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  1. One way to end or screw up your flight status. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYExH8hpgXI&feature=player_embedded
  2. Would be nice if it came back . Makes playing less complicated for the person like me that only gets into a game every now and then.
  3. What happened to the Graduated Gary scale for the map in the F5 view ??? Was this causing problems..
  4. Well that would explain that .. Thanks
  5. Tell Me I'm doing this worng.. I have a sce that I edited and want to save it as version 2.1 original is version 2.0 But when I use the save as function it tells me that that version is allready there would I like to overwrite. XXXX XX XXXX V2.0 to XXXX XX XXXX V2.1
  6. Holly cow I thought that was lost forever.. Thanks for holding on to that.
  7. Dewman

    Terrain files

    Ok had to check and uncheck a few thiings in view folder options to see the files. Thanks Thank you
  8. Dewman

    Terrain files

    Where are the .ter files stored on win7 64 home premium ?? I downloaded Villers_Bocage_mtfl0810 but could not find out where to put it. Yes I did a search and found some paths but not for win7.
  9. Sorry about the disconet mpow .. Power went out for 5 mins at my house
  10. check this place out .. http://portforward.com/ they also have software to check your ports for free.. Steelbeasts pro pe is on there list of games they know about.
  11. Sweet and did not evan break a track
  12. Thanks for everyones help. Got the key fixed and should be ready to play this weekend
  13. Ok done that will wait a few more days for them to reply
  14. I need to reset my codemeter password since I forgot it.. Been 4 years now .. Tried all known passwords that I use but no luck. Can I get some help with this
  15. Please everyone that has an avatar or signature that moves, flashes or does other tricks change them.. This haveing to pm or e-mail people about this 2-3 times is getting old.. I know the Webmaster is getting tired of this too.. It may come a time when you log on and certain things have been turned off or you avatar or signature is just plain missing in action.. And please check the size. some are out of bounds for size requirements. Reminder: Sig images are to be 60px high at the most, keeping the width at 400px or less will prevent the despised horizontal scrollbars, and the smaller the file size the better for everyone
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