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  1. To articulate a thought, "There is nothing more dangerous than an opinion based on ignorance" and yes,unfortunately, I am also often guilty.
  2. This discussion brings to mind this quote from a certain philosopher that some here might know, "I demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty, ... and that is not a demand."
  3. Contents : 1 Freeze dried tank. Open packet and place in BV for 2 minutes, STAND WELL CLEAR.
  4. +1 to being able to have more than 6 vehicles per troop. Would make creating HQ / CSS / Support and non-standard units much easier. Would also save having to use multiple callsign templates.
  5. that could be the "Banzai charge if..." condition,
  6. FAL's, man, they're a happy little battle rifle in semi-auto, but in full auto, they always want to be anti aircraft guns.
  7. Yes, Earth, our planet, what a wonderful place, ..at least up until humans got involved with it. Makes you sometimes wonder what the Human Race is collectively working towards really. Because I'm sure we haven't stopped to think about that yet. ?
  8. Hi DK-DDAM, thanks for the FCS modes video, helped me understand the CV's a bit more. Also just for info, for me the audio on the youtube video kept fading in and out every 5-8 seconds making it hard to follow what you were saying. Others could confirm how the audio is for them as it might be how I have my PC setup currently. Cheers
  9. , It isn't just SB where vehicles get stuck in a river , starts at 10:50 (but the whole thing is interesting to watch).
  10. Since crewed weapons teams can't use bunkers, I'd like to see sandbag emplacements, half circle wall of sandbags, for crew served weapons (MMG, HMG, GMG, missile teams). That way they have some protection instead of sitting out in the open and they could used/positioned the same way as vehicle emplacements, where you place them in the mission editor or at the start of a mission.
  11. Hi KT, I am now at work but will try when I get home. Will try to attach it to a PM or something. Fincastle
  12. Hi KingTiger I was not able to open this sce either in 4.0 but I was able to open a modified version of this sce, (as in I could open the modified ver in 4.0 but I modified it in 3.028 from the file posted above, all I changed were the blue force tank types then saved it again) Terain map : The demolition guard.ter Height map : Wolf.raw Embed height map. Compression 45x Navmesh exists Projection : UTM (WGS-84) SW corner 0d 15m 34.02s N, 8d 51m 58.14s W Hope this helps
  13. A random thought, Easter Eggs are nice, ..but Quark Bombs would be better!
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