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  1. Just in case there is an issue with despawning mines, in the support options there is an option to make it so the FASCAM mines despawn/self-destruct at later times. Go to "Options" > "Support" and then select 180 minutes in the dialogue box. Assuming your mission takes less than 180 minutes this should be a good solution if you find them despawning.
  2. TankHunter

    CTDs ?

    Thankfully no, but can you follow the instructions in this post that I linked to? Hopefully we can get those crashes fixed for you
  3. Interesting clip of the TOS-1
  4. My other drugs are DCS and CMANO so increased complexity is ok with me. That said there are some vehicles that I have not mastered the FCS of as a gunner (M-60A3TTS) but I tend to avoid those if possible. I will say that I've always tried to treat SB as a 3D version of Close Combat, this was true when I first got SB1 in 2002 or so.
  5. Can you provide the mission itself and the map that it uses?
  6. You should be fine. As far as I've noticed there is no major drop in frames in MP. That said it will depend on what the host's settings are, and if those are significantly greater or lesser than your own settings then there may well be a change in your own performance.
  7. So you went into "Offline Session" and the scenarios when you go there fail to work? If so, at the top of that page, where does the "Look In" point to? Does it point to "My Scenarios / "?
  8. They need to be distributed. I should add that if the map is on the FTP, then the map downloader will download the map for the user if SB notices that the required map is not there. However if it isn't on the FTP then it will need to be distributed and installed manually, which isn't that difficult.
  9. Where are you accessing the scenarios from? Is it from "C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios" or is it from another path?
  10. The TOW impacts are a result of fragments of the now inert missile impacting the target vehicle.
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