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  1. The issue has been reported to the programmers, thanks for the report.
  2. As regards #1, it is probably a good idea for the mission designer to avoid placing the movable fortifications on roads. SB keeps you from moving them onto the roads in the planning phase and evidently the behavior prevents you from selecting them and moving them off of the roads if the mission maker placed them on roads. A solution to this is to be careful in placing them as a mission maker. I'm investigating #2 also, I seem to be having the same issue as Mirzayev.
  3. Took a look at this and was unable to replicate the issue except for if the infantry are already in the building before the default behavior is changed. If this is repeatable in some other set of circumstances could you provide a test mission? That might be helpful in seeing what's going on.
  4. Soviet forces putting fire on Capitalist Imperialist Dogs
  5. Soviet armored column staging in an assembly area with Rook support overhead
  6. Soviet tanks conducting a movement to contact in the German plains.
  7. There won't be an uncut version due to issues with OBS. Hopefully I figured out where the gremlin was and murdered it sufficiently.
  8. Recon elements advancing in pursuit of retreating NATO forces
  9. @Bond_Villian this is your fault that I'm posting this up. On a related note, if there are any ads blame Hans Zimmer, he is now making money off me.
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