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  1. He dossent own one i talked to him on their discord MD
  2. well it handles a 49 inch curved well so try it out MD
  3. Your loss sir it is so much better as multiplayer and its so much easier to learn while playing with others. Best regards MD
  4. Hi there I know Hedgehog and Tankanator told you it can run but There is a tiny little thing they haven't told you and that is that if you play multiplayer it does not(Sometimes) run smoothly and it drags everybody's game down as well and gives de sink problems when a guy with a very old computer joins. Our games after Hedgehog got a new pc have had a lot fewer problems with de sink and i dont know how many times i have had Tankenators tank being de sinked driving into the other tanks in the platoon. So there is a little tiny "but" but you can run and it wassent every-time too b
  5. Hi I have been called in to work both Saturday and Sunday at 1930 CET so i wont be able to make it Have fun MD
  6. Hi And velcome Yes and no Yes if you want to play online with the rest of us there are different groups that play PVP , COOP and a mix of those If you only want to play alone or have some friends that you wish to play with on a LAN then no but i honestly don't recommend it as upgrades are going to be a bitch to get, and this SIM / Game is so much better online then alone. The 3 most active groups right now is TGIF, ANZAC and Kanium though there are a Spanish group called 3Reg Tizoma but i haven't heard from them recently they sometimes played with us in Kaniu
  7. I sent you a PM @paintedblack MD
  8. Have you tried with windows scaling set to 100 and then just full screen in windows it works for me in 3840 x1080 no problems at all My experiance is that most others i have helped or advised is that it works as soon as you set scaling to 100 Best regards MD
  9. I saw that someone wrote that i doesn't scale well above a certain size but i use a 49 inch monitor with 3840 x 1080 and get around 55-60 fps and at 4k you have to scale it at 100 in windows otherwise it distort the graphics sometimes but it work like a charm and the wider field of view is real nice. There are some threds in the forum that discibe this MD
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