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  1. Version 1.0


    For Fun Only Mission 5 rows, 5 grids each, 1 tank per row. Pick your grids, sit back, and watch the fireworks. Goal is to get as many kills as possible, of 5 tanks. Each row, 1 grid chosen at random. 20% chance per row. Kind of like the old Mine Sweeper game, just a quickie mission to see an example of how to use random variables.
  2. Version 1.0


    SP or MP CO-OP: BLUEFOR has just breached RED lines and must reach OBJ Tiger, the road leading to RED HQ. Secondary goal is to capture a large bridge useful for reinforcements. You have 2 suggested routes, and must hold the objective within 60 minutes. Some arty support, watch out for REDFOR snipers. This is my first attempt at making a mission, please give feedback on what you think. All comments, good and bad, are welcome. Have fun. *This is version 1.1, made a few changes to the scoring and conditions triggers based on advice from Sean and Gary Owen.
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