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  1. Highly disappointing. We get the Bob Semple tank, but not these
  2. Honestly, I don't really care about new vehicles. What I would like though are new crewable vehicles. There are some fairly large gaps for mission makers when it comes to crewable equipment. For example we have M113 ATGM carriers, but lack a Soviet equivalent.
  3. While the UI sucks, and it would be nice to be able to automate aircraft patrols, War on the Sea is an amusing game.
  4. As a matter of fact there is a rather nice video for it
  5. There is an off color public sector union chant in NYC that begins with that.
  6. Could we please stop with the ad hominems and vitriol? I don't exactly see how that advances anything here except for toxicity.
  7. Non-expert here, but I could see the creation of a lane IRL being somewhat more complex than just driving a vehicle through the ditch with a dozer blade deployed. Doing it as you describe could make the breach a little too narrow. Just a WAG though.
  8. I'm reasonably sure that this was added to Pro for people who are expected to use it in real life to train with, as with most things that we get in Pro PE.
  9. V4.250 is V4.250. If it was a different version of Steel Beasts it would be called 4251. If your Steel Beasts says 4.250 you are gucci. In other words
  10. Hopefully this will be of some use to those of you seeking to use the M40A1
  11. It should be noted that to change ammunition types, you must have the breach open and the change has to happen before hitting "V"
    An older scenario but well made and holds up well despite its age. If you want a good, challenging and small mission, this is the one to get.
  12. When I'm map making I tend to do that to see if there are obvious issues and to see if I can jazz things up some.
  13. I wonder if the future will lead to vehicles that have capabilities similar to the tanks from the Hammer's Slammers series?
    Great map, and great campaign that was played on it!
  14. Whatever the cause of this is, it seems to not be an issue in the beta. So it appears to be fixed for future versions.
  15. 'Twas fun @Bond_Villian and it gave me a few ideas. Thank you for the campaign Zero.
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