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  1. Another quick question: what's the rule of thumb on using older scenarios with the latest version of the game? If I'm running 4.0+, will weird things happen if I play scenarios created under earlier versions of the game? How far back can I go? Thanks!
  2. Ah, found! Thanks for all of the help, everyone. I was looking in "C:\Program Files," in "C:\Program Files (x86)," in "C:\Users\Admin\AppData," and etc., but it never occurred to me to look for hidden folders at the "C:" level itself. It turns out that all of my old installed downloads (and indeed all of the installed scenarios) are in "C:\ProgramData," just As Gibsomm indicated in his reply to my OP. In my ignorance, my brain falsely remembered that ProgramData had become "Program Files" in Win 10, but of course that was wrong. (For some reason I also wrongly remembered that in the past I had put downloaded scens in AppData.) That C:\ProgramData is hidden made it hard to find. Again, thanks to everyone for your help. I'm sorry if I wasted anyone's time.
  3. Right, I'm "Admin." My computer came from the builder that way. There is no "C:\Users\Application data," even when I show hidden items. The AppData folder where eSim lives is here: " C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\eSim Games\Steel Beasts," but there are no scenarios there.
  4. I installed the game to "C:\Games\eSim Games\SB Pro PE," but there's no scenarios folder in there. I just created a new folder in "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios," and in the in-game menu my new folder shows up. However, the installed scenarios are somewhere else I can't find.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out where my scenarios are stored. I've seen the discussion of file structure in the manual, but it doesn't mention Windows 10. I have just done a fresh reinstallation, and I have the usual scenario folders showing the game (Classics\, Contest\, etc), and they all have scenarios in them. When I go looking for the files, right now there is nothing showing in my "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios." It's an empty folder. I assume this means that all the scenarios that install with the game are elsewhere. However, when I go to "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\eSim Games\Steel Beasts," there is nothing visible except a folder called "tempTex." Here's what's strange: Among my folders showing in the game is one called "Downloaded." It has a number of scenarios in it, and I believe these are scenarios I downloaded from this website a few years ago (before updating to Windows 10). Some of them are outdated, and I'd like to delete them. However, I cannot for the life of me find them now. Where do I look for them? In fact where do I find any of the installed scenarios in Win 10? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Holman

    Dongle goes dead

    Just stopping in to confirm that this solved my problem. I disabled "USB Selective Suspend," and my dongle has been active ever since.
  7. Holman

    Dongle goes dead

    Thanks for the replies! I'm on a desktop, so power isn't a problem. I notice that "USB Selective Suspend" is enabled in power settings. I'll disable it and see if the USB stays active.
  8. Holman

    Dongle goes dead

    Hi all, I've got a problem with my dongle. I updated to 4.0 when it was released, and I was able to happily run it with no problem. I notice today, however, that the Codemeter icon on the Windows taskbar is red instead of blue. When I mouse over it I see "1 CmContainer (disabled) connected." Trying to run the game tells me that my license is not active. Removing and re-inserting the dongle fixes the problem, but it might (or might not) be red again the next time I boot the computer. I notice that it's good for a couple of boots but then goes red again. (I bought a new 3.0 license and dongle just a few months ago, and I noticed this same problem then but never got around to mentioning it here, so I assume this means it's not a 4.0-only problem.) Is there a fix for this issue? Failing that, is there a way to "wake up" the dongle without removing and reinserting it? (My USB ports are on the back of the machine and are kind of a pain to reach.) Do I need a replacement dongle? Thanks!
  9. In the "killing M1A1(HA)s with M2A2" video, did I see passengers visible with the reloading hatch open around 1:50? Is that new?
  10. Is there a chance we'll be seeing real Strykers in the game any time soon?
  11. Hello! Returning wannabe user here. I've owned the game in the past (I sold my old license), and now I find my interest in armor rekindled. Is there any downside to buying 3.0 now and updating the license to 4.0 when it comes out? My computer is already 64-bit and already 8GB RAM, but are there other hardware issues I should think about? Will the price difference (3.0-then-4.0-upgrade vs. fresh 4.0 license) be dramatic?
  12. Hello, I'm definitely impressed with the sim, but I don't have the time or the specific interest in modern gear. I've put my license on eBay here. This is a permanent license for version 3.011, no upgrade necessary. The opening bid is $70, so it's a great discount. I'll ship free to the continental U.S.
  13. Thank you once again for the info! I won't be able to run SB until my USB arrives, but I'm glad to know it will work.
  14. Thanks very much! I just tried it, and it installed without a warning about my OS. However, it did seem at one point to be downloading what I assume are the latest DirectX files, which made me worry that it was getting DirectX 11 instead of 9. Is there anywhere I can look to see that I have a DirectX 9.0c installation as well as whatever the latest DirectX is? Thanks again.
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