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  1. For the US M829 and variants of it. Not sure about 105mm ammo though, but M900 and M833(?) do have it. For the UK L26, L27, L28. For the Russians/Soviets BM29, BM32, BM46(?) and BK-21B, BM59(?) and BM28 for the 115mm. I'm sure there are others but these are the ones that I'm aware of or could find information on.
  2. The map editor does that for you. It converts the map into a new format and saves it into a new folder directory that is made for the map packages.
  3. For even the ability for the AT/RPG man of an infantry squad to be "manned" and "playable" it would probably require some rather significant work on other things. Its not just the reticle and adding in the code to fire RPGs manually. People are going to try to suppress you by fire. How do you implement the effects of suppression? How do you throw in the moral effects of being shot at so that you don't have pinned infantry just popping up shooting off RPGs because a human player jumped into the position and is manually aiming the things? Those are fairly fundamental things that might take a long time to iron out that eSim is unlikely to try unless a military pays them to make the effort. And then there are some simplifications that would have to become unsimplified. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to fire RPGs from infantry, it would be a useful thing, but it would require mucho effort to get it right if I had to hazard a guess.
  4. Playable M2 Ursa One can hope.
  5. Is the "steady reticle" supposed to disappear after hitting the lase key again when the reticle is visible?
  6. Thank you for the report, while checking this in the current beta it would appear that these have already been fixed.
  7. War is getting more technical and digital by the day. If there is a great power war, APS is going to be fielded. While it may fail, not having it means that you put your gear at increased risk of getting hit and killed, and as such puts you at a technical disadvantage. The thing I'm worried about with all of this technological development and advancement is that things like GPS and datalinks are pretty much relied upon. What happens in a war where GPS jammers are in use by the enemy? What happens when you are engaged in a ECM heavy environment and those datalinks are at risk of being broken, or worse, subverted?
  8. Now you're rich and still play with yourself.
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