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  1. Soviet armored column staging in an assembly area with Rook support overhead
  2. Soviet tanks conducting a movement to contact in the German plains.
  3. There won't be an uncut version due to issues with OBS. Hopefully I figured out where the gremlin was and murdered it sufficiently.
  4. Recon elements advancing in pursuit of retreating NATO forces
  5. @Bond_Villian this is your fault that I'm posting this up. On a related note, if there are any ads blame Hans Zimmer, he is now making money off me.
  6. Which ones need PLA skins? I seem to recall that there are a rather large number of PLA skins.
  7. That's a name that I haven't seen in a while.
  8. That's some interesting stuff there Valley. Never would have assumed that infantry would get kill on average at such a distance. Always figured they would get ganked at shorter range.
  9. I suspect it will be easier to get blood from a stone.
  10. Oh, didn't notice that this was pinned. Thanks to whoever did that! Not right now. But I do have plans for further tutorials though. I have one on the T-72 that needs a little polishing before I can throw it out there.
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