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  1. As member of Tizona, I can say that this tournament was amazing last year. Combats are so hard and any movement counts. Crews must be very compenetreted so as to be able to answer any alert, any noise...it´s great. Join us in this funny tournament. You will regret...
  2. Perdona, amigo mío, pero para chula, la infantería, que va a pie, en coche, camión, en mecanizado, en acorazado, en paracaídas, en esquíes, en avión o en una puta lancha. Eso se llama chulería. Lo vuestro, se llama dependencia del caballo Un saludo
  3. I mean that is the most beatuful of all the skins I have seen. Capisci now?
  4. This is the most beatiful skin I´ve never seen!!
  5. Morroco will never put a single foot in Ceuta or Melilla, not becouse of a few tanks (with no space to manouver). They are absolutly afraid to be kicked by the most awarded and combative unit in the Spanish military history: "Grupo de Regulares Nº54" in Ceuta (where I served 4 years), and N. 52 in Melilla (the twin Regiment in the other city). Most even than The Spanish Legion (most popular, and the second in medals and honours). There is also 1 Legion Regiment in every one of these cities. Ceuta and Melilla are the cities with higher Spanish feeling, just becouse are allways under the pressure of Morroco. They want two cities that they never had. Fuck them all!! This is my Regiment. This is my video: http://www.vimeo.com/1291337 Enjoy
  6. Hello guys. Just to inform you that the Spanish community is growing, slowly, but strongly, so we all hope that in few months we will be able to accomplish missions with foreing communities, or against them. A year ago, we were only few players, but actually, the number of Spanish players has increased and it still is growing up. Be prepare for war!! We are waiting for having our own website. Of course you will be all invited as soon as it has been done. Best regards.
  7. Stratos, what the hell do you wanna do with the BMR?? Useless vehicule. Soft to face an IED... But it´s beautiful. Mitrovica-Serbia.
  8. Who the hell is using Leos A4 as target? In Spain we still use M60 A3TTS in some reserve units!!
  9. Hello guys. I am afraid that I am doing something wrong while editing, becouse as I put on the map an antitank team, select the quantity and type of ammo, on the groud they always appear with 0 ammo of machinegun! What is wrong?
  10. I wrote an email to you using the forum. I am not sure about you received it. Did you read it? I had no answer. Regards
  11. According to our intention of create a Spanish community, we would like to have a channel for those who speak spanish. I have seen that many teams have their own channel. What we would have to do? Thx so much.
  12. Thx so much Billy. I am sure, we all will be pleasant of playing with you, although time is different to the American´s. To EMI: Mail recieved, thank you, but I am afraid there is something wrong with TS. I will try to see you in MSN tonight and talk about it. Quizá debas darme permiso para mi nick en el TS. Como "Rommel" no me deja entrar. Un saludo
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