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  1. It might be wise to divide the teams for safety's sake and see what happens.
  2. Sad to hear that. He certainly helped provide a great and memorable time with the LNoT sessions. Condolences to his family.
  3. Thank you Gibson! Do you know if you or someone else, one of the clients maybe, was moving any of the vehicle emplacements too?
  4. That would be where you would find them, they only generate on a crash but not on a hang. When the hangs happened, you were moving the wire yourself or was one of the clients moving it? If you weren't moving the wire, were you in map view or in 3d view?
  5. Gibbo, can you post the mission file too via dropbox or something? I don't seem to have "Firefight 79-S05-4161a.sce" but do have "Firefight 79-S5-4161a.sce", not sure if there is a different version floating around out there or if it is a different name. Also if you can, can you provide crashdumps related to the two crashes?
  6. The rounds don't despawn, they stop only when they impact something (a vehicle or terrain). So in that sense it is feasible. That said, how to actually manage enough accuracy for the super elevation needed to do such gunnery in a Shot Kal is entirely beyond me.
  7. TankHunter


    Having fun with CMO, 'tis good.
  8. When I was looking into it last week damage seemed very dependent on the impact angle. Some angles lead to little damage, others lead to catastrophic kills, which makes sense to me. If the warhead penetrates into an area that isn't related to the ammo storage then the vehicle is unlikely to be killed, but merely damaged.
  9. One hopes that at least the M-2000D gets released to the civilian market. Love me some mud moving.
  10. Close Combat at one point had a USMC used variant which can still be found in some corners of the web. The A-10C in DCS was made for the National Guard IIRC and there are still military developments with DCS from what I hear. I have heard, not sure the truth of it, that a modified form of Wargame has been used for officer training. OFP/ArmA has been used for training, the military version of that is called VBS. On a related note, I'm surprised that Combat Mission hasn't been used as part of training for officers.
  11. I don't believe any of those are standard scenarios that come with SB Pro PE. In that case you will have to follow these simple steps to get it to work with the current version of SB Pro PE.
  12. I'm pretty sure it tries to fill all ammunition.
  13. So you were attacking them frontally at a distance, where the armor is thickest and where they are most likely to be looking, while lacking APS yourself or the means to over-match their armor. At the same time they have a general parity in T-14s to your SEPs. The saving grace was that the enemy's tactics were worse as they positioned themselves in disadvantageous positions, often in low points with little cover. Despite lacking the ability to outflank them or outnumber them, or over-match their armor you manage to presumably win the scenario with heavy losses. Seems reasonable.
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