standing on top of your vehicle (which is about 1,5m higher then the top of the highest TC position feasible ingame today which he and others use irl i diddent as much because sitting as a Artillery observer in the turret basket in a centurion tank which can go backwards at any time you tend to sit most of the time and hold on to your tripod with your thermal/laser/designator/Rangefinder but having the ability to put a guy in the turret basket having him close buy and wired into the intercom so the Platoon/Squadron commander can just pop up and tell h
  20. Jep my kids invited me to the movies for the new star wars movie but hey tjay we are both danish :smile: :luxhello: :drink: :remybussi:
  21. Se pm and thanks for taken the time but to do what we need we need admin rights so thanks for the time and i have channel commander options now but my problem are all the other guys that we play with and setting up channels otherwise the channel commander dossent make much sense So we will just keep using our own server its only Gibson that see that as a problem (we meet new players here and are here (SB ts server) with 3 clients during our hole training) so anybody can show up and participate anytime and be redirected to our server
  22. Or you can just pop in any Sunday where Tjay have announced a meeting which right now is every Sunday or pop me or Dr. Hat a pm with a suggested meeting time as long as its in the evening GMT +1) say 1800- 2300 Have a happy New year and i hope you had a wonderful X-mas
  23. I thought that Australia got 120mm Heat rounds with your 59 M-1A1 rebuilt to M-1A1AIM(D) version because in Afghanistan the heat rounds the danish army used there exploded even on clay compounds used in the green zone we actually had to install a 12,7mm HMG (Ma-Deuce) to keep collateral damage to a minimum whenever it was feasible. If the Australian army are using the US designations the DM-12 are called HEAT-MP-T M830 and that's the one the danish army uses. The next is a google translation of part of an article of the danish army news magazine and before the 12,7mm was in use That would al
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