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  1. I remember playing with him years ago when I dropped into some Kanium matches, he seemed like a good guy. Sad to hear this. My condolences to his loved ones.
  2. BM-42 would probably be around in some reasonably decent numbers as it was the last decent Soviet/Russian KE round to be produced until recently. Nils was probably referring to BM-59 and BM-60 as the "top of the line" ones.
  3. From what I've seen, the Russians at least up until recently (and the Ukrainians too) have been using alot of BM22, with the Russians possibly mixing in newer but still Cold War era ammo. With the threat of Western tanks being at the front, I'd imagine that BM22 would be replaced with newer ammo. As I remember, I've seen it claimed that DM33 and DM53 have been sent to Ukraine.
  4. That's not the AI TC, I don't know what that might be from. Which Leopard are you using anyway?
  5. I don't know what the figures in parenthesis refer to, but the actual frame rate is outside of that. If it was dropping below 20 it would be very obvious as things would start to stutter some. About the jump at 30 seconds in, that might be the vehicle commander overriding your controls and laying you on target, even though you're pretty much on target already. The AI TC can certainly be irritating at times when it comes to that.
  6. Nothing popped up using Windows Security.
  7. As regards "A" I would suggest detail settings that are roughly at the default level and if people are still having problems, then start dropping them. Of course that's assuming that people are having troubles. That said, if there's no problem then there's no need for alterations to the settings.
  8. The terrain detail settings for clients will get overridden by the host, which means that it's important for the host to have settings that will be appropriate for a wide selection of clients. That overwrite is intentional. As regards realism settings, I know that the network session will force the host's settings to be used, however I do not off the top of my head know if those settings are supposed to be changed for the clients post network-session or if it is only for the session that the clients join.
    Nice, very nice. Hope to see it expanded if that's in the cards.
  9. To quote a famous mathematician "you are so preoccupied with whether or not you could, that you didn't stop to think whether or not you should." The important take away here is that changing the fxo files is likely to break something in an unforeseen way. If you have problems with your install afterwards we won't know if it's a bug or an issue caused by said modifications and as a result we probably can't and won't be able to help you fix it. Thus, my original question.
  10. You might want to consider toning down the detail settings to something more reasonable. I wasn't having those issues and these are my own settings with a somewhat similar setup.
  11. Can you do me a favor and go into your options, and provide a screenshot of your settings for 1. Graphics 2. Display 3. Terrain Detail
  12. Would want the scenario also as that would aid in any diagnosis.
  13. Is this with or without replacing .fxo files from 4.377 with the 4.363 ones? If its without, can you provide details on your computer, hardware, what OS you are using, graphic card drivers, etc?
  14. Investigating, Apoc, can you provide the test scenario for this so we can try to get a better idea as to what's happening?
  15. Looks nice Apoc! Looking forward to the other 50% being completed at some point.
  16. What is your Windows volume mixer showing?
  17. When in the main menu, go to "Controls" which should be near the bottom, and then look for TIS. After that click the entry and then assign the key that you want.
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