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  1. Hi Guys You do know that on the subject on backup, that you can use windows backup but that way you can use the backup files as a new installation or even move to a new pc as every version of windows have been hardware independent since vista(it only need to be same type of cpu and bigger HD) So move the backup files onto a usb disk that is not connected to your pc. and when installing just use the option install from backup with your remote drive connected. On the subject of pics i use the free service of google drive i just use more then one account which i then share to my main account that way i get plenty of space with drag and drop functionality. Cheap too besides the normal backup so there are no single point of failure. When installing or updating all those pesky small programs we all need and use every time everyday which are not part of the windows installation i use the site Ninite.com which i think is made for retired people and it pros (Its easy to use and easy to spell to as well and does all the stuff which is a waste of time) it makes installing all the small programs which we all you need and the good part if you in 3 months time use the install file again then it checks if your version is the newest is up to date if not if updates it including all the run-times The last little service tool i use is totalcommander(Windows commander) which is a clone of Norton commander but for windows you can find it on ghisler.com Have fun and happy new year
  2. Happy New Year CU Godt Nytår alle sammen ses :luxhello:
  3. I think they are more interested in other things my Daughter and Daughter in Law are anyway they think im crazy and they would be right But happy New year and keep dreaming :bigsmile: CU on the other side
  4. Hey Last night we got another guy we know to play and on top of that he is an old Danish Leo1 tanker and have played Stealbeast before and we are working on a another Recon guy i think he drove M41s but i am not sure but he at least worked with them in Recon.
  5. I will be there if i get permission by my admiral :smilelove-1:
  6. I think KT is on his way to Ireland with a friend to get drunk and celebrate New year over there so you prolly wont here from him before after the 4th of Jan and Swordsmandk are at work but if you write in rouqe one he will prolly see it if urgent othervise he will be on tonight
  7. That would also make Kingtigers wish about standing on top of your vehicle (which is about 1,5m higher then the top of the highest TC position feasible ingame today which he and others use irl i diddent as much because sitting as a Artillery observer in the turret basket in a centurion tank which can go backwards at any time you tend to sit most of the time and hold on to your tripod with your thermal/laser/designator/Rangefinder but having the ability to put a guy in the turret basket having him close buy and wired into the intercom so the Platoon/Squadron commander can just pop up and tell him to shoot at something with planes/Arty/Mortars makes it very much more effective and also a lot more dangerous for the guy sitting outside the turret
  8. Jep my kids invited me to the movies for the new star wars movie but hey tjay we are both danish :smile: :luxhello: :drink: :remybussi:
  9. Se pm and thanks for taken the time but to do what we need we need admin rights so thanks for the time and i have channel commander options now but my problem are all the other guys that we play with and setting up channels otherwise the channel commander dossent make much sense So we will just keep using our own server its only Gibson that see that as a problem (we meet new players here and are here (SB ts server) with 3 clients during our hole training) so anybody can show up and participate anytime and be redirected to our server
  10. Or you can just pop in any Sunday where Tjay have announced a meeting which right now is every Sunday or pop me or Dr. Hat a pm with a suggested meeting time as long as its in the evening GMT +1) say 1800- 2300 Have a happy New year and i hope you had a wonderful X-mas
  11. I thought that Australia got 120mm Heat rounds with your 59 M-1A1 rebuilt to M-1A1AIM(D) version because in Afghanistan the heat rounds the danish army used there exploded even on clay compounds used in the green zone we actually had to install a 12,7mm HMG (Ma-Deuce) to keep collateral damage to a minimum whenever it was feasible. If the Australian army are using the US designations the DM-12 are called HEAT-MP-T M830 and that's the one the danish army uses. The next is a google translation of part of an article of the danish army news magazine and before the 12,7mm was in use That would also mean that the damage model for canister should be changed as inf in the open are hamburger if hit by a canister round and thats not what i am seeing the same can be said about the Beehive round for the CG 84mm that all DK squads carry around and have used i Afghanistan as well
  12. After playing some scenarios with the UKA i would like to get the damage model of wooden houses fixed if fx i fire 120 Heat rounds into a wooden house i am pretty sure that anybody in the house is a: either dead or at least have pretty big f.... headache or have a lot of holes in them aka rendered useless for the length of most of the games we play But then again i might be wrong i have only seen what a 105, 155 or 203 mm shells those to houses and even the blowpipes (105) pretty much level a wooden house if it get a direct hit even when its a heat round from a 105mm howitzer
  13. Hi Tjay Thanks for the invitation but i feel i have to recline as i will just drag you guys down, i am no where near proficient enough to play in that league. Plain and simple i fake it , i shoot like shit but know a lot about Military stuff and i enjoy the camaraderie but know my limitations You should invite Dr hat he is a straight shooter And much more competitive then me :gun: :gun:
  14. Hi tango here is a link of the crazy danes setup guide made by me last week https://goo.gl/hvNVRA People have to be members it don't work as a guest I can point you to DRHat he have just setup the one the uk armour is using at the moment You need one with admin rights for the server or for a specific area of the server but again i recommend DrHat I you want more then 2 channels there are multiple ways of doing it I will give you some examples: I you want a fire support channel with only limited access aka only company commanders being able to call air/arty/Mortars then use normal whisperlist If you have new people or people that speak a different language you can use more then one TAB meaning you have multiple clients open / another way of doing that is using group call on skype without a push botten that is what we crazy danes do If you want a BTN command net see above or use global channelcommand These examples have allready given you 5 channels if you need more (its prolly to complex) ;-) or you can make more like above One very big advantage of this is that if new people come in they only need to follow the setup guide and jump to the right channels and start being channel commander There are no need for complex whisper list which everybody don't update etc... and if everybody want to listen to the commanders they can do that just by activationg channel command and not using their channel command button so every body can learn how to be a boss man Best regards Major Duck
  15. Nice show We where really lucky tonight that 2 guys couldn't make at the last minute otherwise we would have been too many And grenny my turret suffered a malfunction from a hit of that platoon that shot your last aslv I wassen't killed but couldn't move the turret But nice little mission Kudos to KT again for leading us and i think that the channel commander thing worked like a charm Nice Have a happy x-mas and a happy new year everyone cu on the 27th or in the new year
  16. teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 We will still be meeting here though
  17. a little tip Windows from vista and newer are hardware independent to a degree Which means that if you make a backup with windows backup tools onto an external HD you can buy new hardware or switch hardware even from a laptop to a desktop. The only criteria is that the new HD is bigger or equal in size to the old one and that your cpu are of the same type/manufacturer That means that you have all your old files installations etc ready after some reboots When you reinstall you just choose install from backup and wupti your on again The only downside is you also keep all your old crap I have tried it with a laptop to a desktop and it worked fine.
  18. Year but you are so calm and knowledgeable that nobody notices :clin: You lead 10 guys with 3 total noobs (Practcally their first time playing this game in a multiplayer scenario) to victory with only minimal losses, so you put the hook in them. And besides this was for new members with little or no military experience, which you have plenty , you even learned people how to use part of airland battle doctrines without making it a lecture while commanding a battle. And on top of that as about half of us where danes and we normally expect swedes to sound drunk (even there you surprised us we could actually understand you :clin: ) :drink: :remybussi: :thumbup:
  19. Hi all For those of us that have no military background and on top of that , don't have English as their native language i have presentation people can use as a help tool to read up on radio communication so people dare talk to us with at least some confidence so we don't get so much "Ferry man's talk" (literal translation of a danish proverb) There prolly is some English proverb like "truckerbabble" But anyway here are the link for the presentation made by a fellow grognard and arma3 roleplayer: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NtBGTtpekOKLuoE9FHiPDwiaIhmXJ6lpH_JxuxoFm5o/edit?usp=sharing Also here are a link to a little doc on how to setup channel commander there could be more but swordsmandk wanted it simple :remybussi: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16welDGmJbTUN8zMI7w1a2CJwFqmCMfF0dKDmVFS-ik4/edit?usp=sharing :c:
  20. If you have another pc try connecting your HD to it see if you can read its content and write new content to it Also if you have more then 1 Ram bloc try removing it one at a time The overriding issue are only make 1 change and only test 1 thing every time It takes time but have the potential of saving you money and aggravation and prolly a lot of old files Main things to check HD RAM Video cards IO Cards Also another little bug with windows 7 and newer systems is that when installing while having more then 1 HD in you sometimes experience that it for some obscure reason makes the boot partition on another drive then the system drive, so to avoid that only have 1 drive with power when installing and then connect the power after install finishes :c: Have fun or frustration :?
  21. Nope have faith grashopper remember you can have 2 tabs open ;-)
  22. Hi Mark Good questions The main issue is that we diddent have the rights to do what we wanted and we will still meet up at the same place and then move over leaving 1 of us still on that one to guide people over where we are. We needed to have admin rights to make the setup we wanted and we couldn't find anybody to even make us members so we had a TS server and are going to use it This way we can do what we want and still meet up where we all ways do I hope this have eased some of your worries Best regards Major Duck
  23. Hi There Could we get this map https://www.google.dk/maps/@54.9057292,11.8576891,10z?hl=en For a coldwar scenario with Danish battlegroups, Homeguard defence platoons, Mech Brigade, and British/US reinforcements Kind like the small people hanging on with their fingernails until Mech / US / UK reinforcments arrive Of course not all playable :clin:
  24. You guys rock If KT og hedge have some old scenarios with which it is not to complicated and can be downsized to 2-4 platoons (aka Squadron size) that would give us something to play while sword, xbox and others make new ones specifically for our size PS the new TS server is up and running curtesy of DR Hat its teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Both Hat, sword and Me have rights on it and we have set it up and tested it If people want to prepare here is a link for what to do https://docs.google.com/document/d/16welDGmJbTUN8zMI7w1a2CJwFqmCMfF0dKDmVFS-ik4/edit?usp=sharing By the way i agree with both KT and Sword but i am game for anything :smilelove-1:
  25. I am new but can agree with everything here but would suggest that the movement of inf could be increased and that their movement in and around building becomes much more fluent that way we can actually use them to clear towns etc without haveing all the control problems like we do right now. at 3: its so bad that when me and a friend make scenarios we have begun to substitute warriors and scimitars with other IFV / Recon vehicles i don't think that is what the reality guys want to achieve but then again i might be wrong its happened before and will happen again :bigsmile: I fully agree with the need to simulate the hand cranking (Manual nature of those UK turrets) but i think the implementation is bad (I have been told this has been talked about before so sorry if i offend anybody) and whats further its been in use for several generations of wars in real life and they haven't fixed it yet there, so it can't be that bad or they haven't tried any better so they don't know they need to fix it yet :luxhello:
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