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  1. I thinks its a good idea :luxhello:. Br. Dr.Jones
  2. SB team hurry up, the ultra super duper simulation for real men is steaming ahead of you. CAUTION! This post may contain exess amount of iron suplements
  3. +1, but you should post the AAR videos on this forum :ANI_DI:
  4. DarkAngel, map is beautifull, there is even the castle tower on the top of where the Ljubljana castle is. Actual castle: and the map tower on the hill :luxhello: best regards Dr.Jones :@!2:
  5. DarkAngel thank you very much. If you by any chance ever come to Ljubljana, contact me, we'll go for some beers :bigsmile: Best regards Dr.Jones
  6. Hi DarkAngel, I made the north aligned box region. Here is the kmz file. best regards Dr.Jones Ljubljana Gap.rar
  7. AlesMrak

    Vehicles sticking?

    Thanks Rotar, I see that the scenario is old one, yeah I guess it would need some "adjustments" br. Dr.Jones
  8. AlesMrak

    Vehicles sticking?

    The mission is called : Battle of Ljusnan Valley. I had all of my platoons to set on march on the road (shift) and when I took the main vehicle to manuever to engage the Russian T-80 my other tanks got stuck in the river, that moment burst the understandable urge to rage quit the mission. br. Dr.Jones
  9. AlesMrak

    Vehicles sticking?

    Grenny, did you played the Swedish single player mission against Russians, I give them march with SHIFT route over the road and and in the end they 2 tanks from platoon got flushed in the river (the river is parallel to the road). Now I could micromanage all the single tanks but that would defeat the purpose, but of course the multiplayer missions are the key to this simulation, sitll had not experienced the pleasure yet :mad3: br. Dr.Jones
  10. AlesMrak

    Vehicles sticking?

    The biggest problem of SB pro is the vehicles stuck in the water, by some "miracle" chance, its so annoying it's really kills the immersion into the simulation. Lately I have really rage outbursts and quits of the SB mission because of AI incompetence. br. Dr.Jones
  11. AlesMrak

    3.011 hangs

    Maybe having installed two different version of the same game could be the problem? Have you uninstalled the previous version? I presume that you re-installed the 3.11 version? br. Dr.Jones
  12. PanzersEast, those are really nice pictures,you could could do the AAR's videos of the multiplayer games with all the options on :gun:. br. Dr.Jones
  13. Hi DarkAngel, I descreased the size to around 70x50 km. It is ok? best regards Dr.Jones LjubljanaGap.rar
  14. Hi, did somebody ever tried to do the Ljubljana Gap map? If not, would be possible that someone would make it? Here is some info about cold war stuff. Some references: http://www.comitatoatlantico.it/en/studi/2957/ http://www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil/airchronicles/aureview/1983/nov-dec/remnek.html best regards Dr.Jones LjubljanaGap.rar
  15. Nice rig, I thought so that you needed some powerfull PC. Now you just need some SSD :Crash: br. Dr.Jones
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