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    An older scenario but well made and holds up well despite its age. If you want a good, challenging and small mission, this is the one to get.
  1. When I'm map making I tend to do that to see if there are obvious issues and to see if I can jazz things up some.
  2. I wonder if the future will lead to vehicles that have capabilities similar to the tanks from the Hammer's Slammers series?
    Great map, and great campaign that was played on it!
  3. Whatever the cause of this is, it seems to not be an issue in the beta. So it appears to be fixed for future versions.
  4. 'Twas fun @Bond_Villian and it gave me a few ideas. Thank you for the campaign Zero.
  5. This was intended to be a full video, but OBS stopped recording after 15 minutes, the bastard. So here you go. The "Fish in a Barrel" title can apply to both sides of this particular engagement.
  6. You will want to download all parts of the "Maps Installer" install it. That should fix the issue. https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607
  7. Have been looking at it and thinking of scenarios involving the Bekka Valley (making one already), Golan, the Damascus suburbs, the al Ghab Plain and as Safa. Maybe even a strike mission on Incirlik by US naval assets. All sorts of real and imagined conflicts there.
  8. So, just putting this out there. One of our long time compatriots, Zipuli, is involved in developing a game dealing with the American Civil War. It's been getting a bit of hype from the hard core wargaming crowd and from the looks of it, it looks pretty interesting. I figured some of you may be interested. https://store.steampowered.com/app/654890/Grand_Tactician_The_Civil_War_18611865/
  9. I have it and enjoy it from time to time. That said from the start I thought it would have been a good idea to maybe do a Syrian Civil War expansion to include some of the stuff that is being used today in the war. I know that the game takes place in a fictional time line in the past, but for me it is too obvious to include that modern day conflict.
  10. SB was my first tank sim, I started off with flight sims, Jane's Fighters Anthology and WW2 Fighters were my go to sims as a kid. What brought me to SB1 was that I liked Close Combat. I saw SB1 and it clicked in my head that SB1 was "like Close Combat but in 3d and in a modern environment." Perhaps not an entirely accurate view, but it is what got me into it in the first place.
  11. I was able to open the last one I saved "Valley of Tears"
  12. @Iarmor do you happen to have any maps of the ceasefire arrangement that was administered by UNEF II after the war?
  13. I made that one a long time ago and I never made an end condition for the scenario, so securing the bridge is up to the player deciding if they have secured the area or not. Though one of these days I really should update the scenario.
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