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  1. What is your Windows volume mixer showing?
  2. When in the main menu, go to "Controls" which should be near the bottom, and then look for TIS. After that click the entry and then assign the key that you want.
  3. See if you can remap the TIS on/off button. Edit: Which vehicle is this with anyway? Or is it a general issue?
  4. They will not revive if they explode. So if you see the vehicle suffer a turret pop it will not revive.
  5. Holy shit dude, especially considering that you started that with just the flat map.
  6. I know that there's two Oskboels. One is classified as an "autocreated base map" and the other is a delta for it. The delta map is the one that has been prettied up by @DK-DDAM I'll see if I can find the UID for the delta. Edit: The UID for the delta is 7e0e7e2e-27c9-4aad-9a85-8974d8496cd5
  7. Yep, the Kherson map had a space in the UID when I looked at this before. So it seems to be a fairly common error.
  8. Mykolaiev-Cherson I can't get to query, all of the others work though. If the issue is a general issue for all of them, I advise checking to see if the map transfer tool is of the latest version.
  9. Can you provide the UID that you used? It seems as if SB will keep the "OK" field greyed out if the UID is incorrect/unrecognized.
  10. The white dot is indicative of where the users "eyes" are looking relative to the tank. Given that the TIS display for the B3 is located to the left, approximately at the 11 or 10 o'clock position, this is WAD.
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