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  1. War is getting more technical and digital by the day. If there is a great power war, APS is going to be fielded. While it may fail, not having it means that you put your gear at increased risk of getting hit and killed, and as such puts you at a technical disadvantage. The thing I'm worried about with all of this technological development and advancement is that things like GPS and datalinks are pretty much relied upon. What happens in a war where GPS jammers are in use by the enemy? What happens when you are engaged in a ECM heavy environment and those datalinks are at risk of being broken, or worse, subverted?
  2. Now you're rich and still play with yourself.
  3. The bug should be fixed for the next release
  4. Sorry about the time this took to reply to. Thanks for the report and we are investigating.
  5. The following is a representation of an Indian Mechanized Infantry Battalion from the early-mid 90s.
  6. TankHunter

    UGV nitpicks

    Investigating, thanks for the report.
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