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  1. Using a 3080 running in 4K I never see the GPU being fully utilized. Usually around 50-60% load. This is with all graphics details cranked to max. The 30 series are dropping rapidly in price these days as the new 40 series will come out soon so they are clearing their stock. SB Pro is very CPU limited.
    Great little mission. Nice choice of the environment that looks great and it also demonstrates the use of trenches. I liked the start how it was setup with the initial attack. I had a few issues with the AI pathing - the vehicles couldn't find their way out of the starting base and in the city my tanks would sometimes get stuck.
  2. Hej allesammen. Selv om jeg har boet downunder for mere end tyve år jeg har stadigvæk brug for dansk tastatur nogen gange
  3. Ran the new installer and after a while it used up all the space on my C drive.... trying to find out now what it dropped over there because the downloader appeared to download the files into the folder from which the installer ran (which was on the F drive). update: Assuming it was some temporary data that got cleaned up after I killed the installer. Now when re-running it and it runs the installer for the maps it shows the existing path in the installer which is great but it complains about there isn't enough space as it for some reason uses the C drive to check.
  4. It was taken while playing. I sometimes use a reshade filter that blurs what isn't in focus which what was used above.
    Really enjoyed it. Excellent mission design. Good use of haze around the village and use of the hils surrounding it to embed defences and creating a great atmosphere. The only thing I wish was a difference skin for the leopards.
  5. If the only thing you play is sbpro then I suggest you may save some money by buying an older GPU. But if you have any interest in any other games and future games then consider the nvidia 10* series of cards. A 1060 as Ssnake suggest is a good middle ground. I'm running a 2080TI, 9900KF@5ghz and the game is very CPU limited and has little time to refresh the screen. As soon as units start driving the fps drops a fair bit.
  6. - Increase the max size of maps - preferably unlimited. - Ability to change (or simply make) the line for routes thicker (hard to see on higher resolutions). - shortcut: When creating a route have a sub menu for selecting the formation at the same time (instead of having to find the small triangle and set it there each time). - Improve path logic so that vehicles no longer trying to drown themselves each time they see a bit of water
  7. Did you snap your route to the road? It will ensure you make your vehicles follow the correct path.
  8. Name: ScaniaSE Author: AS - conversion by eSim Description: Classic "Scania" map by "Alpha Sierra", converted to NT by Ssnake, applied new Euro-Summer/high vis woods theme, roughened up the forest bumpiness Size: 116 MB Server: https://sbcomcommunitymaps.s3.amazonaws.com/ac29cdfa-a24d-4f61-a5ed-0885e3332a95/
  9. Not sure what the difference is. I've seen a few people having this issue in various applications so I'm not sure if it is tied to the CPU model or similar. I'm running an I7 5820K. I re-installed the patch again and the same issue is happening again.
  10. Installed update yesterday. Following when launching SB it wouldn't load (black screen for a couple of seconds and then back to the desktop). Uninstalled the update and SB would load again. Details on content of the update: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4512508/windows-10-update-kb4512508 Crash dump below for the error:
    Fantastic work! Thank you. I never thought of using the throttle so far with SB In the driver position is it possible to control the speed using the throttle or is it bound only to keys?
  11. My suggestions were intended as constructive ideas to enhance the base offering of SB to provide more realism and immersion. Your reply shows why people give up being part of this community if anything about SB that isn’t 100% positive.
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