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  1. SB was my first tank sim, I started off with flight sims, Jane's Fighters Anthology and WW2 Fighters were my go to sims as a kid. What brought me to SB1 was that I liked Close Combat. I saw SB1 and it clicked in my head that SB1 was "like Close Combat but in 3d and in a modern environment." Perhaps not an entirely accurate view, but it is what got me into it in the first place.
  2. I was able to open the last one I saved "Valley of Tears"
  3. @Iarmor do you happen to have any maps of the ceasefire arrangement that was administered by UNEF II after the war?
  4. I made that one a long time ago and I never made an end condition for the scenario, so securing the bridge is up to the player deciding if they have secured the area or not. Though one of these days I really should update the scenario.
  5. As regards the engine fire, from my understanding SB doesn't have a way to simulate progressive vehicle fires, if an M1 gets hit in the engine, there is a good chance of there being a fuel leak in the engine compartment that would feed a fire that cannot be put out as had happened with "Cojone Eh." This is due to components on the turbine engine being hot enough to cause fuel splashing on them to ignite. Due to this if an engine fire is the outcome of a hit, the vehicle is destroyed. Not a perfect solution but it works.
  6. As regards destruction, I'm pretty sure "Cojone Eh" may be something to look at.
  7. From 4023 to the current consumer version the UTC time offset changed by -8 hours in the scenario for some reason, that is the cause of the issue it seems.
  8. TankHunter


    That line always brings a smile to my face. How he managed that so regularly I have no idea, but it evidently was a well honed skill. He was certainly amusing.
  9. TankHunter


    That is a shame, I was just wondering how he was too.
  10. @Nike-Ajax The server licenses are temporary, after a period of time you will need to make contact with Nils to obtain a new one.
  11. When I was running the pre-Kanium OPFOR group this was what we had as our logo. I liked it, but then I made it, so it kinda goes with the territory.
  12. I've had some internet issues lately that I blame on the coronavirus mess. It is possible that you are dealing with the same. The ISPs have been throttling things to keep it all running I suspect.
  13. I get the seconds per frame issue too in both scenario files, something is borked.
  14. Thank you for the report, it is now entered as a bug in BZ.
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